In a Blistering Speech Alison Lundergan Grimes Eviscerates Mitch McConnell At Fancy Farm



At the Fancy Farm picnic, Democratic Senate candidate Alison Grimes lit up Mitch McConnell, and ripped the heart of out his campaign with a blistering speech that made Sen. McConnell’s remarks look stale and out of date.

Video of the speeches:


Grimes began by calling the Fancy Farms Picnic Mitch McConnell’s retirement party. She immediately took a shot a McConnell for calling her an empty dress. She brought up McConnell’s Duke ad gaffe. She accused McConnell of forgetting about Kentucky. She said, “Thirty-five is my age, but it is also Mitch McConnell’s approval rating.” She said, “If Mitch McConnell were a TV show he would be Mad Men.” She said that thanks to McConnell, D.C. stands for doesn’t care. Grimes slammed McConnell for opposing the minimum wage. She adopted the doesn’t care call and refrain with the crowd.

Grimes slammed McConnell and said that McConnell doesn’t care about women, students, jobs, coal miners. She pledged that bringing jobs to the Commonwealth would be her number one priority. She said, “One of us represents the establishment. One of us represents Kentucky.” Grimes hammered home the issue of jobs. Her point was, “Gridlock has consequences.”

She called out McConnell directly for not wanting to appear with her or debate her. She said, “Senator, you can run from your failed record, and I intend to hold you accountable.”

Sen. McConnell followed Grimes and said, “This is the place where Republicans tell it like it is.” McConnell immediately began by bashing President Obama for not going down to visit the border. McConnell kept running against the Obama. His whole campaign can be summed up with him saying, “By any standard, Barack Obama has been a disaster for the country.” McConnell went on to compare Grimes to Obama, and claimed that Grimes is inexperienced like Obama and like Obama when she gets in trouble calls Bill Clinton.

McConnell said, “Kentucky is under attack from Barack Obama’s administration, and we need to fight back.” McConnell droned on with his standard Obama and liberal media bashing. McConnell brought up the bitter conservatives clinging to their guns and religion stuff.

Like Mitch McConnell, this speech was old and tired. There was little difference between McConnell’s 2013 Fancy Farm speech and his 2014 speech. Alison Grimes tore into McConnell because she knew that this might be her last chance to share the stage with him.

McConnell is dodging Grimes. He has been refusing to appear with her, and debate her. Alison Grimes has the energy and hunger that is clearly missing in Old Man Mitch. McConnell remembers how it looked when John McCain shared the stage with then candidate Obama in 2008. McConnell looks, sounds, and acts stale. A debate with Grimes would be a disaster for him.

After Alison Grimes finished with Mitch McConnell today, all that was left were the tattered Republican talking points from decades past. Mitch McConnell is on the ropes, and his dubious performance today makes one wonder if any amount of ad spending will be able to save him.

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  1. Obviously you weren’t watching the same debate. #takesherspeechtechniquefromObama #raisingtheminimumwagebecausehighschoolersneed$15anhour.

  2. Nothing would make me happier than to see McConnell get his butt handed to him,unless someone has a good rope to hang the traitor with! Mitch McConnell= Worst American ever!

  3. My hubby and I donated a tidy sum to her campaign this week. We will donate more closer to election day.

    McConnell’s retirement party, I love it! Somebody needs to tell McConnell President Obama is not his opponent, Grimes is! He needs to debate her. He keeps saying he has 30 years in D.C. Well then, debate Grimes, let your record speak for itself!

  4. Phillip, I watched the entire “show” it was not a debate! Mitch is so disrespectful to all Kentuckians, he left the event right after Rand spoke his nursery rhyme making fun of Alison Grimes! Alison continued to mingle and visit with the people of Kentucky. He is a fish out of water in Kentucky because he has been gone to long as a resident DC insider.
    It was a bit ironic Mitch’s wife Elaine (former Labor Secretary) who successfully got rid of all the coal mining safety regulations, which resulted in many coal mining deaths….sits there smiling all the way to the bank as they’ve made millions off others demise!

  5. You are an idiot… even conservatives say Obama is a good speaker, so why would that be a bad thing? Also, the average age of those making the minimum wage is 35. Those aren’t high schoolers, and even if it was, you would basically be advocating for taking advantage of teenagers.

  6. This is one time that I’m SO glad I live in Kentucky and have a chance to vote McConnell out. He’s an embarrassment to the state. And, btw, does he realize that Obama is not running but Obamacare is the best thing that has happened to our Kentucky health care since Medicare?

  7. My grandmother was born in Kentucky and we were born in Charleston. I was impressed with the speech by Alison and hoping she can win in Nov. While I now live in CA I will be contributing to her campaign.

  8. Just watched the whole debate….what was very telling: were the faces on stage, who wore “Mitch” shirts, which in a word was…glum.

  9. He’s not a turkey, he’s ‘The Turtle’ , ready for the soup pot. She forgot to mention that he keeps stating that he wants to roll back ‘Obamacare’. That’s Kynect in Kentuckyese . I wonder how the four hundred thousand PLUS current enrollees would like losing their new found insurance coverage???????
    Say ‘Goodbye’, asshole !

  10. What a proud day for Kentucky. Alison absolutely handed his ass to him! McConnell and his entourage certainly made a quick skedaddle. There is no doubt that Alison walks away as the victor of the day. Go Grimes, Go!

  11. Most of McConnell’s speech was about Pres. Obama, apparently Mitch is running against Barack instead of Alison.

  12. The whole thing was shown on C-span.

    I live in Calif. however I have given as much as I can, to benefit Alison. You go girl. Show them what a TOUGH “KENTUCKY WOMAN” CAN DO.

  13. The people of Kentucky need to be one voice, and vote the old man out of office. He should be forced to debate Grimes and not continue to run away and act like he’s running against President Obama.

  14. I dont think Itch has ever taken a beating like that. His little cheeks were rosy red.

    How can those people stand there and support him when he has voted against them time after time for years?

  15. I am not from Kentucky, but I will donate to AG. There is nothing I would love to see more than Turtle being beat, by a woman no less!! Gotta love it!

  16. This was not a debate. This is a yearly gathering of politicians. What you saw were speeches. Every year the two opposing canidates are invited to the picnic and are given a chance to address the crowd.

    If you had bothered reading the accompanying article, you would have learned McConnell has refused all offers from Grimes to debate, which is very telling. If he is as proud of his 30 year record as he claims, he should debate Alison

  17. I find it remarkable that, after reading all the comments here, I saw no radical commenters saying, “We need to vote all the incumbent bums out!” That only applies to Democratic bums, I suppose.

  18. President Obama happens to be one of the greatest speakers of his generation. There was nothing wrong with Alison’s speech, but there is plenty wrong with your hearing.

    As for the minimum wage, what makes you think only teens are employed in those jobs? Who told you that? Fox? Rush? Many grown adults work minimum wage jobs cashiers, waitresses, managers in fast food restaurants barely make more than the employees they manage.

    Can you live off minimum wage and support a family, pay bills? No, you can’t, and if you can’t neither can the people who do.

    Even $15 is to low for states that have a high cost of living. In Kentucky, you can live comfortably off $15 an hour, but not California.

    And speaking of wages, why are you not huffing and puffing about the millions of $$$ CEO’s make? Why do you think its ok to pay minimum wage, but not huff and puff about the outlandish salaries CEO’s make?

    If $15 an hour is too high, then you must surely think $100 million is too…

  19. lots of them are young people, and just like lobbyist they get a free meat and consolation prize to keep yelling.

    I’m a retired RN, the Pharmaceutical companies use to take us to a swanky hotel restaurant, and give us their talking points about their newest drugs or devices. When we left they would hand us a calling card and an envelope with $50.00.

    I left feeling so used. I was so embarrassed I told the other nurses, I would never go to another one. that was over 20 yrs. ago.

  20. It’s not going to be spending on advertising that wins any election this Fall for Democrats. It’s going to registration and turn out drives. Ad’s don’t change minds but they energize the base and get people to the polls when they are mad about something. Phone calls and F2F front porch contact is equally valuable in that context especially when the base is too complacent.

  21. I was raised in Ky., left at the age of 21 and have voted in many places in the US and overseas(absentee ballot) but never got back into Ky. politics until 2011. I am not registered to vote in the state of Ky but feel so STRONGLY about this that I have contributed to Ms. Grimes campaign and am considering giving more!

  22. I live in Washington, and I will be contributing to Allison Grimes. We need people in the U.S. Senate who will work for regular Americans and not the monied interests in Washington DC and Wall Street. She has spunk and fire, and he is worn out, jaded, and doesn’t even know who he is running against. He thinks he is running against Barack Obama. I have news for him, Barack Obama isn’t running for anything. This raise is between Allison Grimes and Mitch McConnell!

  23. Old Mitch looks very confused. Not being a smart ass……he does. This man needs to retire. I think she’ll win anyway, he has done nothing to help his state for a long time. Unless they are wealthy. So good luck to Allison Grimes.

  24. What does an expensive marketing campaign accomplish? Who watches TV? Who is on the Web?

    Political campaigns are using obsolete media platforms, and MSM is all blow, no go.

    The notion of an advertising campaign is to chase the vote. A product in search of a buyer.

    The beauty of the web is that it provides the emotional charge of visuals with a replay/reply function that corrects the one way, authoritative and hierarchical nature of the written word, television, radio and the movies.

    Theater is back. Raunchy, Shakespearean theatre, with oranges flying towards the orators.

    Shouldn’t politics also move to a 2-way street?

    not the crappy flashers and pop-ups. a 3d grader could do that. Live chat. Tweets. blog, blog, blog. with comments. doesn’t cost a dime.

    No dueling fund raising. These constant appeals for small amounts to ‘fight (fill in blank)’ are grifting you. Dimes for pagan babies. That is how marketing works.

  25. The responses of the McConnell Fancy Farmers were rather pathetic. They didn’t even respond as loudly as Grimes supporters to McConnell’s lame one-liners.

  26. Those who are against raising the minimum wage, saying that those jobs weren’t meant for folks to live on, really need to get out and look around. The jobs that folks used to move up to after they turned 18, for the most part are gone. They refuse to see how the job market/world has changed and blame the workers for demanding more. Something is very wrong with the mindset of Americans who do not see this as our demise.

  27. Its time, for the people to Wake up this man has lead a party off the cliff, He has worked against a countrys best interests all in the name of a party an power for a Few.

  28. It’s so sad that McConnell had NO clue what Alison said during her speech…he just sat there and smiled until his wife whispered what was being said about him! Bless his poor little heart…he’s about as clueless as Sarah Palin!!! I have been out of KY for a year, but I still keep up with KY politics, especially my Democratic Party! GO ALISON GRIMES…I may live in Florida now, but I’m STILL pulling for you!!!

  29. Grimes came ready and delivered a speech that seemed to put Mitch in a coma. With every valid point she made Mitch looked like a deer caught in the headlights. His speech was stale and old news. It seemed like he thought he was running against Obama. Alison is a bright light in Kentucky’s future and I will continue to contribute to her campaign even though I live in another state.

  30. An excellent post!

    Whenever I hear / read negative comments about the minimum I am tempted to beat them up with the words … “my first job my salary was $.75 an hour… And look it’s 2014. Where is $7.00 an hour much of an increase since 1953”?

  31. This was deliciously raucous. Alison Grimes really took it to old Mitch, whose only response seemed to be attacking Obama. Kentucky is ripe to oust the old Turtle Head.

  32. Does McConnell really think he can run on Obama bashing & just ignore the body blows his real opponent is scoring on him? The man is too out of touch with reality to be taken seriously.

    Give him hell, Ms Grimes; he has ushered in hell for working people for too long now.

  33. “USA! USA!” used to be a chant of pride, now it is just a plea of the bigoted insecure bent on failure and a sick desire to vote against their best interests.

  34. Whomever is telling Mitch to run on the Grimes is Obama platform is dispensing bad advice. Kentucky voters are not one-dimensional and will not fall for it.

    Grimes embarrassed McConnell at Fancy Farm. He seemed unprepared and out-of-his-league. His campaign team is nowhere near as focused nor as savvy as the Grimes team. I don’t see how he can win this thing.

  35. The Ditch Mitch fever is rising; but sadly, the dump ’em all call goes unheard. Wake up America, we have the best government foreign money and special interest dollars can buy! It is time to reinvest not in the politician’s but in the Americans’ Dream. Let’s get rid of the career politicos and hold some of these crooks accountable for high crimes and misdemeanors. My middle of the road political leanings make me want to puke all over both parties and what they are doing to America.

  36. Well, didn’t you notice all the fancy tee-shirts and signs he provided his supporters? That took some preparation!!

  37. I totally agree. Democraps are great at campaigning. It’s just that they all suck at governing.

    I’m sure this will be modded out, since you love taking shots at us, but you can’t take a punch. Your liberal trolls crawl our pages all the time, and get owned daily.

    Smell the ownage.

  38. O’really? Another dumbass teahadist who gives himself a thumbs up before this tripe was approved. Let me guess your dog hit the button.
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