Editorial Cartoon: Broken


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  1. Given the list of sh*t Obama was left with when he took office and the progress he’s made fixing all the fu*kups by the Bush Administration, President Obama, when history is told will go down as the greatest President since FDR, who was left a similar pile of dog crap when he took office.

  2. Republican House members going on a 5 week vacation now look ridiculous. Democrats should frame them as disengaged and uninterested in governing, like George Bush was before 9/11. Campaign ads should highlight the sometimes bizarre, but always petty focus of the GOP agenda, while the world suffers existential threats only the US is equipped to handle. Hang that 5-week political booze-cruise around their filthy, irresponsible necks, like a rotting hen wired to a chicken-killing hound.

  3. President Obama will go down as a great Commander in Chief. Consider terrorism: after losses of 675, 444, and 3,206 American lives from Reagan/Clinton/Bush43, Obama has lost 10. Killed Bin Laden and now ISIS is next

    Numbers never lie.

  4. First thing: The U.S. Govt. needs to prosecute both Bush and Cheney for the war crimes that they committed while in charge of our Govt. and its military forces. Second thing: We need to tell all of the worlds “religious-leaders”, Govt. officials and the corporate “elite” who are directly behind and pushing all of these truly evil hell on earth wars in different parts of the world plus all of the people living in those areas too either learn to live in peace together or learn to die and suffer together fighting one another in wars. It will be their choice not ours. Third thing: The U.S. has had it’s fill of wars and needs to solve its own problems here at home among its own people. Peace and love is the simple answer to all of our problems people. Not wars. That’s common logic. In my opinion. Maybe if we can get our act together in our own country first we could then set an example for the future of the human species to evolve instead assuring it’s own self destruction.

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