David Gregory Is Officially Fired as Chuck Todd Takes Over NBC’s Meet The Press



The axe finally fell today as David Gregory confirmed that he is out at Meet The Press, and is leaving NBC. Chuck Todd will be the new host of the Sunday morning staple.

David Gregory got the boot fast. This was a literal don’t let the door hit you on the butt on the way out. According to CNN, “The sources confirmed widespread speculation that David Gregory, the moderator of the iconic Sunday morning public affairs program for the past six years, will be replaced by Todd. One of the sources said the transition will be swift — so swift that Gregory will not even host “Meet the Press” this weekend.”


Gregory confirmed his departure on Twitter:

Gregory won’t get a farewell show. He won’t get to say goodbye on the air. This is all proof that the bosses at NBC have convinced that the show’s problems are all about Gregory. They are going to be in for a rude wake up call if the Chuck Todd era doesn’t bring back the viewers that the show lost after the death of Tim Russert.

In reality, David Gregory is getting what he deserved. He isn’t a political journalist, and his lack of interest in the subject matter showed. Gregory repeated partisan talking points as facts and would let anyone get away with saying any untrue statement. Instead of challenging false statements, Gregory would respond with trademark mmmmhmmm.

Replacing one conventional D.C. talking point machine (Gregory) with another (Todd) likely isn’t the answer.

The fact that NBC has rushed into the Chuck Todd era reveals how desperate the network has become to revive the sagging ratings. It will be the same roster of Republican guests and Beltway journalists on the same set. Neither David Gregory or Chuck Todd is Tim Russert, which is why the ratings for Meet The Press are likely to continue to struggle.

UPDATE: Here’s the official announcement from NBC News:

I am very pleased to announce that Chuck Todd will take the helm on September 7. There is no one with a bigger passion for politics than Chuck. His unique ability to deliver that passion with razor sharp analysis and infectious enthusiasm makes him the perfect next generation moderator of this beloved broadcast. Chuck will ensure that Meet the Press is the beating heart of politics, the place where newsmakers come to make news, where the agenda is set. We have some exciting plans to evolve and update the broadcast under Chuck’s leadership that we will be sharing with you shortly.

Chuck will continue as NBC News political director, and will hand over his roles as chief White House correspondent and anchor of MSNBC’s The Daily Rundown.

Andrea Mitchell will serve as moderator of Meet the Press this weekend, and will continue to be a central figure of the broadcast, along with some new names that we will announce in the coming days.

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  1. “Replacing one conventional D.C. talking point machine (Gregory) with another (Todd) likely isn’t the answer.”

    Exactly. Meet the Press will continue to be must see miss tv

  2. I will continue my recent tradition of not watching Meet the Press. I won’t even tune in for Chuck Todd’s first show to “see how he does”.

    I’ve been watching him for years, I already know.

  3. And Tim Russet wasn’t what people want to believe. Remember he did help the bush administration sell the war. We just remember him fondly because of dancing dave

  4. Chuck Todd is not much of an improvement. Todd famously said “it’s not my job to get to the truth”.I won’t be watching him.

  5. I wasn’t all that happy with Tim Russert, but still remember when he put on a clip of Hubert Humphrey responding to right-wing talking points with a fervor and focus contemporary Democrats had long lacked. At the end of the clip, he was grinning from ear to ear. You can’t see that stuff on Meet the Press any more.

  6. It isn’t sad to see a network fall apart both MSNBC and NBC. When will they send the Brit packing they brought her in for what destruction she did it. Watch chucky have his pal joe scarborough on the show on a regular basis. That will move the final demise of mtp i welcome that. I want the big bang instead at least i get a bang for the 1/2 hour.

  7. ” MSNBC host Chuck Todd said Wednesday that when it comes to misinformation about the new federal health care law, don’t expect members of the media to correct the record.

    “During a segment on “Morning Joe,” former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell (D) speculated that most opponents of the Affordable Care Act have been fed erroneous information about the law. Todd said that Republicans “have successfully messaged against it” but he disagrees with those who argue that the media should educate the public on the law. According to Todd, that’s President Barack Obama’s job.” Daily Kos, 9-18-2013

    The only difference that you’ll see between Todd and Gregory is that Todd actually knows politics. He also doesn’t think that it’s the job of journalists to seek out the truth.

  8. Ok, You throw out the baby but keep the bath-water????

    Come on NBC you must be able to do better than this form of replacement for anchors.

  9. NBC has just decided more of the same is what they need. Chuck Todd is not the answer. He lets politicians get away with totally B.S. statements and rarely challenges anyone. He appears to lean to the right on major policy issues, and he always makes the false equivalency statements to excuse outrageous right wing behavior. If NBC wanted a new style for MTP, they already have the person they need in house- Rachel Maddow. If Rachel moderated MTP, I would start watching again.

  10. I just hope that it does NOT mean we’ll be seeing more of Luke Russert on the airwaves.
    He is NOT ready for primetime. He’s like a vacuous frat boy who got a job because of who his daddy was.

  11. Sounds like they may be going back to the panel layout. But I hope Scarborough, Lindsay and McShame are not the panel.

  12. I have watched MTP for over 40 years maybe 50, David Gregory was the very worst host of all time, he constantly showed his political colors allowing conservative talking points go unchallenged and disregarding progressive attempts to set the record straight. I agree we will soon be watching him and his nonsense on FAUX NOISE, where he too, can be incomplete and incendiary. My pick would be Rachel as she isn’t afraid to pick a fight with talking points with her usual obsessive tendency to rely on facts!

  13. Had war monger and lying John McCain as well as Lindsey Graham telling crap week after week and no challenge from the so called moderator.
    Both never saw a war they did not want to send our boys into. How about sending them and their family to the front lines. They are both yellow. Sick of hearing about the great war hero J McCain.

  14. Gregory will now take the short bus over to fox where he’ll join all the other propagandizing Republicans; Meet The Press will continue on their perp walk down death row hand cuffed to another propagandizing republican Chuck TODD.

  15. Have you all forgotten Chuck Todd on election night? The Chuck todd who knows his facts so well that he can and does call out these guys with the knowledge he has and can retrieve on the turn of a dime? I was so impressed with him pre-Tim death that I actually had hoped he would take over when Tim passed. I’m not sure what I’m missing. Everyone is taking the piss out of Chuck and as a long-time viewer of both russert and todd, I think todd has what it takes!

  16. Ousting David Gregory on Meet the Press is the least of their worries. It’s painful watching another round of Rachel Maddow flapping her jaws about Republicans…about Republicans…about Republicans. Did I already mention she constantly talks about Republicans? Define journalism as it relates to this tattle-tale drama queen reading scripts written by interns. It’s not news and frankly she is a bore. Move along, there is nothing to see here.

  17. War monger? Obama has started 4 more illegal wars, that’s what it’s called when you bomb another country innit? Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia are all HIS wars. He’s also run over 88,000 drone missions resulting in 400 deaths. As Senator in Illinois he enacted legislation allowing for “original intent”, meaning if a Liberal woman went into a hospital for an abortion and the child survived and breathed air, then the living breathing child could simply be tossed into a linen closet on top of the other human beings and allowed to die. And then he tried to cover that up during his campaign, aided by the Liberal Mainstream Media which did zilch to inform the public.
    my point is Obama is a killing machine, he even laughed about it, “I’m good at killing” he said after his 350th droning. he kills Americans overseas too making him judge jury and executioner.
    The Cold Case Posse has irrefutably proven the birth certificate and draft card are phonies.

  18. Who care who moderates MTP? If you want to know how MTP will spin the news, ask the White House, Reed and Pelosi what the truth is and you’ll get the MTP truth, regardless of who moderates.

  19. Why would hiring Luke Russert be the answer to the problems plaguing MTP?

    If not for his last name, no one would even suggest him for the post.

  20. Wow. You’re a good example of being opinionated, but not informed.

    No such thing as a liberal media. That’s a right wing talking point. IF the media is liberal, why aren’t these facts reported on, and ingrained in the knowledge base of Americans?: $11 trillion of the $16 trillion debt is due to Reagan, Bush I and Bush II. 16 of the top 20 states that get more in federal dollars than they pay into the system are Red states. (Takers! Moochers!). Most people on food stamps are Whites in Red states. (Nothing wrong with that except when these same folks scapegoat others).

    W lied us into Iraq, and promised tax cuts for the “job creators” would create jobs. How’d that work out?

    And if republican policies are so good and effective, why is it that states with the worst outcomes in health, jobs, education, wages, etc are predominantly Red states?

    Please answer.

  21. They’re two peas in the same pod so it’s just more of the same.

    People are tired of hearing from the same people over and over; they are tired of hearing things from the same perspective.

    What MTP needs is a complete overhaul – they need to become the “Sunday Show” of the future and they’re not going to get that with Chuck Todd. A host who is either female or a minority will change the dynamic of the show altogether. Perhaps they would usher in newer, fresher guests and there’s no doubt a female or minority could really infuse the show with a fresh perspective.

    We’re going to keep seeing the likes of Graham and McCain and all the others we’re all too familiar with, until they make a major change – and Chuck Todd is NOT a major change. He’s just the same old same old.

  22. Then is old white conservatives on every week? Oh wait you are a old white conservative. How’s that Medicaid working for you? Idiot

  23. I think any attempts he makes at explaining that asinine statement will just give us a headache from trying to decipher his tortured “logic” (and I use the word “logic” very, very, VERY loosely) and quite frankly, I don’t have enough migraine medicine to see me through it!


  24. I”m not sure what NBC is thinking. They replaced Dick Gregory with another Dick Gregory! So much for ratings headed northward.

  25. Chippy55,

    No one has proven that President Obama’s birth certificate is a fake because it isn’t a fake! You birthers really need to get over it!

    The liberal media is a myth created by Republicans. Tune into Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, any of the so-called networks news shows on Sunday. None of them are liberal.

  26. Is it really too much to ask to get an impartial moderator? Oh wait what am I saying, there are no impartial people on the payrolls of any news organizations, whether print or video or radio.

    Looking for someone who is neutral is like watching a football game and listening to the announcers, hoping that they will give a balanced take on the action, but since they are employees and/or fans they always have a clear favorite, you can hear it in their voice/speech, same thing on these Sunday morning political news shows.

  27. As so many have pointed out here, David Gregory was, is, THE right wing shill the “powers that be” were able to place it into the mind set of middle America for 6 years (or is it 8 – I don’t know because I’m one of MANY who stopped watching) – and I’ve started a pool on how long it takes for him to end up on FOX news (now THERE’s a definition of oxymoron if ever there was one). Bringing Todd in though to replace Gregory does leave much to be desired for MtP. I personally would have much preferred Christiane Amanpour, someone NO one can claim is anything but the purist form of an independent investigative journalist. Which is what MpT is supposed to be all about.
    Anyway: re Todd… I will watch the show again now that Gregory is gone – and make my determination once I see how he handles himself (hopefully objectively). After all, “If it’s Sunday, it’s Meet the Press” time. I suspect many Americans will do likewise. I hope they do – Mpt needs to remain on the air.

  28. Chuck Todd is just another shill, lapdog and hack for the republican party.

    If he know any facts he sure has a funny way of demonstrating it.

    I have so much faith in Chuck Todd that I have stated a countdown clock to when MTPrestitudes will meet it’s demise.

    Can’t be too soon.

  29. Christiane Amanpour already failed @ ABC Sunday, so she is out. I got used to David Gregory already and cannot think of anyone in the pool at all.
    All of them including Tim Russert was not strong enough allowing admin to get away without real and honest answers in selling these wars to us. We have all been failed.

  30. Me too…SF. I will watch CBS Sunday morning then Bob Schiffer (sp)…… No thank you to Chuck Todd and good riddance David Gregory!

  31. NBC needs one of the best no BS show hosts they have on Meet The Press.. Rachel Maddow who isn’t afraid to challenge untruths regardless of who they are…

    She does her home work and is ready for a conversation on most any subject..

    I dislike Chuck Todd for the very reason he won’t correct miss information from those he talks with that he knows is false.. Maddow will.. I think NBC is missing the boat by not letting her have the job on Meet The Press…

  32. Don’t let the door slam you on the ass. I had to squint when Gregory came on ***AD HOMINEM ALERT!!!*** because that chin of his is so simian it is the perfect symbol of his agility at cross examination. He let too many bullshit comments pass the lips of people he just wants to chill with, have a brewski, you know. Now, Todd is another story. They put him in the slowest slot in the morning, and now they want him doing the longest running Sunday morning political talk show in TV history? Give us a break. While this guy’s edgy and impatient way with others might be thought poor in people skills in a corporate context, on TV it can be killer. Wait a minute, maybe Todd won’t let them off the hook. I say, wait and see.

  33. Chippy oh Chippy,I think you are in the wrong lane,now skip on over to fUK news with your dumb arse talking points or maybe skip on over to the gas bag show.

  34. Chippy oh Chippy,I think you are in the wrong lane,now skip on over to fUK news with your dumb arse talking points or maybe skip on over to the gas bag show.

  35. And Chuck Todd is better how? Maybe if he would go back and watch some old, before Gregory, Meet the Press shows, he could get a idea how he is to be a friend of no guest while they are on the show.

  36. I prefer MSNBC Sunday shows. Besides MSM news shows still reflect their owners. They are repub corporate owned and repub corporate board run. I don’t see anything changing anytime soon.

  37. Ok, so. How about we all turn off our television sets, go outside, or spend time with the kids-either human or animal-and embrace life without the mind-numbing bullshit offered on TV. The constant political battle will continue to forge on, and on, and on, ad nauseam with or without your time spent on the couch. Get up, go outside, do something productive or just enjoy life! Tis a soap opera that will be there on any given Sunday, so if you want or absolutely NEED to have this stimulation you can turn it on while vacuuming the house or cleaning windows to ‘catch up’. MTP isn’t news, it isn’t informative-except to inspire aggravation-nuff said.

  38. I never watch the Sunday shows, so now I won’t see Chuck Todd – a good thing! I wish they would move Thomas Roberts back to his own show – his time is wasted on that god-awful MorningJoe hot air festival.
    Also, Ari Melber has proven his competency on The Cycle as well as subbing for Lawrence O’Donnell when he was gone. He should have his own show! He pushes back when the Reps haul out their baseless talking points. And what’s with Tamron Hall? She is missing from her show more than she is there. If she wants to be on Today, leave her there and give her show to someone who will show up!

  39. So we should listen to old white conservatives who has been wrong at every turn? That’s playing the race card? Talk about white supremacy

  40. Chippy

    Afghanistan is a war that was started by George W. Bush. Iraq started with George W. Bush or did you forget that thing called going to war over Saddam’s WMDs that we in the end found out was never found in Iraq. Syria was something that Pres. Obama wanted to do something about but he went to Congress to get approval and Congress voted against starting a war then the GOP complained about Pres. Obama not doing something about Syria. Now theGOP House wants to sue Obama for not taking action by himself yet they complain when he does take action when takes action by himself. If Obama did not take action on his own there would not have been the killing of Osama Bin Laden just inside Pakistan.

    Yemen is a confirmed hot spot that terrorists use for operating out of.

    If you want to take drone use as being a war then you would have to go back to George W. Bush who first started the use of drones for targeted strikes against suspected terrorists.

  41. 1) I usually wait until the person does a few episodes before I make up my mind on how good they are on a show.
    2) Going from Countdown to Meet The Press is a change in show format which will make the person have to change how they do the show they host. So back to rule #1.
    3)In my opinion I would of liked MSNBC use someone like Steve Kornacki or taking Karen Finney who now has no longer Disrupt with Karen Finney to worry about. Karen is not afraid of holding people accountable on statements they make. Of course my best choice would of been putting Rachel Maddow. Now if you want to put an outsider in place and who knows a lot about Republicans and Democrats then maybe hire Stephanie Miller from Talking Liberally: The Stephanie Miller Show. She is a liberal daughter of a father who is a former Republican politician. Only problem is she could give MSNBC problems in the use of colorful language. She would have to learn to restrain herself in that department.

  42. Quote—-“So we should listen to old white conservatives who has been wrong at every turn? That’s playing the race card? Talk about white supremacy.”—-

    Get over yourself dj….and lose the race baiting card. That tired old dog don’t hunt anymore.

    By your logic our first black President (a liberal) should’ve improved quality of life for not just black Americans, but ALL Americans. But look around and explain our current sad state of affairs then. More in poverty. More on food stamps. More umemployed. More on some type of government subsidy…….the list goes on. It’s not about race, or party, or whatever label YOU want to put on it. It’s about the truth and individual responsibility.

  43. Surprise! Obama Is Creating More New Jobs Than George W. Bush

    Obama’s job growth record might turn out none too shabby.

    Is the nation better off than it was four years ago?

    The answer largely depends on the statistics you pick.

    With President Barack Obama beginning his second term, there are plenty of numbers suggesting that the country is on more solid footing than it was when he first took office on Jan. 20, 2009.

    You are too stupid for even an insult

    Newt Gingrich claims that “more people have been put on food stamps by Barack Obama than any president in American history.” He’s wrong. More were added under Bush than under Obama, according to the most recent figures.

  44. Farewell, David, like old soldiers, you will not be forgotten as you fade away. You will not be forgotten. You will be remembered in many hearts like mine always as the keeper of Tim Russert’s chair. Farewell, brother, David.

  45. One of the major networks has to be #3 and right now that’s NBC. The viewers are the judge and jury. I don’t think Chuck Todd will make much of a difference. CBS and ABC are just doing a better job. David Gregory seemed like a nice guy and perhaps that is what cost him his job. For the networks, it’s dog eating dog.

  46. David Gregory did nothing to question anything. When their gop guests would blatantly lie, he would go right along with it. With Fox you expect them to lie, but the other networks are held to a higher standard. Gregory acted like he was on Fox

  47. MSNBC
    This network is fast becoming known as the place to watch ED ads. If it isn’t ED ads and p p pad ads or itch ads it is also can’t do it anymore pain ads.
    Why would this concentration of bodily function or lack of be so prominent? Even Morning Joe is impacted with E D ads. We need a national cry of outrage over the junk. I just get off their network and seldom come back. Maybe firing news casters isn’t all that need fired.

  48. NBC should’ve chosen Martin Bashir to replace David Gregory on MTP. Martin has an enormous knowledge & experience in broadcast & political journalism, coupled with his affable broadcast personality & awesomely great command of the English language. Characteristics that often swell up any show’s ratings.

  49. From what I could see, he was the PR Director for our current President. At least Tim Russert could be a moderator. Happy to see him go although I am not sure that Chuck Todd is a great choice.

  50. I like David Gregory very much and he is the only reason I watched Meet the Press since Tim Russet passed away. I think he is great and not biased as some are very much so. It is so unfortunate that he is no longer with the show or NBC.

    The best to him always!

  51. I can NOT understand WHY they didn’t select Rachel Maddow for MEET THE PRESS!!! That would have been the BOMB!!!!

  52. I’m a Valley boy like David Gregory and even before MTP I felt he had no spine for contact journalism. I’m glad he’s out and I wish him well. I’ve watched Chuck Todd climb to the top of the NBC/MSNBC mountain, and I’ve cringed at each promotion. While he’s bright on details, he tries to take over every conversation. I reluctantly watch his morning show M-F, begging him to shut up so his guests can speak for themselves. Andea Mitchell is a better political “host”, but she’s lost her mojo. Luke Russert? Really? And while I LOVE Rachel Maddow (yes, I’m a liberal) I want her to stay on her 5-days-a-week slot. Chris Hayes is a kid who’s only starting to mature into his roll. There are alternatives out there. Someone we haven’t met, yet.

  53. I like the original concept of Meet The Press: One politician and a panel of press members. Okay, so John McCain likes to appear on MTP. He sits alone while a handful of journalists pounce on him with their questions. Chuck Todd could moderate, but other voices of guest Joirnalists can battle using their insider research against or the in favor of the politician and his/her talking points.
    The failure of the modern MTP is that a panel of politicians gather to discuss topics chosen and moderated by one “press” member, a moderator who really isn’t part of the press. Then, after the politicians step out, the “press” members come in to discuss the crap they’ve just heard. And the feeble moderator is the host of that event. It’s designed to fail.

  54. There is a media bias and it is towards the republicans, conservative and wacky right wing fringe. What NBC should have done is brought in Keith Oberman. That would have really shaken things up. They definitely would see an increase in viewship and no one will ever accuse Oberman of not being interested in politics. Fox is never afraid of offending people so it would seem that if CBS and NBC would like to increase their news show viewship they need only take a page out of the Fox play book and put someone in the Meet the Press anchor position who will get people talking about the show. David Gregory and Chuck Todd are very bland and gray whereas Oberman is SHOCKING PINK. No one will ever fail to notice him.

  55. I didn’t think i’d be able to watch MTP again after
    Tim Russert died, I had been a faithful Sunday fan for over 30 years. But, slowly, I got used to David Gregory’s style and enjoyed his confident delivery.
    Neither of them was confrontational, although both
    asked the hard questions. The fact that they didn’t always keep demanding an answer, is that it was clear these politicians never answer a question directly.
    The real problem at MTP is NBC. Maybe the audience got tired of seeing those same old experts every week, saying the same old things. The producer should have been replaced before throwing out a class act like Gregory. And, if they were determined to fire him, then do it with respect and dignity. To do it as NBC did, not allowing Gregory to say his final goodbyes on camera after 8 years, was not only bush league, but unprofessional. Their cowardice and lack of class is disgusting. Their choice for Gregory’s replacement is also an error in good judgement. I will miss D…

  56. Is NBC so desperate that they are replacing Gregory with Todd? When Gregory took over from the late Tim Russert, I thought holy moly they are desperate. They need some fresh bold and not just recycling their people. Chuck Todd is knowledgeable but to host Meet the Press?! Who will be next when this experiment fails, Luke Russert?

  57. I was still watching MTP but getting bored with Gregory, and will be even more bored with Todd, so I think I will just go to church and forget them both..

  58. Although d. Greggory did fine , I am do excited to see Chuck on Sunday. I recently relocated to the west coast and had to record Chuck so that I could get my daily “chuck” fix. Think he will bring back that stigma to meet the press!! Cudos to nbc for such a great choice

  59. I need a point by point explanation as to why Gregory is thought to be so “terrible” as MTP host & treated with such disdain. He was a more than adequate host. Chuck Todd IS TERRIBLE. So boring, snide & antagonistic towards the guests. Strictly has a “Face for Radio”…HORRIBLE

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