Crisis In Ferguson: Autopsy Shows Mike Brown Was Shot Six Times, Twice In The Head


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The results of a private autopsy performed by a doctor on behalf of the family of slain teenager Mike Brown were released Sunday evening. Dr. Michael Baden indicated in his report that Brown was shot six times by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. Two of the gunshots were to the head, including one to the top of the skull. The skullshot was the final one delivered as it was clearly fatal. A gunshot to the top of the head seems to indicate that Brown was leaning down or on his knees when that shot was delivered. This lends credence to eyewitness accounts that the officer shot Brown execution-style at the end of the confrontation.


Dr. Baden is well-known when it comes to autopsies. He is the former chief medical examiner for New York City. He has performed tens of thousands of autopsies in his career and also reviewed the autopsy records of John F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He also hosted the HBO show Autopsy. Due to his feelings about this case, he waived his normal fee. After releasing the results Sunday, he said the following:

“People have been asking: How many times was he shot? This information could have been released on Day 1. They don’t do that, even as feelings built up among the citizenry that there was a cover-up. We are hoping to alleviate that.”

Baden’s autopsy does raise as many questions as it answers. He reported that there was no gunpowder residue on the body, indicating that there weren’t any extremely close gunshots. This contradicts eyewitness accounts and police statements that there was a shot fired from within the vehicle where Brown and Wilson struggled. However, Dr. Baden did not have access to Brown’s clothing during his autopsy, which could show residue.

Also, the autopsy indicates that all six shots were fired with Brown facing the officer. Four gunshots were to his right arm and side. Eyewitness accounts state that Wilson shot at Brown at least once while he was running away from him. The report does show that Brown sustained a glancing wound to the right arm, which could have been from behind. However, it is also possible that Brown was shot at while running but not hit. While eyewitnesses say that Brown stopped suddenly after a shot was fired while he was running away, indicating he was hit, it is also very possible that he stopped in his tracks due to the sound of the gunfire.

Brown’s family, their attorney and Dr. Baden will hold a press conference discussing the autopsy report. The press conference is scheduled for Monday morning at 9:30 AM Central Time in Ferguson. It is very likely they will discuss the fact that Brown, who stood 6-foot-4, received a gunshot wound to the top of the head. After a night of turmoil in Ferguson, where police used tear gas to disperse crowds after demonstrators threw Molotov cocktails at police officers and possibly even shot towards the police line, the results of this autopsy are sure to bring more emotions to the forefront.

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  1. This autopsy is very telling to me, especially the two shots to the head. Mr. Brown was 6’3″ tall, and the gunshot to the eye entered the eye and traveled downward, exiting the jaw and reentering the body right above the collar bone, showing a downward trajectory. Also the kill shot on top of the head shows a downward trajectory.

    There was no gun powder residue stippling on the body, which would be present if shot at close range. Both of these facts do support witness accounts that Mr. Brown was some distance away from the officer at the time of the shooting, and that he was at least in a lower position when those two shots to his head made contact, thus also showing that he could have indeed been on his knees surrendering to the officer when he was killed.

    That he was not shot in the back does not in any way negate witness accounts that he was first running away from the cop, as a moving target is much harder to hit than a stationary target.

  2. Did the police car have only the one officer in the car that day, or was there another officer. Nothing I have read has mentioned another, but it seems unlikely to me that he would be alone.

  3. Whether there was a struggle at the car does not even matter. At the end Brown stopped and turned around. Unarmed folks do that when they are giving up. He was wounded at the time and all the cop had to do was arrest him. The kill shot in the top of the skull is what really does it to me. Even in war you arent supposed to kill prisoners; we cant even follow the Geneva convention regarding our own populace. Just disgraceful. Also i want to hear if there actually is powder residue inside the police car, not that anything could clear the officer’s name at this point. If Brown had been white things would be different. But how many african americans are in Missouri’s legislature to represent them?

  4. Having a one maned police car isn’t unlikely. So don’t doubt it. Witnesses say the officer stood over the boys body and fired his shots. If the leaked information from the officer is true then mike could have been running towards him with his arms up. If an officer yells “freeze” and you don’t freeze you are breaking the law and putting the officer’s life in danger. Imagine just having your jaw broken by this big kid and now having him charge after you. You’re afraid for your life. So you fire upon him until you can’t fire anymore. Shoot to kill.

  5. Best case scenario for Wilson? He panicked and negligently unloaded his firearm into an unarmed (large scary black) young man who was not being compliant with his commands regarding walking on the sidewalk.

    Worse case scenario? The Ferguson police force routinely targeted the black community for harassment and intimidation, and in an act of rage … Wilson deliberately blew the kid away simply because the young man pissed him off.

  6. In most locations for city, county, and state police, you’re riding alone. With the exception of ride-alongs, training phase, and areas deemed highly dangerous for a lone officer, you’ve only got your own company for your 12 hours. Chances are very good this was not a high risk area, and he was alone. The city only has 50 or so officers to begin with.

  7. First Brown was reaching in the struggling for the weapon, now he is running wildly at the pig. Jesus you people would say anything to justify killing of another black male

  8. How was the officer to know mike was completely unarmed? It’s not like he had time to pat him down or anything. Mike did not die because of a possible robbery or running from the police. He was killed after assaulting an officer and then coming running back for more. Now it’s become a game of “whose life was worth more. ” Police officers willingly put there life on the line everyday. Now imagine the community they are assigned to protect having a “kill all cops” mentality. When you become a cop you instantly make a million enemies.

  9. You people? Who am I? You don know anything about me. Why is this scenario sound so unlikely to you? Because he was a perfect little choir boy? This kid even raps about running from the police. He talks about beating people up and hiding his gun. He is no “gentle giant”. I’m not saying his life was worth nothing. It is terrible what happened. I know plenty of people who acted the same way when they were younger and grew up to do amazing things. But you can not assault a police officer, refuse to comply, and charge after him with no consequence.

  10. “Mike Brown’s Murder Catalyst for Unrest in Ferguson,” a must hear podcast. Listen as a group discussion about Brown’s murder and Ferguson shed some light on how this problem can be fixed. Too often American’s have watched grand juries ‘NO BILL’ officers when everyone knows it is a case of murder – which is fueling the frustration of protestors in Ferguson. But, in order to get change we must change laws, and weed out bad cops immediately

  11. Like I said YOU PEOPLE. This rapper is from Grand Rapids. Damn when you try to make a case know WTF you are talking about

  12. “Dr. Baden did not have access to Brown’s clothing during his autopsy, which could show residue.”

    I wonder why that is? That is vital evidence in this case. Why is the St. Louis County coroner withholding this vital evidence? What are they trying to cover up?

    This case requires a special prosecutor.

  13. Kept coming means he was charging the officer? So you are telling me, he was being shot at and then wanted to charge the person who was shooting at him? Seems more like someone trying to surrender. That would account for the other witnesses, don’t you think. The cop was shooting at the young man, he In turn tries to surrender.

  14. ok this kid is 6’3 and the fatal shot was 2 shots to the head.. and remember the cop wasnt near him when he was shot.. could it be the kids dropped to his knees to surrender and the cop fired anyways.. so on ur knees hands up and that still warrants him being executed.. be real.. he murdered that kids.oh and by the way the store clerk, from the alleged robbery video said and i quoted.. he didnt rob the store the confrontation was about the money mike gave and change he expected back, the store clerk has since hired a lawyer and said he will not testify.. so please get yo facts straight before u pass judgement on someone

  15. If he charges the cop and lowers his head and has already been shot multiple times it doesn’t seem too unlikely for the last shot to be a blow to the head.

  16. This kind of thing happens when you have police who have anger management issues and are put in “minority” neighborhoods to “serve and protect”. Which as some call BS, we are there to contain and arrest ALL of “them”. Anyway, this police officer seemed eager to pull the trigger more than once. Once would have been enough to stop the already frightened boy. He target practiced on that boy in a mean, angered up way. There HAS to be a way to filter out these type of policemen.

  17. So he is lowering his head, charging the officer now? While being shot, and he still continues to ” charge” the officer?

    You really believe that?

  18. There is no evidence that Brown assaulted anyone, and according to every eyewitness we’ve heard from so far he was standing still, facing the officer, with his hands in the air when he was murdered. No officer could reasonably have feared that he was armed and no officer could reasonably have interpreted standing still with his arms raised as a threat.

  19. There’s no evidence of a struggle or of a broken jaw. More importantly, when someone is standing still, facing you with his arms in the air, that is surrender. No matter WHAT came before that moment, shooting someone who is surrendering in the head is something even the Nazis didn’t do.

  20. Except that Brown DIDN’T assault any police officers, he WAS complying, and he did NOT charge after the cop. He was standing still, probably on his knees, with his arms in the air.

    Your comments make it obvious that you still can’t grasp the concept that just because someone is black you can’t murder him when he has done nothing wrong that you know of and when he is going out of his way to demonstrate that he was absolutely no threat to anyone.

  21. They make it up as they go along. In my experience when someone is on their knees with their arms raised it’s kind of had to view that as “charging at him”. But then again, I know the difference between reality and racist delusions. Most Right Wingers don’t.

  22. Go ahead. Keep spinning this BS.

    Keep trying to do whatever you can to justify the killing of unarmed person.

  23. There is no witness that says Brown assaulted the officer. To the contrary, the witnesses – all of them – say Wilson deliberately started a confrontation with Brown and that it was Wilson who grabbed Brown through his car window and threatened to shoot him. And shoot Brown he most certainly did – 6 or 8 times -until the unarmed Brown, guilty of no crime, was dead in the street. Wilson did not even call in an officer involved shooting to the dispatcher. The dispatcher heard about the shooting in a news report and sent another police car to the location to check it out. Wilson was just standing there doing nothing while the body lay in the street and the crowd was asking for an ambulance or for Wilson to allow a nurse on the scene to attend to Brown. There is something seriously wrong with Officer Wilson.

  24. The gunshot to the top of the head makes more sense that he was charging the police officer not down on his knees. There is not one single account that was taken that day that says he was shot while on his knees. They all said execution style while running away. Now the nut-jobs come out of the woodwork looking for their 15 minutes of fame by saying they saw something different.

    A person bent over charging at someone would explain the collarbone and the downward trajectory. To get that same angle the cop would have had to practically be above him shooting almost straight down. The eye witness accounts that he was a distance away when the shot was fired, and he was 6’4. So these nutjobs want us to believe that this cop was SOOOO tall that he managed to get a straight down head shot from a distance?

    Or was he bent over charging the cop which is entirely more plausible. Use your heads.

  25. Who the hell charge someone with their head down and hands up. The collarbone injury came from him being shot in the eye, the other head shot

  26. Also saying that more than one shot would have stopped him have obviously never been outside their closed-off little Mayberry world. They have no idea what the surge of adrenaline and he rest of the chemical cocktail released when the body is in danger does or how damage to the body isn’t even registered immediately in order to protect the body.

    These are also the same voices that didn’t care to ever read that when a cop fires their weapon to use lethal force it’s called lethal for a reason. A still standing threat is a threat that can take your life.

    These are the same voices that don’t realize that it takes only a second to close a ten foot gap. 6’4 and 300 pounds is enough of a reason to believe that serious physical hard would be had if this came to physical confrontation. The fight isn’t supposed to be fair.

    I loathe police and their abuse of powers. I hate the videos of the stops and their ignorance of the law. I hate the ignorance being shown here more though.

  27. djchefron – The eyewitness accounts that are already coming back as false (shot in the back, running away, at a great distance). You really think he had his hands up while charging forward?


  28. Quit giving yourself a thumps up for one and two all the credible eyewitness say his hands were up. You are getting your info from right wing sites who are quoting a reporter from the St.Louis dispatch who is on maternity leave and is not even on the ground. You big dummy

  29. Mike Brown was denied his constitutional rights, had no due process under the law and was executed. Now in your lily white world it may be OK to execute unarmed blacks but we are Americans who will demand our rights

  30. You mean the credible eyewitnesses who were proven wrong? The same credible eyewitnesses who swore up and down he was shot in the back? That’s what you’re choosing to believe?

    You’re choosing to believe that instead of the camera at the convenience store showing him bully an old and committing a strong arm robbery and then shot dead shortly there after for what was initially said was a violent encounter.


  31. And where are you getting your info that it’s so much more credible than what everyone else has access to?

    I didn’t know that CNN was right wing, but I’ll definitely have to make the move to another news source. Recommendations?

  32. Hey dummy Jack Tapper of CNN got that bullshit you believe from the same St. Louis reporter who is on medical leave and I quote from her editor:
    Christine Byers is a police reporter for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch who has been on FMLA leave since March. She is not involved in the Ferguson coverage while she is on leave. Her tweets are personal.

    She has tweeted today in regards to her tweet Monday: “On FMLA from paper. Earlier tweets did not meet standards for publication.”

    Gilbert Bailon
    Editor, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
    Read the whole thing for yourself and make sure you go to the links

  33. According to the false narrative supplied by a friend of the officer’s girlfriend and others that have heard this same tall tale, Mike Brown is supposed to have had the officer trapped in his vehicle but suddenly decided to run and THEN decided to turn around and “charge the officer” AFTER the officer had already fired his weapon at least twice. You keep asking people to “think”…we all HAVE given that fairy tale it’s fair share of “thinking time”. It’s ludicrous, but what do you expect from a man (Dennis Wilson) that has committed cold-blooded murder?

  34. Look at the autopsy all of the shots were in the front NOT in the back so he wasn’t running away from the cop. So something happen, he got shot 4 times I believe in the arm that’s weird. He must of been covering up idk. Then 2 shots in the head. We will never know the truth.

  35. Many men have hung for killing unarmed peoples.
    Maybe justified in this day and time because blacks are looked upon as vermin.

  36. No disrespect but that is silly. No shots in the back only means that none of them connected. Further more, he was grazed on his arm, the belief is that it could have been from behind.

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