Republicans Stumbling As Their Own Poll Shows Michelle Nunn Leading Georgia Senate Race


Republicans continue to stumble and bumble in their quest to retake the Senate as a Republican poll has found that Democrat Michelle Nunn leads the US Senate race in Georgia 45%-43%.

The WRBL poll was conducted by a Republican strategist and revealed that Nunn leads Republican David Perdue 45%-43% with 7% supporting Libertarian Amanda Swafford. This is the second straight poll that has shown Nunn leading. Ten days ago, the Landmark/WSB-TV poll had Nunn leading Perdue 47%-40%, with Swafford at 3%.

The fact that a poll conducted by a Republican strategist revealed that the Republican candidate is trailing is especially bad news for the GOP’s hopes of retaking the Senate in November. Mitch McConnell has struggled mightily with a campaign that at times seems like it is trying to lose, but Kentucky might not be the Democrats best chance at a pickup that will help them keep their Senate majority.

McConnell has several advantages in Kentucky that may keep him in office, but those advantages (incumbency, a Republican electorate, and money to burn) don’t all exist for Republican in Georgia. Democrats have the better candidate running in a red state that is increasingly moving towards purple status.

The Kentucky Senate race is getting most of the national attention, but Democrats should keep their eyes on Georgia. Michelle Nunn has the smoother path to victory in Georgia. Grimes could beat McConnell, but if she doesn’t, Democrats have a backup plan in the Peach State.

A Democratic victory in Kentucky or Georgia would make it a near certainty that Democrats will keep their Senate majority. If Senate Democrats can weather the storm in 2014, they will have a favorable map for picking up Senate seats in 2016 and beyond. If Republicans don’t win the majority in the Senate this year, they may not win it for years to come.

If Democrats can win the Senate race, it will be more than another sign that Georgia is shifting. A Democratic win could keep the Senate under their control for several more election cycles. Nothing less than the future direction of the country could be riding on the outcome of the Senate election in Georgia.

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  1. When Deal became governor in 2010, he was over a $1 Million in debt. He and his partner sold a salvage business to a TX company, Copart. Shortly after the sale, media outlets here reported that Copart owes $74 Million in back taxes. When Deal was asked if he’d do anything about it last year, he said he didn’t “want to get between Copart and the GA Dept. of Revenue.” He announced today that he’s forming a special investigative panel so that Copart can “pay every penny it owes.” The only reason Deal is now interested in making Copart pay the $74 Million is because it’s become widely known that he has done nothing about it for over a year, and Jason Carter is hammering him for his inaction. If the issue had remained relatively unknown, Deal would have done nothing. His move today is purely political. He cares no more today about making Copart pay its back taxes than he cared in July 2013. This move is all for show and is an attempt to show he’s “working for GA citizens.” False.

  2. This article seems to be more about criticizing Mitch McConnell and KY politics than Georgia (despite the subject line).

  3. ladies and gentleman, relax, pop some popcorn and get a good spot to watch this epic collapse of the modern republican and tea party conservatives. dem turnout in nov will shatter midterm records. we have one good chance to stop the conservative clowns. vote on November 4th for democrats!!!

  4. I really hope the Democrats take Georgia, but a McConnell defeat would be so much more sweet as a testament to Republican “leadership”.

  5. I agree whole heartedly with mdag5252. I’ve said along Nunn would win there, along with Jack Carter. Deal, like so many other fake Christians voted into office by fake Christians, is corrupt, and being investigated.

    Both my husband and I donated to Nunn’s campaign and Carter’s campaign. Being in Kentucky, we have also donated to Grimes campaign as well.

    My husband is overseas on business, so it has been up to me to do what I can to help Grimes win. I still say she will win. These pollsters have a tendency to not poll newly registered people, and under represent people of color.

    The majority of newly registered people we have registered are peopls of color, and they are young, and ready to vote McConnell out. They know who he is, which is good because we have to be bipartisan, which is difficult for me. I’ve caught myself several times before I said something I shouldn’t.

  6. Thanks for that info Maxie. I too believe that once again the talking heads think they know what is going to happen, so they can keep those ratings up by keeping people tuned in. I believe this is not like any other midterm election for many reasons, one of which is that millions are appalled after four years of what the teabags have done to this country.

    In many of these states, people are going to be going to the polls to get rid of those Governors, and that can only help other Dems in those states. They also keep underestimating the Dems ground game. I do know they are keeping their heads down and keeping silent about it, while getting people registered, and they will also use it to get them out to vote on election day.

  7. Thanks for sharing the link.
    I wish Texas had a few fearless reporters like Nadya Tilsdale.
    I logged on to her blog and joined up.

  8. I know liberals get sick and tired of hearing this over and over again but if we get out the vote in large percentages we win. Voter turnout is key for Democratic prospects especially midterms.

  9. Don’t get too excited. The poll shows a 2% lead for Nunn with 7% supporting the Libetarian candidate. Georgia’s general election law requires the winner to have a majority of the votes. If Nunn does not obtain the majority there will be a run off. I cannot imagine too many supporters of a Libetarian switching to a democrat, but rather see then switch to Perdue.

    Another factor to consider is the Governor’s runoff (if neccessary) would be held on a different date than the Senate runoff so Nunn could miss out on some of the “anti-Deal” vote in a runoff.

    I am not saying it is impossible but unlikely Nunn will prevail.

  10. Gov Deal has imported hundreds of liberal voters here from California with his film industry tax cuts, while reducing funds available to schools so he can chum it up with famous people. Is it any wonder that the Dems are taking over when GA taxpayers are paying them to move here? All the studies from the people not pocketing taxpayer money say these tax plans are bad for the state.

  11. Michelle Nunn is a bald face LIAR. Her current ads running indicate Georgia at 51 in job creation when last week the Atlanta Business Chronicle published an article that Georgia is 6th in the nation for new jobs and 3rd in the SE. Her “women’s job” ad is more suited to Obama than her opponent. I would not vote for this idiot, trading on family legacy, if she were the ONLY CANDIDATE. Georgians are NOT that stupid.

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