Why No One Should Watch Or Share The ISIS Video Of The Beheading of Steven Sotloff

steven sotloff

A video released by ISIS claims to show the beheading of American journalist Steven Sotloff. The point of the video is to spread fear, which is why the media and the American people should refuse to share or view the Sotloff video.

After ISIS beheaded journalist James Foley, portions of the video were on cable news, and the images were circulated all over the Internet. This behavior is exactly what the ISIL (ISIS) terrorists wanted. Terrorists film videos of their actions for the attention. The beheading videos are propaganda tools. The videos are meant to scare people around the world while helping to recruit more extremists for ISIS.

ISIS claims that they want the United States to stop bombing them in Iraq, but the terrorists would like nothing more than American boots on the ground. A chance to kill American men and women on Middle Eastern soil is what they desire. Former President Bush played into Osama Bin Laden’s hands by invading Iraq after 9/11. The extremists want war with the West.

Steven Sotloff deserves better than to be used a propaganda tool for terrorists. This is why PoliticusUSA will not be publishing the video or any images related to the capture and death of Steven Sotloff.

CNN mentioned their editorial policy of not showing the ISIS propaganda during their report on the murder of Sotloff, but notice what is in the first frame of the CNN video below:

CNN has an editorial policy against showing the terrorist propaganda, but someone in their video department chose an image from the Foley video to use in the video of the Sotloff report. I also found it objectionable that CNN used the image of Sotloff in the orange jumpsuit in their report instead of another picture. Sotloff wasn’t a criminal. He was an innocent journalist. By showing him the orange jumpsuit, CNN was indirectly helping to spread the ISIS propaganda.

It is an editorial policy that should apply to us all. Don’t tweet the pictures. Don’t publish or share the video. Don’t reward the terrorists for their actions. Morbid curiosity is a part of human nature, but when you share, or even view the propaganda, the terrorists win.

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  1. As you rightly point out, the purpose of the video is to get people to overreact.

    As long as we are seen as aiding and assisting the Iraqis as they try to take care of ISIS, we are okay.

    The moment we are seen as taking the lead, including major assets on the ground, we become a major recruiting tool for ISIS.

    They want us to go full bore on this.

    I actually see the videos as a sign of weakness on ISIS’ part. The current bombing, while not sufficient to totally wipe them out, is having an impact on them. The way we are going about it isn’t alienating many in the ME because it isn’t carpet bombing, which is what McCain would love us to do.

    How to handle them in Syria is a whole other question, but if they are able to be pretty much kicked out of Iraq, through Iraqi forces supported through the air by us, it will definitely reduce their standing.

  2. Send in the drones.

    I am convinced that ISIS, the cowards that they are, will scurry like cock roaches, to their hiding places.
    We don’t even have to actually send in the drones, I’m sure just threatening to, will lead the cowards to run and hide.
    Just my opinion.

  3. Can’t imagine why anyone would want to watch that video to begin with. Just thinking about it is horrifying; I don’t need to see it or hear it.

    I think ISIS is doing itself in with these barbaric actions – not just the ones against the journalists, but against others as well. Trouble is, how many more innocent people will die at their hands before the group is finally dismantled?

  4. If given a choice, there are always a number who will not view the video’s. I have seen quite a few in the past and as sickening as they are..they reinforce the reasons why people like this can not be negotiated with, reasoned with… they DO NOT CARE what ‘your’ opinions of them are or if you sympathize with their ’causes’… The will kill you and your family-members without pause or regret… just because you are… in their definition…’Infidels’. Knowing the extent of their /mercy’ only hardens the hearts of those of us who have to deal with them. They need only to be exterminated… like all Roaches should be.

  5. This video is a smokescreen.
    We need to fight the real enemy:

    It is rampant in the US and needs to eliminated.

  6. Hogwash, we are capable of making decisions for ourselves and have no need for government or news organizations censorship under the guise of some imagined morality clause.
    I wonder if you’d feel the same way about the march on Selma, or other Civil Rights atrocities. Maybe we should have banned the downing of the World Trade Center…after all, 3,000 souls lost their lives.

  7. this administrations aborted transparency policy has created a hunger for first hand immediate information. You can figure out the implications for yourself. No, with this strategy you are putting your head in the sand with the president. It’s just not quite as deep.

  8. As repulsive as these beheading videos are, they do serve a useful humanitarian purpose, and it is definitely not the one that ISIS wants to promote. They prove beyond question that Islam is not a religion of God, Allah, Elohim, Buddah, Shakta or any real religion. From my viewpoint these videos prove the the difference between Islam and the multitudes of other religions is the way the people of Islam claim to be a religion of peace and yet discreetly and openly, support, promote and finance this humanitarian hatred for anyone that doesn’t agree with them (they can’t even agree among themselves shia vs.sunni). There is no real religion I see that promotes the same kind of barbaric ancient hatred. I used to think the Nazis were king of this humanitarian intolerance, but the Nazi’s only had a half a century of evolution and proved to be beginners at how to spread their idea of fascist misery on humans. Islam has been at it for over 1400 years and obviously perfected their message.

  9. This is such B.S. Do the idiot terrorist or whatever they claim to be, think we are going to quit coming after them? Do they think we are afraid? Do they think the world wants to be a part of their ignorance? They are dumber than I thought. Most Muslims despise them. Their own religion wants them dead. The more people they harm, the more drones and bombs that will fly & fall. They have already sealed their fate. Let the games begin. May they all burn in pig hell.

  10. Well let the holier than thou bigotry began. One can make the argument based on facts that Christianity has murdered and committed more genocide than any of the other religions combined. Stop your nonsense

  11. That is the question, isn’t it, djchefron?

    There’s absolutely NO NEED to view ISIS’ (a.k.a. al-Qaeda’s) propaganda – unless, of course, a person has an insatiable need for real-life gore and get a thrill at watching it.

    Otherwise, I see no reason to widely spread that barbaric clip. It’s denigrating to Sotloff and his family, as well.

  12. ISIS is just the latest incarnation of Al-CIA-duh. These fake beheadings are just propaganda to scare the gullible American sheeple into supporting a war in Syria and the re-occupation of Iraq that the Military Industrial Complex, International Bankers, and Big Oil desperately want.

    Wake the f— up!

  13. can we please remember that only a few months ago when these vile disgusting people wanted assad off everyone was calling them freedom fighters they were being supplied arms from saudi arabia and had the uk and usa support? im a uk born and bred muslim and do not see or believe that these ‘humans’ are muslim i just hope that we are rid of them before this disease spreads. they believe what they are doing is right and using islam as a front, no religion preaches that we do this. my heart goes out to james foley and steven sotloff’s families. RIP

  14. I don’t see why we can’t condemn both. These guys are despicable Barbarians…and we must remember our past and not become them as we fight them.

  15. I agree Moongal. Send in the drones by the dozen. Bomb then in to oblivion every day, until there are no more left….They want scared? Give them what they are trying to do to, others. Make them so afraid they, crawl back into the hole, they crawled out of. Just don’t give them any American troops to kill.

  16. It’s not censorship to edit a few seconds of VIDEO of an atrocity IF reporters are free to write about the beheading and the words the cowards aka ISIS are spewing. What do those few seconds of gruesomeness get you? It does not change the facts that ISIS is claiming a beheading.
    ISIS wants you to view it all. Why let them ?

  17. And you hit the nail on the head, Mimi. Osama bin Laden was our ally against the Soviets in Afghanistan in the 1980s, and look how that ended up. The West cannot work with these people in any shape or form, because our help will always come back to bite us.

  18. the two journalist were ennemies. they were enemies as american and as jewish israeli. they were ennemies in a middle of a war which purpose is to wipe out the american occupants.
    ennemies are killed. it’s so normal! no americans in iraq
    what if you “americans” were attaked by another country? would you hug your ennemies if you see them around, taking pictures, misinforming the world, spying!
    unfortunately death is a normal and natural ending for them! leave iraq! iraqi petrols and reffineries are for iraqi people. any other country and men from another country who try to take control over it through bombing innocent iraqi people who are in their homeland has to be shot to death. ennemies are killed. why are you so surprised. america started to bomb iraqis at first.

  19. I am a uk citizen
    i am sick of muslims wanting everything their way and protesting like spoilt children .
    they are alien to democracy and see it as a weakness , they hate freedom unless it suits them.
    they are uncivilised barbarians

  20. Must be a member of the UKIP. For those that don’t know, look at them as the English equivalent of the teabaggers

  21. i agree, havent we learned once with osama? why make the same mistake again. these scum dont have a religion and we all know exactly whats going on yet we refuse to see the bigger picture, sheeple we believe everything the media spews out. i can remember every headline in the british papers when these scum were going for syria and remember saying to my husband that everyone is supporting them knowing they have links with al qaeda, we could see exactly what was going to happen in a years time but still supported them. ignorance is bliss until it f**** you over!

  22. I feel that these videos should be viewed by the American public. I don’t feel that it’s degrading to the victim at all, more like it gives their lives even more meaning. By trying to shove it under the rug and pretend it didn’t happen, that only serves to promote ISIS propaganda. When we don’t react to their atrocities they escalate until we do. We as Americans live in a bubble, thinking nothing can touch us, until something major does, and then we are running around wondering what happened. These animals need to be eradicated from the earth. It’s the only way this will ever stop. God Bless Steven Sotloff, James Foley and the countless others whose lives were taken by these monsters.

  23. Odds of Dying by Terrorist Attack: 20,000,000 to 1
    Since 1968, “more Americans have died from gunfire than died in … all the wars of this country’s history.” (True) We tallied about 1.4 million firearm deaths compared with 1.2 million in war. The number of gunfire deaths includes suicides.http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/article/2013/jan/24/fact-checking-claims-guns-and-gun-violence/

    Go down to home depot and stock up on duct tape and plastic wrap that way you could keep your paranoia in house

  24. They are beheading children. Tell me how they are enemies when they are native to Iraq? You want to hate on the fact the journalist were Americans, fine. Any one who drives or makes use of a car cannot claim innocence in this world. But to say this is solely about oil is absurd. Spare a thought for the children whose only crime was being born into Christian families. And before it is said… those Christians were there some 600 years before the Muslims. It isn’t another Israel/Palestinian conflict. It’s genocide.

  25. Actually you are quite wrong. These “beheadings” are a joke. No blood during the cutting…over NINE strokes back and for on the neck. It should have been a bloodbath. No other ISIS members present?! Just ONE?! That NEVER happens in any radical Islam slayings. There are many, they celebrate, and they are brutally gruesome and you won’t sleep for days after seeing it. These videos are propaganda and a pretext for exactly what Obama addressed he is going to do…bomb Syria and Iraq. Everyone gobbled up these “beheadings” which is EXACTLY what they wanted; to gain the support of the nation. They don’t want you to watch the videos because of how comical these “beheadings” are. Anyone with 1/2 a brain can see it instantaneously.

  26. I could not watch these videos. But I totally agree with you re: ‘propaganda’. If this were happening, Our Government should have IMMEDIATELY sent CIA/Military/’Special Ops’ to IRAQ to RESCUE our CITIZENS!!(Or we could have sent Dick Cheney-he’s a ruthless person; I think he’s 100+ years old; he shot his best friend while hunting geese; and he bought a new heart a few years ago…hmmmm; there’s something kinda different about Mr. Cheney). BUT our Government did not try to save our Journalists – tragic.

  27. Hi all, I watched the full videos. Some are calling them fake while others go by what the media tells them they are. My opinion, which is like a butthole..everyone has one, is that they are not showing the actual act is because they are in full force trying to win over the people. Look…as much as I hate ISIS these are highly intelligent individuals …like it or not….they want us to attack for a few reasons. Not getting into that just wanted to rant.

  28. Cowards!!! Hiding behind masks. Even Bin Laden showed his ugly face! I think publicizing horrific crimes should stop, whether committed at home or abroad. These crazy people want the attention and we are just feeding thier egos each time we show thier extreme actions.

    Come out from behind your masks!!! Don’t you want us to know who you are?

  29. “No blood during the cutting…over NINE strokes back and fourth on the neck. It should have been a bloodbath.” How were you able to see the video? I read (and tried immediately after the 2nd one was reported) that all links showing those videos are instantly blocked from viewing in the U.S..I saw the Jim Foley video on some blog because they used a program to record it and being the first one put out, it was online for a while. And anyways, that video didn’t show anything except for knife to the neck (no breaking skin) then a quick black screen, then the “finished product”-severed head on top of body. Tyler Jordan even commented on how “they are not showing the actual act”. Just curious where you saw them…..

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