steven sotloff

Why No One Should Watch Or Share The ISIS Video Of The Beheading of Steven Sotloff

steven sotloff

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A video released by ISIS claims to show the beheading of American journalist Steven Sotloff. The point of the video is to spread fear, which is why the media and the American people should refuse to share or view the Sotloff video.

After ISIS beheaded journalist James Foley, portions of the video were on cable news, and the images were circulated all over the Internet. This behavior is exactly what the ISIL (ISIS) terrorists wanted. Terrorists film videos of their actions for the attention. The beheading videos are propaganda tools. The videos are meant to scare people around the world while helping to recruit more extremists for ISIS.

ISIS claims that they want the United States to stop bombing them in Iraq, but the terrorists would like nothing more than American boots on the ground. A chance to kill American men and women on Middle Eastern soil is what they desire. Former President Bush played into Osama Bin Laden’s hands by invading Iraq after 9/11. The extremists want war with the West.

Steven Sotloff deserves better than to be used a propaganda tool for terrorists. This is why PoliticusUSA will not be publishing the video or any images related to the capture and death of Steven Sotloff.

CNN mentioned their editorial policy of not showing the ISIS propaganda during their report on the murder of Sotloff, but notice what is in the first frame of the CNN video below:

CNN has an editorial policy against showing the terrorist propaganda, but someone in their video department chose an image from the Foley video to use in the video of the Sotloff report. I also found it objectionable that CNN used the image of Sotloff in the orange jumpsuit in their report instead of another picture. Sotloff wasn’t a criminal. He was an innocent journalist. By showing him the orange jumpsuit, CNN was indirectly helping to spread the ISIS propaganda.

It is an editorial policy that should apply to us all. Don’t tweet the pictures. Don’t publish or share the video. Don’t reward the terrorists for their actions. Morbid curiosity is a part of human nature, but when you share, or even view the propaganda, the terrorists win.

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