Trump says all Islamic State land lost in Syria, but SDF says fight continues

PALM BEACH, Fl./BAGHOUZ, Syria (Reuters) – Islamic State militants in eastern Syria still held out late on Friday, the U.S.-backed militia besieging them said, after U.S. President Donald Trump said the jihadist group had lost its last scrap of territory. read more

Morning Tweetstorm Shows Trump Has Lost Touch With Reality

Donald Trump posted several tweets this morning that directly contradict national security intelligence on several major foreign policy matters, showing that he is doing actual damage to the country.

When Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Dan Coats testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee yesterday, he drew significant media attention by breaking with multiple points Trump has been trying to make in recent days, such as: read more

Trump Just Got Obliterated By A Former Obama Official For Lying About ISIS

Donald Trump tried to claim that he has done more to fight ISIS than Obama, and a former Obama official schooled him on what a real president does.

Paul Ryan’s Own Words About Classified Info Come Back To Haunt Him After Trump Leaks To Russia

Last summer, referencing Hillary Clinton, Ryan said: "Individuals who are 'extremely careless' with classified information should be denied further access to such information."

Opinion: Report Concludes that Trump’s Climate Denial Aids Terrorist Recruitment Efforts

A little over a year ago some high-level person in ISIS penned a treatise explaining precisely what Western nations (America) should do to aid in the terror group’s recruitment efforts. As sure as the Sun rises in the East, Donald Trump took the terror organization’s pleas for help to heart and has religiously followed every instruction to the letter. Now it turns out that Trump’s rejection of science, particularly climate science, is yet another means of “strengthening recruitment efforts” of groups like ISIS and Boko Haram. read more

Worries Arise Over Where Trump’s Sudden Militarism Will Take Us

Trump's isolationist hypocrisy is the least of our problems. It is where that hypocrisy is taking us, and at an ever-increasing pace

John McCain Says Trump Administration ‘Partially to Blame’ for Syria Chemical Attack

Asked if he thought the Trump administration "encouraged this behavior," McCain's answer was, "I think it probably was partially to blame."

Tom Cotton Says Donald Trump’s Syria Strike Restored U.S. Credibility

“But these strikes did more than simply punish Mr. Assad and deter future attacks; they have gone a long way to restoring our badly damaged credibility in the world.”

Trump Melts Down During CIA Speech And Whines About Inaugural Crowd Size

Trump's speech was no different than any other Trump speech we’ve heard, full of bragging, whining and complaints about imagined persecution

President Obama Dismantled Program Trump Intended to Use as Muslim Registry

President Obama took the plan out of commission and described it “not only as out-of-date but also an inefficient waste of resources.”

Trump Issues Reckless, Anti-Muslim Statement Following Berlin Truck Attack

Trump speech

Blaming an entire religion for the senseless violence of a few is a whole lot easier than actually knowing what you're talking about.

Donald Trump Whines Because ISIS Cuts off Heads, We Should be Able to Waterboard

"We can’t do waterboarding, it’s far too tough! We’re fighting on a different level! we have to be tough...and in some cases pretty vicious"

Hypocrite Misogynist Paul Ryan Says Clinton Should Apologize to Trump

Republican Paul Ryan thinks Hillary Clinton should apologize for speaking the truth about Trump; or because she is a woman.

While Trump Calls Obama Founder Of ISIS, U.S. Takes Out Another Top Terrorist Leader

Obama commander in chief

It appears that the Obama-led military isn't at all fazed by Trump's ridiculous, fact-free remark.

Hillary Clinton Slams Donald Trump for Falsely Accusing Obama of Being the Founder of ISIS

Hillary Clinton New Hampshire CNN Town Hall

Hillary Clinton blasted Donald Trump for inaccurately accusing President Obama of being the founder of ISIS.

John McCain Embraces Sarah Palin’s Stupidity and Blame Obama Dysfunction

These reckless, insulting comments have become commonplace for McCain because he cares more about shifting blame than keeping Americans safe.

NYPD Commissioner Slams Trump, Praises Obama On Terrorism And Guns

Bill Bratton

New York City's top cop has some harsh words for Donald Trump and other Republicans who've been attacking President Obama.

Despite Battlefield Losses, Bush’s ISIS Monster Will Not Go Away Soon

"To be fully effective, we must stop the recruitment, radicalization and mobilization of people engaged in terrorist activities.”

Georgia Evangelicals Pressure School To Issue A Fatwa Against Yoga

Georgia educators know the value of classroom yoga to relieve students' stress, but without Jesus, evangelicals aren't having it.