America Must Stay Out of Islam’s Sectarian War


Of all the various types of  high-intensity conflicts involving armed forces, a civil war is particularly destructive to a nation due to the large number of casualties and consumption of a nation’s resources; especially if the internal conflict is sustained for any length of time. However, a sectarian war between different sects of a particular religion, or religious ideology within a religion, can be every bit as destructive and violent as a civil war because each side believes purging the faith of heretics and apostates has the blessing of their deity. The idea of an outside entity intervening in a sectarian war is not unlike a person attempting to separate two vicious animals locked in a fight to the death because invariably the person will not escape unscathed; if they escape at all. It is an idea that America would do well to consider.

No American should delude themselves that the current violence raging in Iraq and Syria is anything other than an extreme sectarian war between the two major Islamic sects, or that American military intervention is ever going to bring a cessation to the violence. It is true, and sadly so, that America’s invasion and occupation of Iraq undoubtedly created the conditions that led to the rise of the Islamic State (IS, ISIL, ISIS) that now poses an existential threat to both Syria and Iraq.

Now that Islamic State forces are rapidly advancing as far as Abu Ghraib, effectively a suburb of Baghdad, the president of the provisional council of  Anbar Province issued a desperate plea for America to bring US ground troops back to the embattled country. A senior governor claimed that as many as 10,000 heavily-armed Islamic State militants are within striking distance of Baghdad and are poised to wage an all-out assault on the Iraqi capital. The province’s two main cities, Fallujah and Ramadi, were once known as “the graveyard of the Americans,” and the idea of returning there will not be welcomed by the Pentagon and should not even be under consideration; regardless of the threat to the Iraqi capital.

In fact, it is time for the approximately 1,500 American troops serving as “mentors to the beleaguered Iraqi army” to leave the country and let Iraqi Shias deal with former Iraqi Sunnis that joined extremists and formed the dreaded Islamic State. Thus far, the Iraqi government has been adamant that it does not want U.S. forces on the ground, and said it has not received an official request from Anbar province for U.S. military intervention and ground forces to help in the fight against ISIS.

New Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi’s office said on Saturday that “If we receive any request, we will look into it and we will give our recommendation, but thus far we have not received any request.” That official statement was confirmed by an American defense official who said even if the Iraqi government did ask for ground forces, “The U.S. will not deploy combat ground forces to Iraq, and we remain focused on enabling the (Iraqi military) in the fight against ISIL through our advise/assist efforts and the air campaign.” Still, Iraqi army forces have threatened to abandon their weapons if the U.S. military does not intervene to help them because they are faltering under the ISIL onslaught.

On some level, maybe America’s guilt explains why it feels an obligation to intervene and halt the Islamic extremists intent on fulfilling its centuries-old mission of creating an Islamic caliphate in the region. However, at this point this country’s leaders have to comprehend that ending the violence in Iraq and Syria is the responsibility of Iraqi and Iranian Shias who pushed Sunni Muslims out of Iraq to join forces with extremists. It was, after all, Iraq’s Shia-dominated government that attempted to purge Sunnis from the country with valuable assistance from Iran, so if there is a threat to the Shia-led Iraqi government, then it is up to Iran, a predominately Shia nation to  intervene and join the sectarian war against Sunni extremists.

The conflict in the region is not America’s fight regardless it was complicit in aiding former Prime Minister Maliki’s Shia-led government assault on the nation’s  Sunni Muslims. When Iraq demanded, and George W. Bush agreed, that American ground forces get out, and stay out, of Iraq, they became responsible for defending themselves no matter what entity poses a threat. That the threat is from a religious sect they pushed out of the country is of no consequence to America. In fact, any threat to America or its allies is exacerbated by its ridiculous need to intervene where it obviously does not belong. America is no more a Muslim nation than it is a Christian nation so why it is taking sides in a war between Muslims is beyond comprehension.

This country refuses to spend even one penny on its own people or its crumbling infrastructure, so why politicians of either party think it is prudent to spend one penny of Americans’ tax dollars intervening in a foreign nation’s sectarian war is absurd; and dangerous. It is important to remember that America’s interference and intervention in the Middle East has driven Islamic animosity towards this country, and subsequent terror attacks, for decades. But still this nation persists butting in where it is not welcomed and has no business being involved; especially in a war between rival religious sects.

There is no debate that the extremist Islamic State is brutal, or that America is complicit in its rise to power. However, it is Iraq’s Shia-led government, and to some extent, Iranian Shia influence, that Sunni extremists in the Islamic  State are waging a sectarian religious war against; not America. Therefore it is Iraqi and Iranian Shia’s responsibility to deal with the Islamic State; not America’s.

This country has been obsessed with Islam going back decades; even when the faith is warring amongst itself. It is noteworthy that America did not take sides, or intervene militarily, in the sectarian war between Christian sects in Ireland, so its obsession with warring Islamic religious sects is about helping Muslims kill other Muslims and nothing else. Republicans are wont to embrace the religious right’s bizarre claim that America is a Christian nation, and yet they cannot resist getting in the middle of Muslims warring against other Muslims. It is time for this country to completely extract itself from Iraq, and the sectarian war between Islamic sects, and let Muslims sort out their own religious differences that will eliminate any  reason to threaten America.

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  1. One element you left out: Iraqi Shia chose China to sell their oil to, not the US. It should be trumpeted on all talk shows, and media outlets that we will NOT intervene, when China has the most to lose in this confrontation, and they are the ones who should be sending troops, not us. Their financial interests are the ones in danger, not ours, and John McCain should be forced to answer if he thinks American lives are worth the cost of making the oil fields of Anbar Province safe for Chinese interests to exploit. The cry should be “No American Lives For Chinese Oil.” So far the media refuses to connect the simplest of dots, and that must change.

  2. I would say “yes.”

    They outbid US firms for the franchise, and black-market crude would be cheaper. Another question: Have they (China) already made such a deal with ISIS with the understanding that once they seize the storage/refineries, they will undercut the promised price that China now must pay the Iraqi government? I’m guessing yes.

  3. It certainly is going to take boots on the ground but not from the U.S. This mess isn’t going away tomorrow or any time soon. The Jihadists have huge amounts of heavy weapons from numerous sources and ground troops willing to assault anything. This can’t be bombed or droned away.

  4. Keeping Americans out of this save as help to indigenous forces to train them to be more effective is EXACTLY what this president is doing. He realizes that the faces on the ground have to be local – it IS their fight and must be engaged by them. We do owe them what help we can give – but we must stay out because Western presence in battle fuels the rage and provides cover for ISIS to portray the resistance as coming from the West. This is the first time the US has been adult about cause and consequence, and people such as McCain calling for us to be on the ground are despicable imperialists. That is what President Obama is NOT.

  5. To add upon my previous comments: China has over a million soldiers. Process that comparative math for a second. 1 million+, against 50,000. They could defeat them in a week. No US casualties. Yet the media frames this as strictly a US problem. Who the f*ck are they (the media) working for? Stupid question, no?

  6. Bush Cheney created this little monster of ISIS with the failed and nonsensical war in Iraq. Saddam was more help than harm to us as the dictator he was, as were Ghadaffi and Mubarak and Assad. We poked the hornets’ nest. As pointed out above, the Iraqi oil that Bush Cheney said would not only pay for the war but would flow under our control has proved drastically wrong. We need to stop setting bomb and foot into the Middle East. We need to walk away from Israel. We need to focus on this country’s best interests for a change and we have no best interests to be served there.

  7. heubler347
    This and your earlier comments are real eye openers for me. Many thanks for the clarity and for the “cognitive adjustments” they prompt.

  8. But it’s a sign of weakness to not spend trillions of dollars to kill a bunch of people doing what modern history shows to be counter-productive.

    Macho countries keep beating their heads against walls.

    Especially if the terrorists use our terror to manipulate us to do their bidding. (They *want* us to be their bad guys).

  9. China, black market oil, ISIS

    Nah, the logistics are too great.

    Leaving points: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iran. Very small possibility of leaving by Iraq’s only ports.

    Else it would have to travel thousands of miles on trucks to China, through dodgy countries.

    Way too impracticable theory. When you have that massive border with Saudi Arabia, why would you not look there first?

  10. Bush Cheney created this little monster

    At Israel’s delight and pushed wants.

    “Every indication we have is that he is pursuing, pursuing with abandon, pursuing with every ounce of effort the establishment of weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons.”

    Iraq is splintered.
    Syria is destroyed.
    Iran is the next target, We have to destroy for Israel.

    The Yinon Plan is in full effect. Shame on us for being the tools.

  11. The Right Wing Sabre-rattling war mongers, among them McCain and Lindsey and Chenney and the rest would have loved us to:
    Send boots on the ground and meddle in the Ukraine against Russian troops! (America vs. Russia) Nice. Explosive. Then now, they want American troops to go back into Iraq to fight Muslims for other Muslims (America vs. Islamic Jihadist) Nice. What about shoving the Iraqi Army onto the battlefield to man-up against ISIS. we trained them no? We gave them enough weapons to out-gun ISIS no? Oh, I see ISIS took most of it away from them. Nice. This is so F-ed up. Obama is right. WE DON’T NEED TO SEND NO BOOTS ON THE GROUND OVER THERE–AGAIN. Iraq, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan every Arab country in the vicinity should be sending THEIR boots on the ground. ISIS is coming! ISIS is coming! Should be enough to get them to step up to the plate and “man-up” !!!

  12. Obama needs to get off his obsession that Islam is a religion of peace. No fundamentalist religion is a religion of peace. If given the power they will lop a person’s head off for not believing as they do.

    In the US, anti-abortionists justify killing doctors who perform abortions even if it means saving the life of the mother.

    Obama needs to get rid of that GW Bush holdover, the Office of Faith-Based Initiatives.

    The Bush administration got us into the Iraq war and destroyed a legitimate secular government. In its place we got a sectarian Islamic government that is just as violent and sectarian as ISIL. Besides, most of ISIL’s generals are old Saddam Hussein generals.

    Let them kill one another until they tire of it. We have no business risking American lives, spending taxpayer money getting involved in a religious war.

    Stop the bombing now and let the Iraqi government figure how its going to get itself out of the mess it got itself into.

  13. If the Right Wing war mongers want to send our troopers, then they better re-instate the DRAFT!

    Then we can get EVERYONE’s sons and daughters involved.

    Enough of abusing our military voluntary forces.

  14. Investigation Into Missing Iraqi Cash Ended in Lebanon Bunker

    Much of the money was probably used by the Iraqi government in some way, he concluded. But for years Mr. Bowen could not account for billions more until his investigators finally had a breakthrough, discovering that $1.2 billion to $1.6 billion had been stolen and moved to a bunker in rural Lebanon for safe keeping. “I don’t know how the money got to Lebanon,” Mr. Bowen said. “If I knew that, we would have made more progress on the case.”
    Read More

  15. If the people whose countries border these nuts will not step up the United States should step down!!!!!!

  16. After watching CNBC this morning I have my own Alex Jones type theory on oil. It has dropped to 85 bucks per barrel. The talking heads on there said it needed to be anywhere from 110 to 200 per barrel to sustain Venezuela’s economy, as it IS their economy. The interesting point was it also severely hurts Russia and Putin. Now this is Alex Jonesey, but all the drop in crude may be OPEC working together to destroy Russia’s economy, as Venezuela has called for an emergency meeting with opec to get the oil prices back up. I would think CNBC wouldn’t want to let ordinary viewers know the backdoor deals that keep us paying high fuel prices, but now we know.

  17. Should Turkey Remain in NATO After the Fall of Kobani?

    Kobani will fall.

    In a matter of hours.

    Or perhaps days.

    But the Syrian city will fall, a victim of the cynical reckoning of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who, by refusing to act and leaving his powerful army stationed along the border with Syria, just a few kilometers from the already martyred city, seems to have chosen Daesh, otherwise known as the Islamic State, over the Kurds.

  18. Turkey has just launched several air strikes against Kurdish forces in eastern Turkey.

    According to the article:

    The strikes took place amid heightened tensions between Turkey and the PKK over Ankara’s refusal to allow Turkish Kurds from leaving the country to fight against Islamic State (IS) militants besieging the key Syrian border town of Kobane.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  19. I don’t know about anyone else, but I think it’s time that the United States made a decision on their partnership with Turkey

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