John Bolton Calls Trump’s Comments “Despicable” as Michael Cohen Claims Report Is Accurate

Two people who once worked closely with Donald Trump have weighed in on reports that he mocked dead troops and those missing in action. John Bolton and Michael Cohen both made remarks on Friday.

Bolton, the former National Security Advisor, gave an interview Friday morning. He claimed he hadn’t heard the President saying the exact comments reported, but suggested he probably had. read more

Conservative Rick Wilson: Trump Is “Sweaty and Terrified” After Story Claiming He Mocked Dead Troops

Conservative Rick Wilson suggested on Friday that the Trump White House is in a panic following a story claiming the President mocked dead U.S. soldiers and refused to visit a military cemetery.

Wilson, a former Republican political strategist opposed to Trump, shared a tweet from the President defending himself against a charge that he didn’t want to grant the late Senator John McCain a state funeral. read more

Gen. Mark Milley Says Confederates Committed “Treason”, Statues and Base Names May Be Reassessed

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs has said the military will look again at bases named after Confederates. General Mark Milley is weighing into a debate that has animated the President.

Gen. Milley spoke to the House Armed Services committee about the bases still named for Confederates and he conceded that it was time to look at the issue and discuss possible changes to how the military approaches the subject. read more

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Apologizes for Appearing in Trump Church Photo Op: “I Should Not Have Been There”

General Mark Milley has apologized for his participation in a photo op with President Donald Trump at a church in Washington, D.C. The admission may well be unprecedented,

Milley is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the most senior military officer in the United States. He addressed his involvement in the photo op at St. John’s Church in a prerecorded speech on Thursday. read more

America Must Stay Out of Islam’s Sectarian War

No American should delude themselves that the current violence raging in Iraq and Syria is anything other than an extreme sectarian war between the two major Islamic sects, or that American military intervention is ever going to bring a cessation to the violence.