Former Federal Prosecutor: If Trump Refuses to Leave Office “They Will Drag His Flabby Butt Out of There in Handcuffs”

Law enforcement will remove Donald Trump if he loses the election and refuses to leave office. That’s the opinion of former federal prosecutor and MSNBC legal analyst Glenn Kirschner.

Kirschner spoke to SiriusXM’s Dean Obeidallah about the possibility of a defeated Trump refusing to leave.

“In the past we’ve all said things about Donald Trump that maybe he will do anything to stay in power,” Obeidallah said.

The radio host pointed to remarks by Trump’s former fixer Michael Cohen. He warned the President would try to cling to power.

“How concerned are you about that?” Obeidallah asked.

“I am extraordinarily concerned,” Kirschner said.

“We see them building a wall around the White House as we speak  — I don’t know if Mexico is paying for it or not, but if it keeps him in, that’s a good thing.”

“All kidding aside, I don’t know that he will go peacefully if he loses the election, and he will lose the election, there’s no two ways about it.”

“I have confidence in both our military — I was in Army JAG — and in our law enforcement to do the Constitutional thing when push comes to shove including, if a President who’s been voted out of office refuses to leave, they will drag his flabby butt out of there in handcuffs, because they will be enforcing the law.”

Kirscher also commented on the potential use of the military against protesters. He said they are obliged to disobey unlawful orders.

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