Tammy Duckworth: Trump Should “Avert His Cowardly Eyes” from Amputee Veterans

Tammy Duckworth has accused Donald Trump of cowardice following a report that he didn’t want amputee veterans in military parades. The Democrat lost both legs in Iraq.

The senator took to Twitter on Friday following an article in the The Atlantic claiming Trump didn’t want any veterans in military parades who were amputees.

What Donald Trump will never understand is that our Wounded Warriors earned their wounds,” Duckworth wrote.

“They are our badges of honor from our service to the country we love.”

If he can’t bear to witness those who have sacrificed for our nation, perhaps he should avert his cowardly eyes,” she said.

According to anonymous sources who spoke to The Atlantic‘s Jeffrey Goldberg, Trump wanted military parades – something he’s often spoken about – but not if they featured veterans who had lost limbs.

Nobody wants to see that,” Trump reportedly said.

Duckworth served in Iraq and lost both her legs. She has repeatedly criticized the President for his failure to speak about Russian bounties on U.S. troops as well as other issues affecting the military.

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