John Boehner Rewrites History With An Epic Lie That Blames Obama For Republican Obstruction

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John Boehner’s desperation was showing on ABC’s This Week as he repeated the Republican big lie in order to blame President Obama for the fact that House Republicans refuse to do their jobs.



STEPHANOPOULOS: Bring us inside that room in January. What do you say to the President? What can get done?

BOEHNER: I think the conversation’s pretty straightforward. ‘Mr President you’ve got two years left. Want to have two years like we’ve had the last four years where we just butt heads and butt heads and butt heads?’

George I didn’t come to Washington to make noise. I went there to do something on behalf of my country. And I think the president ran for office to do something on behalf of the country. And it’s up to us to see where the common ground is. But tax reform, a big highway bill, certainly are in the realm of doable.

It was so subtle that it could be easily missed, but Speaker Boehner was blaming President Obama for the his own refusal to bring popular legislation to the House floor for a vote. Boehner has refused to allow the House to vote on the Senate passed immigration reform bill. He won’t bring legislation to the floor to raise the minimum wage, and he has spent nearly a year refusing to allow a vote on extending unemployment benefits. This the same John Boehner, who stated in February that he would rather , commit suicide than raise the minimum wage.

A separate issue is the list of bills that Speaker Boehner has had to pull from the House floor because he didn’t have the votes to pass them. Rep. Boehner claims that he wants to do something for the American people, but based on the items that he mentioned during his This Week interview, he is only interested in helping a few wealthy Americans. Boehner wants tax reform to help the wealthy; the Keystone XL pipeline to help the oil industry, and the Koch brothers and the medical device tax repealed.

None of what Boehner wants to do will help average Americans. Most Americans hate this congress. The reason has nothing to do with Obama and everything to with Boehner’s Koch fueled agenda. Every answer that Boehner gave in the interview was based on a single lie. It is a lie that is the basis for the Republican obstructionist cover story.

The lie is that legislation is not getting passed because Obama won’t work with Republicans. In his own words, Speaker Boehner debunked this lie when he claimed that the American people don’t want a congress that passes laws.

If Speaker Boehner wants to meet the man who is responsible for the biggest do nothing congress in history, all he has to do is look in the mirror.

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  1. …we just butt heads and butt heads and butt heads…

    Boehner’s Freudian slip perfectly described the GOP legislative delegation… we just buttheads and buttheads and buttheads

  2. Shorter (more honest) Boehner: “Just give us everything we ask for, and your presidency will run smooth as silk.”

  3. How about George asking Boehner if he is happy with the result of his pledge to make sure nothing the President wanted passed would get through Congress? The pledge the Republican leadership made the day Obama was sworn into office in 2009. Does Boehner feel they have succeeded in their pledge? Is Boehner proud of the pledge? Is Boehner going to close down the Government following this election?

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  5. Actions are much greater then words. Let Boehner and the TPGOPers know that their obstructionism is hurting all of America. VOTE ALL TPGOP members out of office!!

  6. A man who begins his career in congress passing out checks on the floor of the House of representatives is at his core morally corrupt.

  7. The media really does this Nation a great disservice by not asking these obstructionist thugs the hard questions and demanding that they answer them. Republicans and the press are the enemy within………


  8. The “disservice” done by President Obama was that he won the presidency two times. Other than that the sedition has been done by Boehner and his GOP buddies. The GOP’s disloyalty to the country is simply breathtaking. I cannot imagine how their members can walk into the Capitol Building each day (they
    re in session) knowing that they are deliberately unravelling our system of government – and being paid well in the process.

  9. The GOP represents fascism, plain and simple. They meet all 14 points that fascist regimes from the past have shared. Were the GOP to reach the presidency and control of Congress, we are a hairs breadth away from Mussolini’s Italy. Boehner may or may not have the intellectual capacity to know this, and as long as his retirement is secure courtesy of the Koch Bros. et al, he certainly doesn’t care.

  10. Riddle me this, Speaker: How can you and your fellow Republicans, hateful scum to the core, blame the President for your laziness?

    If I remember right, it’s not his job to make laws. It’s the job of the House and the Senate to find common ground and make laws that work for all of America, not just those at the top of the proverbial totem pole.

    Then again, common sense is a concept that Republicans just cannot grasp.

  11. Boehner is SCUM. Run a monkey against Boehner in his district next election and see who gets elected. I’d rather have a monkey in the house instead of Boehner.

  12. Also Beaglemom, I wonder how these so called hard working rethugs can receive their checks and still hold their heads up. They should be holding them in shame!

  13. Dj, you are aware that the baboons were insulted, right? They just aren’t aware of the Roach syndrom that we endure as real muricans.

  14. I noticed that in most of the comments there is just one “no way.” Would that person care to explain why he/she doesn’t accept the facts mentioned? Boehner DID pass out checks from the tobacco lobby on the House floor, against House rules. He HASN’T held votes on the issues mentioned. He HAD to pull his own proposals, or those of his party, due to lack of support within his own party.

    While you’re obviously welcome to vote thumbs up or down here, to that one person I ask two very simple questions. What do you have against facts? Why do you allow yourself to be duped by the right wing noise and hate machine?

  15. Typical Republican response, blame it on those who really do have the correct solution. Republicans/ Conservatives are genetically incapable of honesty. TeaBaggers are just too insane to discern whether or not they are honest.

  16. I feel sorry for anyone that actually falls for this blatant Republican lie. It really demonstrates a profound ignorance to blame Obama for the worst obstruction campaign a president has ever had to face in the history of our nation.

  17. Damn shame that Stanton,Robespierre, the guillotine and Madam DeFarge are no longer with us. I can see putting all bald face liars on the tumbrels.

  18. I find it to be utterly despicable on the face of the GOP that they seem to think Americans have such short memories and such very little brain matter, that they seem to think we do not remember every thing the Republican dominated House of Representatives has done over the past few years to be deliberately obtuse not only towards President Obama but also to the American people. The American people are not so dumb after all if they wake up and vote Democrat for both the House of Representatives AND the Senate. We’re not stupid. We’re tired of the obstructionism and government shut downs. Enough of enough.

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