9/11 Panel Rips Republicans In Congress For Politicizing ISIS Terror Threat


Members of the panel that investigated 9/11 are criticizing Congress, specifically, Republican members of Congress for turning the ISIS terror threat into a partisan political issue.

The Hill interviewed members of the 9/11 Commission, who didn’t shy away from criticizing Congress:

“Nobody can be very impressed by the congressional record here. You don’t go on a five-week vacation if you think the threat to the United States is imminent. Or, at least, I hope you don’t,” said former Rep. Lee Hamilton (D-Ind.), the vice chairman of the 9/11 Commission.


Tim Roemer, another member of the 9/11 Commission, said Congress should have identified ISIS as an emerging national security threat long before now. “It is very difficult for them to point the finger at the administration, when they have to do oversight hearings and part of their job on the Homeland Security Committee and the Intelligence Committee is to be working to identify what the emerging and evolving threats are. Did they identify this threat a year ago of ISIS? What do their hearings show?” Roemer said.


Former New Jersey Gov. Tom Kean, the Republican vice chairman of the 9/11 Commission, said lawmakers should not let partisanship get in the way of a response to ISIS. “We got to get back to that, if we’re going to respond particularly to something as deadly as ISIS. We’ve got to do it together. We can’t politicize it.”

It hasn’t been Democrats who have been politicizing the ISIS threat. Republicans have been using ISIS to bash President Obama for weeks while they were dropping the ball and not doing their jobs. Since 9/11, politicizing terrorism has been in the Republican DNA. What Republicans learned after the attacks in 2001 is that the fear of terrorism can be manipulated for political gain. The Republican motivation with ISIS is to exploit the issue. Protecting the country from threats is obviously a secondary concern behind winning the election in November.

Republican criticism of Obama can’t be taken seriously because they wouldn’t think of ending their vacation early to deal with the threat. If Republicans believe that ISIS is a threat to the American people, why did they stay on vacation for five weeks? Where are the reports from the dozens of House and Senate committees and subcommittees that are supposed to have oversight on this issue? Why hasn’t Congress stepped up to protect the American people?

The truth is that congressional Republicans are only interested in using the terror that ISIS was looking to spread by beheading two American journalists for political gain. The bitter campaign of obstruction that congressional Republicans are carrying has gone beyond impeding Congress. House and Senate Republicans are making America less safe for purposes of bashing the president and winning elections.

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  1. It is so rare an event that these GOPpers are called on their utterly irresponsible behavior… In this and in other matters. Their entire “strategy” has been to keep Obama off his feet, to distract him from his awesome responsibilities, and then to trash him for his perceived failures.

    These clowns have done more to destroy this nation’s well-being than has ever been done, cumulatively, since its Founding. They are a pack of seditious traitors. Together with FOX and The Christian Right and its toadies on The Supreme Court, they have near-accomplished a coup from which we may not recover without horrific civil strife.


  2. Steven Sotloff, the American journalist murdered by Islamic State militants last week, was sold to the terrorist organization by supposedly moderate rebels in Syria, a family spokesman told CNN on Monday night.

    “For the first time, we can say Steven was sold at the border. Steven’s name was on a list that he had been responsible for the bombing of a hospital,” Barak Barfi said on “Anderson Cooper 360.” “This was false, activists spread his name around.”

    “We believe that these so-called moderate rebels that people want our administration to support, one of them sold him probably for something between $25,000 and $50,000 to ISIS, and that was the reason he was captured,” Barfi told Cooper.

  3. As a threat to the United States ISIL pales as an enemy of our nation compared to the GOP who who rather punish, and destroy our nation for electing a black democrat twice. There is no love of country, or patriotism in the republican party.

  4. The Twenty-Eight Pages
    “Those twenty-eight pages tell a story that has been completely removed from the 9/11 Report,” Lynch maintains. Another congressman who has read the document said that the evidence of Saudi government support for the 9/11 hijacking is “very disturbing,” and that “the real question is whether it was sanctioned at the royal-family level or beneath that, and whether these leads were followed through.”

    Please read the whole story and then ask yourself are the Saudis really our allies in this clusterfuck and what are the motives of the blood gurgling sociopaths.

    This is why we must be careful about this so-called threat of Middle Eastern terrorism. There is a lot of smoke and many mirrors in this thing.

  5. Of course the Republican War-Hawks will politicize ANY blip on the World Conflict Radar IF it suits their purpose, which is: “We know how to do War! Democrats are for Peace and diplomacy…We macho a-holes know how to Sabre-rattle”. Exactly. They do Gin up fear and scare. Why? Because Republicans are more comfortable playing the macho role. They must create the Sky is Falling, the Russians are coming with the ISIS thugs to get us rhetoric. Other than talking softly (reasonably) and Carrying the Big Stick, Republicans prefer to talk loudly, boldly (street bully style) and resolve the worlds conflicts by pouring fuel onto the fires, so that they can claim America is there to rescue the world from the evil doers (Where did I hear that before? Not from a Democrat’s mouth.) Anyway, No wonder bomb, bomb, bomb McCain is gleefully and wickedly goading the President to “Lead” us into another conflict in that cauldron of fire and destruction.

  6. Republicans have also Politicized BENGHAZI ad nauseum. Over and over and over again—for what? Only they know. They are back at it again. See the new documentary? And the touting of a new book: 13 Hours…
    written by two “CIA” Operatives who presumably were nearby and were told to “stand down”. Poor thing wanted to go rescue their comrades. All by themselves (two of them). The higher ups told them stay put, for obvious reasons..they could have been killed attempting any “rescue” without a larger backup. So, there they go again, the Benghazi obsession is back. Sick. Why are they not obsessing about the 3,000 + souls killed on Bushe’s watch at the WTC? Why not obsess about the 4,000+ Soldiers and airmen killed in Iraq (Bush’s war?) Why not cry out about ALL the previous attacks on our Consulates, Embassies and other locations around the world during Bush’s watch? Naaaaah, Benghazi is soooo easy to conjure up “scandal” for Clinton and Obama and his team. The Bengha…

  7. Those three people where at the c.i.a. annex when the attacks happened. They where told to stand down multiple times before they finally went on their own. They rescued the people at the consulate and evacuated them to the annex and then defended the annex from multiple attacks. They endured hours of attacks without backup or air support and they lost comrades. Maybe you should watch the special and judge for yourself.

  8. More lies and propaganda from the teahadists who are a worse threat to our nation than ISIL. Foot, meet dead horse.

  9. Don’t forget the 200+ Marines who died when their barracks were bombed in Beirut during the Reagan Administration.

  10. New dog whistle word for the repubs. today! “STRATEGY” See Boehner’s morning press conference C-span.

  11. Army, please go look up a timeline. You are going to find wherever you get your info, they are pulling your leg

  12. Regarding Halliburton, whatever happened to Dick Cheney’s 433,000 stock options in Halliburton that he pledged to donate to charity. I’ve searched the Internet but never found any mention of what he did with them.

  13. Congress republicans are a shameless,sham, whose only purpose is to shame the President, threaten another shutdown, and fatten their bank account among other things, while they continue to suckle on big government’s teats. We’re at a crisis in this country and the republicans already received the memo that, once again, they are going to stick it to the President, even at a time when the country may be involved in another war.
    When are We The People going to stick it to the Congress Republicans?

  14. I would take it further, since we know republicans have no compunction against making deals with terrorists, it’s likely they are now coordinating with ISIS, so they can gain control of the Senate, and begin illegal shipments of weapons to the terrorists. Deja vu’ all over again.

  15. There is no pending coup. Oh, they’ve tried with their low brow, unintelligent strategies but this president outwits and outstrategizes them every time. Obama’s motives are always in the best interest of the country and fortunately he also has intellect and a brilliant strategic brain as well as the gift of being a policy genius – which the Republicans are not. They speak first and do their research later which has only made them look wretched.

  16. So it didn’t happen? The ambassador didn’t really die. And nobody else either? What planet are you guys on? There are facts that are not in debate. There was a attack on the consulate. A small rescue team was sent from the annex. The three guys in that special where on that team. The evacuated the consulate and went to the annex. The terrorist then attacked the annex. Three of the guys there under fire decided to come forward and give there side of the story. You should watch it for yourself and decide if you believe them.

  17. You really are stupid. No one is saying the delusions that years of crack that have warped your brain that no one died but guess what dummy, shit happens like I don’t know, over 3000 people died because your boy ignored warnings because he wanted to let your dumbass know about his golf shot. You are pathetic

  18. John you can go suck it along with the cowards who liked your post. I having seen any tea partiers cutting peoples heads of who have their arms tied behind their backs. We can have disagreements without making absolutely insane comparisons.

  19. I call BS to your reply armyvet. Teahidist like you are the real cowards who would happily behead people who disagree with them if they could get away with it. America is the land of the free, and home of the brave. Not the land of the the ruled, home of the cowards which is what the teahadists like you are all about. I’m not sorry that yellow cowards like you are butt hurt by the truth.

  20. Army you are obviously an idiot, even your boy from Mi. Is telling stupid fucks like you to STFU you people have know idea of the truth of what goes on you live in your Faux News bubble and believe the horrible racist shit that you want. I’m a Vet and very proud of it . I’m glad I didn’t go play soldier in Cheney’s wars and I didn’t kill one innocent human being for an elite group of sick fucks for there financial and power grabs . Wake up Army . You were used. Dumbass.

  21. OH Charles, you know very well Cheney has those socked away some where!!!He has never, never done any thing to help this country, Five deferments, all his money from Halliburton, Cheney always comes out on top..To hell with the Constitution, It’s only a piece of paper (shades of shrub’s remark) remember it’s always OKIYAR.

  22. Caption for Boehner pic: I shit my pants. Caption for McConnell pic: I did what wrong again?

  23. Overturn “Citizens United”…Conservative Catholic Activist Supreme Court(5)Decision and the main theme of “Obstruction Republican Song” of campaign activism for the rich, by the rich, for the rich and of the rich behavior and attitude may be silenced to the point where they may began to think.. We The People of America will judge them for whatever action they do while they are in the congressional level.

    So America… Continue pressuring & petitioning our Congressional Representative(s) to overturn Citizens United so those that are depended upon big money to be in Congress can began to work for America!!!

  24. Sorry I’m not gonna shut up while I’m being compared to Isis just because I believe in the constitution.where is your evidence. Are tea partiers rioting or committing terrorist acts? We want a smaller more responsible government. We are vilified. We want more freedom. We are harnessed by the irs. Go back to your bubble.

  25. You are in the bubble. All the tea party is now is a group wanting christian laws. Smaller government simply means you are hoping the 1% will take over the country.
    Still in the bubble? The tea party was not harassed by the IRS any more then other groups both Dem and rep were.

    You are way behind the times and do not get your information from decent sources

  26. The republican goal is to weaken the national government thus eliminating regulation on corporations and states; who will dis enfranchise as many voter as it takes to have total control of all levels of government. They are now buying up all the politician to get the job done.

  27. I can just hear Cheney’s mental comments (mind reading) as he gets stoked up on being asked to give advice on the middle east situation. He thinks: “O’boy, O’boy, me and my family and friends are going make so much money”. “Now I can reap millions and millions of dollars from Halliburton without hiding the fact.” Previously as Vice President, Conflict of interest made it necessary to collect my millions secretly after the Iraq war”. “O’boy, another war, I can’t wait.” “Love those ISIS bastards almost as much as Saddam Hussein, and Bin Laden”. “Of course my advise is—send in the troops and Halliburton”. “Money makes the world go round, the world go round” “love that song”. “I better watch out, I sang that out loud” “someone might get wise to me”. “It makes me so mad still that Jon Stewart compared me to one of Bat Man’s nemesis—the Penguin”. “I don’t sound like the Penguin when I talk, do I?” “La de da, la de da” “duh, duh”.

  28. He probably has almost every nickel he ever received. I bet he checks his bank accounts in Switzerland every other day. He is probably obsessed with money—it’s part of his personality. Wealth is everything to this guy. Everything else comes second, or third, or fourth etc..

  29. Doesn’t Republican Congress persons and some Democrat Congress persons know that citizens united, is helping to change our democratic republic into a neo-fascist police state with only the façade of a democratic republic. What is wrong with these people—is big money wealth really that important?

  30. And yet GOP congressmen organize a meeting to praise, idolize and get their marching orders from Cheney the war criminal who lied to them about WMD’s, convinced them to invade a country that had nothing to do with 9-11 and is responsible for the entire Middle East mess!
    They’ll never learn because they don’t want to.

  31. This business from the draft dodging rethugs
    about wanting a blow by blow strategy from the pres is crazy. Name one war where the strategy was given in detail to enemy fighters.It would be insane, I don’t imagine Churchill put out a comprehensive report for all to see during WW2. Remember all the war posters? If you own up to being that old, about loose lips etc, we all know that loose lips lost warships for us.

  32. Here’s my prediction….With the Republicans willingness to always shoot first, aim and plan later, we will NEVER probably see a Republican President for quite awhile. Right now the loudest and more brash for war thinkers are coming from the Republican side. And my feeling is that they are goading Obama to go back in to Iraq to deal with ISIS knowing full well that we will be stuck there again for 10+ years. Hey, we are still in Afghanistan trying to defeat the TALIBAN, mountain warriors with no heavy armor or big bucks like ISIS. So, what is the prediction on this fight with ISIS? 25 fuKing years, the kid who will be fighting those M’fers hasn’t been born yet. Ponder that.

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