Alison Lundergan Grimes Thrashes Obama Obsessed McConnell In Kentucky Senate Debate



Alison Lundergan Grimes stormed past Mitch McConnell in a debate where the Republican sounded idealess, repetitive, and completely clueless on what is going on in Kentucky.

McConnell started out by trying to link Grimes to the Obama agenda. McConnell claimed that he would be willing to negotiate with Obama, even though, he is on the record stating that his agenda is to obstruct Obama. McConnell tried to label Grimes as against trade agreements. Sen. McConnell dodged the question of whether or not he would work with Obama.


Grimes said that what McConnell is saying now is different what he told his family the Koch brothers. Grimes hit McConnell on a record of obstruction and said that she is not bought and paid for by the Koch brothers. Grimes said that she was an independent thinker. McConnell said that Grimes’ first vote will be for Harry Reid.

Grimes said that McConnell and his henchmen the Koch brothers are trying to mislead with $50 million in ads. Grimes said unlike McConnell she stands with coal. She hit McConnell on his inconsistent record on coal. She accused McConnell of allowing China to cheat on trade agreements.

McConnell’s only strategy in this debate is to say that every Grimes will say is a lie. Her whole campaign is a lie. A viewer asked the candidates what would be their signature accomplishment. Grimes said that her’s would be bringing jobs back to Kentucky. Grimes discussed her jobs plan. McConnell said that there is a great likelihood that he will be majority leader next year. He claimed that Obama has an anti-jobs agenda. McConnell lied and said the Keystone pipeline is a job creator. McConnell said that he would create jobs by rolling back EPA regulations.

Grimes was asked whether or not she voted for Obama, and Grimes said that it is her constitutional right to keep her vote secret, and she said that she would not comprise a constitutional right in order to curry favor with one side or the other. Grimes said that the difference between a Clinton and an Obama Democrat is growing the middle class the right way. McConnell said that there is no difference between a Clinton and an Obama Democrat. McConnell went on to repeat his lies about the minimum wage.

Grimes dropped the minimum wage increase truth on McConnell. The incumbent Republican dodged a question about the minimum wage being a living wage. Grimes said that we must work to increase the minimum wage to a living wage. Grimes got a dig in on McConnell for being in Washington for thirty years. She hit McConnell for not telling the full story on the minimum wage or his record. Grimes said that McConnell got rich off the backs of Kentucky workers. McConnell had to admit that he got rich through an inheritance.

The debate returned to voting, and McConnell had to admit that he voted against Rand Paul in the 2010 Senate primary. McConnell spoke about the tea party in the past tense, which won’t sit well with conservative activists who already dislike Sen. McConnell.

The candidates were asked about their philosophies on the role of government. Grimes said that she believed that the government has a role in making people’s lives better. She talked about creating jobs, equal pay, strengthening and protecting Medicare and Social Security. Grimes said Kentucky needs a senator that hasn’t gone Washington.

McConnell said that the role of a senator is to protect the framework and that too much government limits opportunity. Grimes pounced after McConnell admitted that there was an opportunity to save and protect Kentucky jobs every day. Grimes laid out how McConnell has failed to protect jobs. McConnell responded by blaming Obama, and trying to link Grimes to McConnell. McConnell said giving Barack Obama another vote in the Senate will not help the economy. McConnell blamed Obama for child poverty and claimed, “the economy is very, very sick.”

Sen. McConnell has no record to run on, so he is trying to be a generic Republican, who is running against Obama. The moderator listed all of the positive economic statistics, and McConnell answered that it wasn’t enough. Grimes got to talk about her jobs plan in detail, and McConnell had no counter. McConnell went back to saying that the minimum wage increase will kill jobs. He tried to discuss the Earned Income Tax Credit, and called for it to be grown. Grimes hammered McConnell by pointing out that he supported budgets that slashed the EITC. McConnell said, “I don’t know what she’s talking about.”

The topic turned to the ACA. McConnell tried to rip Kentucky’s state program by linking it to Obamacare. McConnell claimed that people who are in the ACA are paying more for less. This, of course, was a lie. McConnell got busted for the bogus claim that Obamacare cuts Medicare. McConnell claimed Obamacare is a raid on Medicare. As McConnell is getting hit with facts, the wheels are coming off of his debate performance.

Grimes said that the ACA is matter of standing up for a half a million Kentuckians. Grimes accused McConnell of living in a fictional fantasyland, and promised not to rip healthcare out of the hands of 500,000 Kentuckians.

The debate is turning for Grimes. McConnell went back to blaming Obama for the coal decline in Kentucky. What McConnell won’t tell Kentucky voters is that it is the natural gas industry that killed coal in Kentucky. McConnell blamed Obama (again) and begged again to be majority leader.

The climate change question came up. Grimes showed that she was based in reality by recognizing climate change. McConnell fumbled the climate change question and claimed that climate change isn’t the job of a senator from Kentucky. McConnell repeated his broken record that Obama has killed coal jobs. Grimes said that the coal jobs that were lost in the state happened on his watch. He has been there for thirty years. McConnell responded by blaming Obama.

Grimes said the only thing Sen. McConnell’s resume shows is that the only thing Washington has been benefitting has been Sen. McConnell and the millionaires and billionaires who are supporting him.

Sec. of State Grimes scored a knockout punch by calling McConnell a senator from the past and referred to herself as a senator from the future.

Grimes didn’t have to paint McConnell as out of touch. The senator did that for himself. Mitch McConnell seemed to be under the mistaken delusion that he is running against President Obama, while Grimes continually laid out her plans for Kentucky. McConnell started strong, but it became clear that he was repeating 4 or 5 debate talking points for the whole hour. Grimes was a little shaky early, but she got stronger as the debate went on.

McConnell didn’t ease any concerns or make himself more popular tonight, and Grimes showed that she could go toe to toe with him. Grimes looked ready to be a senator while Mitch McConnell looked ready for retirement.

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  1. We watched the “shellacking” here in Louisville… ALG clearly arrived prepared while Turtleman sat there with that smug smirk and spouted Mitchisms signifying nothing.
    I wish she had made it more clear that the ACA and KYnect are the same, and under Mcconnell, will be gutted regardless.

  2. hahahha, what alternate universe are you all from ? McConnell shellacked Grimes. It wasn’t even close. Hello Alison, sorry you don’t know how budget votes work!!!

    Grimes kept going on and on about lack of jobs in Kentucky, well, isn’t that the responsibility of the Governor and his administration ? You know, the one that she is Sec of State for ?

  3. First of all, it is crucial that she “wins!” I watched the last 15 minutes, live! I believe she performed remarkably well. If that performance is sufficient to win, only time will tell! There are many more obstacles to overcome, i.e. “how the votes will be counted! It’s scary!

  4. dEMO, really jobs aren’t Mitch McConnell’s thing? Maybe he should take a lesson from former Robert C. Byrd- D West Virginia.
    Over the years, thousands of new jobs have been created because of Senator Byrd’s initiatives. New industries have taken root — biometrics; aerospace research; advanced manufacturing; computer research; defense innovations. Traditional industries — coal and energy, chemicals, steel — continued to serve as the economic backbone of West Virginian communities.
    Byrd’s efforts didn’t stop with new industry and economic opportunity. He worked hard to expand access to health care for tens of thousands of West Virginians. The Health Sciences Center and the Jon Michael Moore Trauma Center, both at West Virginia University, the Center for Rural Health at Marshall University, and the West Virginia School for Osteopathic Medicine in Lewisburg are utilizing innovation to bring doctors and nurses closer to people in rural West Virginia.

  5. Great review…Everything and I mean everything with Mitch his answer was Obama… Alison blasted the self serving bought and paid for politician that he is, JUST like the BIG LICK of Tenn… bought him, he hasn’t done a thing for Kentucky send him packing to the ole home…. TIME for fresh new blood and look IF we don’t like Alison down the road WE HAVE the POWER to change again,,, to have change we need to make the change….. GO ALISON!!

  6. “Grimes said that the difference between a Clinton and an Obama Democrat is growing the middle class the right way.”

    What in the world any Democrat would vote for this lady?
    There is only one guy who won 51% of popular vote twice in 60 years. And I have to be ashamed of voting for him?
    What crime has Obama committed to be treated this way? Saving the economy, reducing the deficit and unemployment? Or maybe killing Ben Laden?

    Why exactly do we need Grimes in the Senate? Don’t we have enough Neo-Confederates to deal with? I rather have Obama continue with executive orders and whining by Tea Party than having a bunch of backstabbers like Grimes biting his ankle from the Senate floor every morning

  7. Allison Grime’s performance against McConnell was very strong, but really there aren’t many minds left to change. It will all come down to turnout. The Democrats have the numbers. If they show up in force to vote with 2012 numbers they would destroy McConnell. They stay home like they did in 2010 they lose.

  8. I watched the debate live on PBS on my compute (so reason C-Span had problems to carry it live @8pmET- not surprised. Alison held court over turdle (oops, spell check not working).

    What I enjoyed was all the comments during and after the debate. If those posts are an indication of voters in Ky, he is treading water.

  9. McConnell is a rich, good ole boy who is washed out, aged, living in the past and a detriment to his state and to America. He has nothing to offer and no accomplishments. He can sit there and repeat the Republican lies over and over again, yet the fact is, President Obama saved this country from an economic disaster of epic proportions that was created by George Bush. Spin it how you will, but all the Republican obstruction and their public promise to “JUST SAY NO” to everything the President has tried to do, is ABSOLUTE PROOF that all the good that has happened was done WITHOUT the help of Republicans. They have sat on their butts and done NOTHING. All credit goes to the President and the Democrats. Look up the facts so you won’t continue making a fool of yourself.

  10. McConnell had to admit that he got rich through an inheritance.

    That must be one mighty rich Uncle

  11. I know that Obama supporters would find this distasteful but you have to remember its not her job to make us feel good but to make the best case to the people of Kentucky. Its that simple

  12. alison’s green and sometimes it’s painful to watch her stumble. but she has poise and i couldn’t have been more proud of her tonight. mcconnell – well, what do you want to say? what CAN you say? he seemed annoyed that he even had to answer any questions.

    kentucky, like texas, is a hard state to turn blue – but in the interest of being truly non-partisan, i would more than settle for purple.

  13. Stephen Voss, a political science professor at the University of Kentucky, said afterward he thought McConnell “owned the debate.”

    “Grimes allowed herself to recede too often, turning the show into a lecture from McConnell to the moderator,” Voss said. “McConnell was able to sound informed and authoritative, even when he delivered standard Republican talking points that are easily rebutted because they’re so familiar.”

    Read more here:

  14. Well we do know Sam Youngman is a republican hack. Now Stephen Voss, well I let him speak for himself “I don’t get involved much in politics, despite my research interests, and I have no loyalty to either major political party. But I generally agree with an old maxim: The government that governs best is the one that governs least”.

    I can see why he thought the turtle won because we all know McConnell hasn’t done shit for 30 years other than to make himself rich

  15. Lex…I suspect this has something to do with age, Mitch is 72 and Alison is 35. Mitch was authoritative! But she held her own in her first debate with the ole timer….

  16. Remember who she’s dealing with: Kentuckians. It doesn’t matter if she’s talking to sweet tea-sipping Lexington snobs or Harlan County hillbillies, she can’t be linked in their minds to that Black Man from Elanoy.

  17. Of course he preferred Mitch. Mitch sounded like a wonk, going on and on with ‘facts’ and figures. Problem is he sounded tired, monotone, and disengaged.

    I honestly didn’t care what Alison had to say as soon as the camera turned back to her I was too relieved at not having to look at that old turtle mumble on and on.

    Mitch just looked and sounded like a rich greedy old man. His time is up.

    I bet if someone watching the debate from home was asked to quote one of the candidates they would be able to quote Grimes and not McConnell because she kept it simple, direct, engaged. That’s how you win political debates.

    McConnell was Obama v. Romney first debate. Unfortunately McConnell does not get a second chance.

  18. Carabella, since you saw the debate can you answer two questions for me? This article states the moderator listed some positive economic statistics. Were those the numbers we’re familiar with (and should be hammered nationally), such as 57 consecutive months of private sector job growth, 10.3 million new jobs, the deficit being cut in half, etc?

    Also, was McConnell’s infamous “our goal is to make President Obama a one term president” treasonous statement brought up? Has it been part of the discussion there or in ads against McConnell?

    Thanks in advance.

  19. Come on now, don’t be simplistic. It was a very smart answer. She is saying she’s a democrat while distancing herself at the same time. She’s in frickin’ Kentucky. Calling her neo-confederate is frankly stupid considering her support of Obamacare for starters.

    Kentuckians love Obamacare as long as its not called Obamacare. It’s not her fault her state is chock full of racists. The fact she may win should be considered a serious victory for the party. I bet Obama is pretty damned impressed with her.

  20. This may 2 excellent debates performance turn in tonite by the dems.. Pryor in Ark & he didn’t back away from Obamacare, but he shellack Cotton. He (Pryor) hit Cotton hard on voting against the ‘Farm Bill,’ & Grimes in Ky.
    That make 5 wins by the Dems. in debates: Nunn (GA), Bradley (IA), Burke (WI), & Grimes (KY). Still waiting to hear abt Davis (TX)..

  21. Every year for 30 years I have voted against Mitch Mitch McConnell. In 1983 I graduated from college with a BA in psychology. I read what color is your parachute and did what it said. Landing a temp job at McConell’s office as a press secretary :) (titles)

    During my brief time and as naive as I was, and since no one had me doing anything useful I asked for actual use of my time. They put me into mailing and folding

    So I folded, printed and got ready to mail

    Remember, I was quite young

    I went down to mail. As told, I had to go down to the postal box outside of the court-house. On my way down I passed the secretary who took care to turn every envelope upside down.

    Later I knew. A small crime committed. in ignorance, by me. Fraud. He took advantage of my ignorance. His first campaign for senate mail-wise was funded that way. Honest taxpayer dollars for a political campaign
    he won that
    and I was part of it

    I am sorry

    My part was small.
    But I knew not, …

  22. I saw the debate. That woman is scary – she said absolutely nothing of substance. She has no plan,no depth of thought. her whole stategy is attack, attack, attack, while only giving lip service to dumb kentuckians. She hasn’t even completed one term in office – what has she actually done?

  23. Now that’s funny. Why is everyone blaming the president for lack of jobs if it is the Governors job? Just like they trashed him when Gas was almost $4.00 a gal but aren’t giving him credit now that it is $3.09 in TX. Why did the Republican Senators run on jobs in 2010 if they can’t help create them? Where they lying to the American people? GMAB! Please!

  24. Alison did exceptionally well considering the moderator spent most of the debate giving Bitch McConnell rhetorical blowjobs.

  25. I watched the debate streamed live here on PoliticusUSA, and participated in the chat room that PoliticusUSA writers hosted here. The drinking game was on for it, but I have a anaphylactic allergy to alcohol. So instead of taking a drink whenever Bitch McConnell said Obama etc. etc. I took a toke. 1/2 way through the debate the bowl on my bong was glowing red hot. Alison never backed down when punk ass Bitch McConnell tried to bully her. Her debate performance was exceptional considering this is her first time running for a national office. It will be refreshing to say Senator Elect Grimes on November 5th.

    Many thanks to PoliticusUSA for streaming the debate, and hosting the chat room. It was great fun.

  26. Grimes clearly won this debate… Mitch has not been good for the country or especially Ky….The same rhetoric and partisan politics coming from an old outdated self centered bought and paid for lifetime politician… Complacent and uninterested in his state, only his job… I wonder if Ky is smart enough to put Grimes in the senate who sounded sincere and came well informed to debate, and will ultimately help the people of her state.. Sorry but to put someone like Mitch back in the Senate, is a vote from the state to shoot itself in the foot… Mitch Failed on his debate performance and more in his tenure as Senator…

  27. wow patricia, no sure what debate you actually saw, but if anyone came away from that kentucky debate thinking anything other than grimes absolutely wiped the floor with McConnell, is a brainless fool. why are you righties so damn desperate? why are you people commenting on small sites like this one? could it be because you all know you are in big trouble on November 4th and the call has gone out to peddle as much fear, hate, and paranoia as possible for the next two weeks?

  28. I agree 100%. dems will set midterm turnout records. ill say this- if dem turnout comes anywhere near 2012 dem turnout, dems win very, very big. we are talking keeping the senate and retaking the house, kochs bros and gerrymandering be damned! righties are cared to death about potential turnout. we must go vote for dems on November 4th!!!

  29. LookingForward, I’m with you. After all, I’m one of those sweet tea sippers, but I live in Louisville (just goes to show that folks in Lexington don’t get to have all the fun). :-)

  30. But jobs ARE Mitch McConnell’s thing. Just not jobs in Kentucky, or even the USA. He’s bought and paid for by Communist China. The details are intricate, but nonetheless real — his wife (Elaine Chao) and wife’s father (James Chao) are PERSONAL friends of Jiang Zemin, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China from 1989 to 2002 — the years where the US quickly transitioned from no trade with China (human rights issues) to “most favored nation” trade status in 1997. Her father makes money via business dealing between China and the US (he owns a shipping company, among other things). It’s also of note that Elaine conveniently met Mitch for the first time in 1989, Mitch separates from his wife, and then money started flowing to McConnell from Chinese interests. LOTS of money. Even some proven-illegal money from the Lippo Group; He also got a piece of fine Asian azz, now tell me, why would an Asian hottie go for McTurtle if not acting as an agent for her Communist homel…

  31. I’m a Democrat and proud of it, and we want Grimes to win but that is a f–king turn off to poor people that are white and black that voted for PBO in Kentucky for her to keep stabbing Obama in the back, and treating him nasty by not giving him his due and not respecting him. The Clinton’s are not in the white house, and for her to keep being nasty to Obama will more than likely cost her the job because it’s hers to lose. So she should stop being a bitch and give Obama his due. I still hopes she wins but the Obama base probably want like her at all being stupid.

  32. Fred Koch.. The emperor of Nazi Prussia.. His two sons through people like Mitch and Tom Tillis, Cruz and the like want to become the emperor dictators behind the curtains of our freedom. Unfortunately their goals are obtainable when those that don’t think that these two brothers are truly a real threat to this nation’s very freedom and stay home and not vote.
    Wining a debate is truly meaningless when it do not equate into wining the election. Grimes was the better, Mitch repeated what he only wanted. Nothing for his state’s people. Losing focus on that fact will be deadly to all our freedom. We all must understand that what happens in Kentucky does affect us all in the great scheme of freedom across this nation. This surly why Mitch would sell our freedom for what he wants… “Majority Speaker of the Senate”.

  33. Not sure what debate Y’all watched. I watched te last 15 mins and then the rebroadcast. He schooled her on facts, how gov’t operates and she responded wuith vague generalities. Matter of fact, the host continually tripped up the Senator and let her off the hook several times. She was rude, interrupting and talking over people. All she could do was attack and offer platitudes. Ugh.

  34. It is possible.

    Here in Illinois the TPers are advising their followers to vote for the Democratic incumbent “in protest” of the GOP candidate. They aren’t just telling them not to vote, but to go vote for our side! And all because they don’t believe Rauner is far enough right. Rauner! The man I describe as “Romney with less humanity and compassion” isn’t extreme enough. :O

    But if they want to vote for Quinn “in protest”, I’m sure as hell not going to stop them!

  35. Great job Alison, It’s funny how at a election time Mitch can find a miracle pill to take care of the Coal jobs, and etc. If he can at election time, WHERE/WHAT HAS HE BEEN DOING IN WASHINGTON FOR 30 YEARS, EXCEPT WORKING FOR HIS BUDDIES, AND VOTING TO GIVE HIS SELF RAISE’S. Way past time to send him HOME.

  36. If Mitch McConnell is doing such great things for Kentucky…why do they rank near the bottom on unemployment?? National average is 5.9 and Kentucky is at 7.1???

  37. I agree dEMO, I don’t think they were watching the same debate. Lundergan-Grimes is clueless, and exactly what you’d expect from someone who only holds office in the first place thanks to her Daddy’s name!

  38. Willie you’re an idiot! Democrats have more political savvy than you are capable of understanding. And be certain that Black folks are not as thin skinned as you are purporting here!

  39. Right out my back door is a model shop that hand crafts model beverage containers for the industry. The owner a really nice guy voted against Obama twice because he is a very Christian conservative of course. His business had been doing very poorly from 2002 until 2009. Now he is so busy he hired another craftsman to total 3 including himself. He claimed that Obama had a “anti jobs agenda” when I asked Steve if he thought that was true now he declined an answer. But I know what the answer is and I told him so, but he will never admit it.

  40. Who wrote this article, one of Grimes’ campaign managers, or Grimes herself?

    McConnell clearly came across as the experienced, solid, wise Senator he is. Grimes came off as a spoiled child blaming the teacher because she got into trouble in school.

    She still refuses to acknowledge that she voted for Obama, when we all know she did. She insults our intelligence.

    What’s the difference between a Clinton Democrat and an Obama Democrat? A Clinton Democrat is far more dangerous to our Constitutional foundation.

    McConnell was recently listed as one of the hardest working members of the Senate. Obstructionist? If so, thank God he is. We need people like him to stop the radical, anti-American agenda of the new Democratic (in reality Communist) party.

    Admittedly, I am a DINO because “my” party left me years ago. Grimes is, by her own admission, a “Clinton Democrat”. I am an American, like Mitch McConnell.

  41. Alison Grimes completely trashed Mitch McConnell and his lame-brain, out-of-date agenda and same old, same old, rhetoric! All McConnell could think to say is that he blames President Obama for EVERYTHING! McConnell should face it: after 30 years in Congress, he needs to be put out to pasture with the horses in Kentucky. Oh, but wait, the horses may be insulted! Better put old man McConnell in the pig pen so he can be with the rest of the hogs!!!

  42. You hit the nail on the head- sad how few know the connection of Mitch McConnell and his wife- and she as named Secretary of Labor by GW Bush no less!!! They turned the Department of Labor- an entity that among other things was supposed to give the working man or woman a fair shake, into nothing more than an extension of the corporate agenda to drive down jobs, strip workers of their right to overtime pay, and outsource jobs. And Elaine Chow will draw a pension paid for by the American public for this?

  43. For one thing, you can blame the radical anti-tobacco agenda of the Democrats (and I happen to be one, albeit in name only).

    In the 1960’s and 70’s, tobacco was one of Kentuckys’ leading industries. Not only did it supply jobs to the tobacco farmer and those in his employ, it supported the family farm itself. It payed for our schools, local infrastructure, and kept a very large portion of the middle class in strong financial standing. It supplied scores of jobs outside the farms, in tobacco product manufacturing, distribution, and sales. It brought great benefits to the entire community, smokers and non-smokers. It was one of the major economic staples of our society.

    With the onslaught of the anti-tobacco campaigns (supported not by genuine science, but by pseudo-science), both the tobacco industry and the family farm have been largely obliterated.

    So don’t blame Mitch McConnell for the economic state we’re in, blame the liberal neo-Nazi extremism that wrought it.

  44. I’ve been searching for a full transcript of the debate with no luck, but the debate is available on YouTube here –

    Briefly, ALG did a great job – she was more soft spoken than she normally is on the stump. I find her to be somewhat loud and hard during her speeches which I know is designed to present her as a “strong Kentucky woman”.

    I had hoped there would have been more discussion on the positive accomplishments of the Obama Administration as you listed, but the debate was framed specifically for Kentucky and, as we all know, ALG has run her campaign as kind of an ‘anti-Obama’, which is another issue I have with her.

    At about 34:14, Obamacare and Kentucky’s KYnect was brought up and, of course, McConnell reiterated his goal to take Obamacare apart “root and branch”.

  45. I still have a problem with her not answer who she voted for better.

    I agree, one does not HAVE to tell who they voted for, but after she got the question once, her team should’ve prepared her to answer it better.

    Why not just say “I certainly wasn’t going to vote for the guy who wrote off 47% of the population.”

  46. All you heard from the Turtleman the whole debate, basically, was Obama, Obama, Obama. He is the KING of obstruction which is why there has been a record number of FILIBUSTERS. With him there, NOTHING gets done and compromise doesn’t exist. He attacks the ACA while he has the best SUBSIDIZED health care which provided for his heart bypass. He is a HYPOCRITE and needs to GO.

  47. Grimes sounds like she would be a refreshing voice in Congress. And, it would be doubly refreshing to see MM lose because he knows nothing but his GOP drivel. Bye, Bye Mitch.

  48. In 2012 I went knocking doors for Obama and Kaine in areas I haven’t been in 2008….In extremely red areas of Virginia. I even took a picture in front of a city hall that had a confederate flag.

    That’s how Obama won it, not pretending he was who he wasn’t and insulting his base but expanding his pool of voters. What Grimes is doing is stupid and destructive for the Party. Sooner or later she will have to admit why she is Clinton Democrat and not Obama Democrat. What crime Obama has committed? She has to loose so nobody will pull this stunt again in the future. Blanche Lincoln hasn’t done it. Mary Landrieu isn’t doing it. Begich is not doing it. There is a reason for that. You don’t insult your base and suppress the turn out hoping you will get a couple of Republicans to vote for you.

  49. “…such as 57 consecutive months of private sector job growth, 10.3 million new jobs, the deficit being cut in half, etc”

    Another reason for Grimes to kick Obama completely out of the Democratic Party

  50. She didn’t give details..just spouted rhetoric and generalities…”fight for kentuckians”..when pressed for details, she rarely had any. Yelling, lecturing and interrupting does not mean a strong debate. You all must be so blinded by hatrted not to see it…

  51. Um, no. Fact checkers are tearing him apart for the lies he was forced to make, when Grimes put him on the spot. Another troll argument bites the dust.

  52. Democrats Once Again Put on Their Coward Pants (With Exceptions) Look, you can cavil all you want about Kentucky Democratic Senate nominee Alison Lundergan Grimes’s refusal to answer whether or not she voted for Barack Obama. You can sit there all self-satisfied and pat yourself on the fuckin’ back that you support the sanctity of the secret ballot and that, really, it’s not all that important that she answer. You can pretend all you want that Grimes is correct to stand on principle or that, if she said that she voted for Obama, it would be used in attack ads endlessly by that unrepentant, smug cuntface, Mitch McConnell. You know that it’s far, far more important that McConnell refuses to say if he thinks climate change is human-caused or that Kynect, Kentucky’s Obamacare exchange, would be harmed if you got rid of Obamacare, something the governor of Kentucky ripped McConnell for. That’s shit that affects the daily lives of Kentuckians, not what Grimes did in a voting booth. – See more at:

  53. Look, I’m from NC, and our economy was just as dependent on tobacco as KY’s, if not more so. I’m still happy to see smoking rates decline. If scientists can find uses for tobacco that don’t kill millions of people (like my uncle last month, RIP), I’m all for bringing the tobacco farms back.If not, then I’m sorry, but jobs and farms are less important than lives.

  54. You people slay me!. This website slays me. I have never seen people that are so disconnected to reality the way the you posters on this site tend to be. Have you been watching the polls? Face it. 2014 is shaping up to to be a very, very bad year for leftists accross this once great nation.

  55. I see you give her the Senate seat already. Who are you trying to baffle? What facts did Mitch give?? oops. I forgot, Repubs. have their own set of facts. Just not the true ones.

  56. Democrats may have sweeping victories in a number of states based on the horrible candidates Republican donors cronies put up by buying the primaries, but unfortunately it’s still very close as many of the races are red state and going against the grain is hard.

  57. If Alison Grimes lose the senate race I believe it will be in part that she ran away from her party and the base. I don’t think the Democrats will come out and support her in the number she needs to win. She does not inspire the base to come out and vote for her. She also is unable to capitalize on the success of Obama care in that state. She ran so far from President Obama, It almost appeared that she was running against him. And running with the Bill and Hillary Clinton. She has said that she is a Clinton Democrat. It may also show how weak the Clinton could be. Bill and Hillary spend many a day’s campaigning for her. If she lose that may also show the Democrats base that the Hillary Clintons may not be as strong as has they thought she was. And encourage a good challenge from Democratic left. President Obama will take no blame for her lost and may feel that because she ran with the Clintons and away from him is the reason she lost. He may have a point.

  58. We slay you? …!??! That’s actually funny because we really do slay you in the polls.
    Leftists…? Come back TIMMY!!L when you have some links and real facts to back up your smack. You are a teabagger… that is not anything to be proud of.

  59. If Alison Grimes lose the senate race I believe it will be in part that she ran away from her party and the base. I don’t think the Democrats will come out and support her in the number she needs to win. She does not inspire the base to come out and vote for her.

  60. How backwards racist is Kentucky!!!! So freakin backwards that candidate Grimes can’t run on Obamacare or KYNECT, although the entire state of Kentucky has benefited. She can’t even mention Obama’s name. I understand what she is dealing with, but it puts the backwards ass narritive back into the hands of Mitch McConnell who could care less about the voters of Kentucky. The sad truth of the matter is one candidate has to lie,and the other candidate has to run and hide, all simply because of the skin tone of one man, President Obama. I am deeply saddened by this. I wish candidate Grimes well, I hope she wins. But when she refused to say who she voted for, it might have been the nail in her coffin. I mean what does that say about black folks in Kentucky, she just lost that democratic block, not to mention she just lost her backing from the DNC. Hopefully, she can pander to the folks that will be the most difficult to reach, the folks who hate Obama.

  61. Absolutely! I called it the “Mitch McConnell Show”. The moderator was pathetic. When Mitch lied and said “Obamacare” was causing premiums to increase, the moderator only asked weakly “are you sure about that”? Geez.

  62. I have a new conspiracy theory if nobody put it forward. Maybe Grimes didn’t vote in the general in 08′ and that’s why she won’t tell. It’s her Romney taxes moment. (or binders, that guy had a lot- the charisma of a shoe.)

  63. Really celtblood, i moved to kentucky in november 2008. the little community i live in has acres and acres of tobacco growing in the fields. i love this time of the year, seeing all the tobacco leaves drying in the drying sheds. guess my neighbors are too stupid to realize they can’t sell their tobacco and live on it. funny, the man who farms that acreage is doing just that.

  64. Mitch is right- premiums are going up- most more than medical inflaton. What Mitch should have pointed out is that as well as premiums going up, dedeuctibles are also going up. So for example, a bronze plan goes from $1,000 to 5,000, your cost of insurance goes up- a disincentve to it. So now they have insurance, they just cannot afford to use it.

  65. Liar
    Skyrocketing’ Premiums
    Several anti-Obamacare ads have made the claim that premiums or health care costs have gone up under the law. And “skyrocketing” is the word of choice in these attack ads. That’s misleading. Premiums for those who buy their own private insurance will go up or down, in some cases significantly, depending on individual circumstances. Employer-sponsored premiums, where most Americans have coverage, are not “skyrocketing,” and neither are health care costs. In fact, the growth of both has been at historically low rates in the past few years.

  66. No Matt – we´re blinded by logic, intelligence and empathy, while you apparently are blinded by ignorance, racism and a fear of using spellcheck.

    Please crawl back into your hole with the rest of your Kochsuckers.

  67. That’s a Thoreau quote linked to Thomas Jefferson. It doesn’t have the modern political implications you seem to think it does.

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