Republicans Ignore Family’s Pleas Refuse To Take Down Ad That Politicizes James Foley’s Death

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The family of slain journalist James Foley called for a conservative group’s ads that feature their son’s beheading deplorable and have asked that the ads be taken down. The group ignored the grieving family’s request.

The right-wing group Secure America Now is running an ad in competitive Senate races around the country that features Foley’s beheading by his ISIS captors.


James Foley’s father said, “I think it is deplorable, and I think it should be taken down.” Foley’s mother said, “It makes me very sad that people would use the brutality of our son’s death for their own political purposes.”

The president of Secure America Now, Allen Roth admitted that the group didn’t contact the Foley family before making the ad public, and said, “The image has appeared around the world millions of times…We meant no harm, we just took an image that is in the public domain and used it.” Secure America Now refuses to apologize, and claimed that the ad is not controversial.

The ad goes beyond controversial. Is is disrespectful to James Foley. The ad is disrespectful to the family and friends of James Foley. It is also promoting the propaganda of Foley’s ISIS killers. Secure America Now has John Bolton, and Mike Huckabee on its board.

It is a piece of advertising that will only the Republicans that it is trying to help. There is nothing but disrespect behind that ad, and the fact that conservatives are ignoring the pleas of the grieving family will almost certainly backfire on the Republican candidates that they claim to be helping.

Any Republican Senate candidate that does not immediate condemn the ad deserves to lose. Since conservatives refuse to listen to the Foley family, voters will have to reject their crass politics at the ballot box on Election Day.

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17 Replies to “Republicans Ignore Family’s Pleas Refuse To Take Down Ad That Politicizes James Foley’s Death”

  1. DSCC should immediately get permission to run ads that call them out on this craven use of Foley’s image, and death, demanding the candidate for whom they’re running it, apologize both to the Foley family, and their voters.

  2. Why should they take it down? They have already proven they are sexist, racist and just plain assholes.

    The republican party has no morals or any real human values. All republicans are sub human without a ounce of compassion of people feelings.

    They are the real parasites of this country and I hate every one of them

  3. I wish I could agree with your statement 1000 times but this forum only allows me to click I agree once.

  4. The RethugliKKKans have given the Democrats sooo much ammunition but they refuse to use it and they had better use it before we lose it!

  5. The RethugliKKKans have given the Democrats sooo much ammunition but they refuse to use it and they had better use it before we lose it!

  6. The same Huckster that is leaving the party for not being extreme idiot enough? Yeah, I can see this ad him and John Bolt-on are 2 warhawg peas in a pod.

  7. Why have I JUST NOW stumbled across this site? The comments in this article alone make me want to stick around. *thumbs up × 100*

  8. Welcome Guwen! It IS a great site. You’ll always find accurate, fact based info here. It’s one of my daily go-to sites.

  9. Just when you think Republicans actions have hit rock bottom, they prove they can go lower yet. Amazingly pitiful.

  10. Since they have nothing else to run on, they are using “FEAR”. Voters just need to remmember that the Repugs, no nothing about protecting the American people other then throwing as many of other people’s kids at them as they can.

  11. Secure America..yeah but for whom? Only God fearin’gun lovin’ Bible Thumping Reality hatin’rul’ mericuns!?… Just like I heard someone say recently “now just dig up Chucky Norris and you’ve got the team all together…

  12. Welcome Guwen, beware for some times we get the occasional Reich Winger but they soon fold under the overwhelming reality that is the Democratic Liberal way of life. It’s like shooting fish in the proverbial barrel, they always lose because they have nothing logical to add just more ignorant Fox Spew. Live Long and Prosper

  13. Will the person who gives our comments a down vote please tell us why. Or are you the typical rightie with no courage.

  14. This is sad. But to be honest, a lot of families have been politicizing their own family tragedies (ie, the family of the Seal Team 6 victim that blasted Obama). Given this, these conservative groups probably never thought twice about using the Foley tragedy for political gain. I actually donated to the trust fund they established for James Foley, and have to say that I am HAPPY they spoke out against these conservative opportunists.

  15. …the mouthpiece for the family who “lashed out” at the President was a Teahadist operative…any bets that the family didn’t see the script before it was delivered???
    …I’m startin’ to think some races are not as close as you think…a horse race right down to the wire gets more readers/ watchers than “Democrats ahead of republicans.”…Remember 2012???

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