Study Finds That Electing Democrats Is The Best Way To Create Jobs


A study of economic data over the past 75 years revealed that Democratic presidents create twice as many jobs and three times more job growth than Republicans.

An analysis of seventy-five years worth of economic data by economist Steve Stoft, and attorney/economic researcher Nathan Salminen revealed that Democratic presidents create a lot more jobs than Republicans.

Stoft found that Democrats have created twice as many jobs as Republicans. From 1940-2014, Democratic presidents have created 74 million jobs, while Republicans have created 35 million jobs.

Job creation graph:


It isn’t just the overall number of jobs created. Job growth increases more under Democratic presidents than under Republicans. Since 1940, job growth has increased 3% per year under Democrats and 1% per year under Republicans.

Graph: Job growth percentage:


The Gross Domestic Product also reaches its highest point when Democrats control both the White House and Congress (5.2%). When control of the White House and Congress is split between the parties, GDP growth is 2.9%. When Republicans control both the White House and Congress, GDP grows at (-.8%).

The data demonstrates that Democrats really do create more jobs than Republicans. Democratic ideas are more effective in terms of job creation than Republican policies. Tax cuts for the rich and other trickle down economic theories don’t work.

Even though he has been saddled with a Republican controlled House, President Obama has done a great job turning the economy around after the Bush created Great Recession. Republican economic policies don’t work because they substitute ideological belief for fact. Republicans have built their economic policy around the belief that wealth should be transferred upwards to the top.

The message to voters is clear. If the American people want a robust economy, the best move they could make would be to elect a Democrats to Congress. A Democratic Congress and a Democratic president would do wonders for this economy.

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  1. No surprise here!
    The graph that is used is wonderful. So much more “readable” for everyone (you know what I’m talking about).

  2. There it is. And it confounds me and many others….if this is plain to see, why do Americans even bother to vote for Republicans?

  3. And yet I know their constituents know this. There seems to be some kind of pride on the RW/GOP side that being greedy, mean, selfish, hateful, LIARS, AGAINST all minorities, poverty creators (NO JOBS)-then hate the poor, denying basic health benefits, denying WOMEN the right to choose, VAWA they don’t even care if women get beat up and raped or shot! (NRA) cause thats a big plus on their side–and then of course have the baby after the brutal rape–seems to be a virtue for them. NOTICE they left abortion clinics open in their rich white districts. Go look. Its okay for rich white xtian women who have to abort to save face..but if you’ve got a medical urgency that something has gone wrong and they have to take the baby…then your going to jail! THAT’S THE GOP. I’m not lying. Its happening as we speak IN ALL RED STATES! You women on the right who want to deny that..go ahead. But watch your back..because the GOP isn’t! They don’t care if you starve. They want slaves.

  4. One thing the ray gun lovers fail to mention when they crow about the great Reagan economic miracle. His jobs included public sector jobs which grew.

    GOP Reality Check: Reagan Added Public Sector Jobs During a Recession

    Where as the teahadist got a hard on cutting public sector jobs.
    Government Layoffs Have Been Undermining The Recovery For Five Years
    Despite spiking briefly during the 2010 Census, the public-sector workforce nationwide is nearly three-quarters of a million jobs smaller than it was when President Obama took office.

    So any sane person would come to the conclusion that Obama is very, very. very good for America.

    But we are dealing with Obama Derangement Syndrome So never mind

  5. Democrats suck at messaging.

    A large part if the problem is that Liberals are not as easily fooled as Conservatives.

    It would be easy to make effective commercials for Republicans; Just show a crying Eagle, a flag or a soldier.
    Toss in a picture of some brown skinned person for the fear factor and voila.

  6. Why does no one ever ask a republican as they try to take away. Birth control and any other choices from women (even tho the RW females say no such thing –AS THEY TAKE OUR RIGHTS AWAY —its not a war against women– ask them if their daughter mother sister girlfriend (aka soul mate sanford apalachian trail), female cousin, take the pill? Why, when dems can blow them out of the water, they dont!

  7. Right now I am watching By the People the Election of Barack Obama on HBO and he said something that was true in 2008 and true today ” The republicans cannot run on issues they will run on making me the scary guy”

    If it wasn’t so sad for these neo confederates it would be funny

  8. Andy, before you insult the intelligence of others, you should probably learn how to spell “intelligent”

  9. and what policies are those?
    The GOP seems to have wasted time on 56 (?) votes to defund Obamacare and countless bills on restricting womens rights.

  10. Its more than the 58 bills. If one look closely at their so call jobs bills they also include some element of repealing the ACA

  11. Congressional Wingnut Caucus unveils post-election agenda and it’s exactly what you expect

    Come on down you are the next winner if you guess repeal the ACA

    Though no calendar has been set, members want an early vote on Obamacare. House members have cast more than three dozen votes to replace aspects of the 2010 health care law, but any repeal effort has hit a full stop in the Democratic Senate. Still conservatives are eager to force Obama’s hand by sending an early repeal bill if McConnell assumes the Senate majority leader seat.

  12. Wow, I thought I was reading an Onion article. Just remember “Don’t let anybody tell you it’s corporations and businesses create jobs,” Clinton.

  13. Wow, I knew reading this bovine excrement it came from a homeschooled teabagger who cant even look at pictures much less read

  14. Ah the classic horribly oversimplified “stastical” analysis to support partisan polemics.

    To be clear I don’t disagree with thesis but this sure doesn’t prove anything. The economy is so complex and so many factors to consider.

    A possible thesis could be presidential policies have marginal effect on economy and it’s actual economic conditions that drive voting – Americans are more likely to support GOP policies (less taxes, social services, etc) at the top of economic cycles (since these policies benefit the more successful general population) and support dems at bottom of cycles since polices favor the now less successful, more assistance dependent population. As GOP prez inherits inflated economy, things naturally head south and vice versa. (see oaken growth if you do not understand cycles)

    Point is the economy is a beast that does not treat simple views kindly. Let’s have better discourse than this

  15. Better discourse? Take less taxes. Why?> To choke out social services. Not because they are nice. With no social services republicans can spend their money on defense from imaginary enemys. DOnt ever make the mistake of thinking republicans want less taxes because they love you

  16. Point is the economy is a beast that does not treat simple views kindly. Let’s have better discourse than this
    It has been proven that trickle down does not work. It has been proven that under republican administrations we have had more recessions and depressions than under Democrats. It has been proven when republicans have controlled over a state, see Kansas they drive up deficits.

    What more evidence do you need, a unicorn shitting golden Art Laffer bovine excrement of don’t tax and we have cum filled rainbows of yellow brick roads of gold?

    Alex I need a clue

  17. It’s not just jobs that are better during Democratic Presidents, it is better wages, better working conditions, better fiscal responsibility, and better long range economic planning.

    Republicans are so convinced that nothing “government” can possibly work that they literally set out to prove it true by making govt dysfunctional. Google “Starve The Beast” sometime to learn more.

  18. 3.5% third-quarter growth in GDP exceeds economists’ consensus

    Growth of real (inflation-adjusted) U.S. gross domestic product for the third quarter outpaced the consensus of analysts. The Commerce Department’s Bureau of Economic Analysis announced Thursday that, on a seasonally adjusted, annualized basis, real GDP grew 3.5 percent in the July-September period, a deceleration from the second quarter’s 4.6 percent, but well ahead of the 3 percent that economists surveyed by Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal had forecast.

  19. The graphs and story are perfect. Just want I want to believe. I am glad someone has the guts to tell me what to think.

  20. No one is telling you how to think we just saying look at the facts. But we know facts have a liberal bias.

  21. “Much of the growth under Democratic presidents has been the result of private-sector investment and increased consumption. They have been blessed with lower oil prices, larger increases in productivity and better global economic conditions. The timing of Democratic presidents appears impeccable compared with Republicans—Mr Clinton took office just as the technology sector began to boom, whereas George W. Bush could not get out before the financial crisis.

    …In the end, the authors are probably right to conclude that the growth gap between Democratic and Republican presidents is explained by good luck, with perhaps a touch of good policy.”

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