Republicans Are Trying To Steal Elections In Kentucky and Georgia by Denying The Right To Vote


Latinos in Louisville, KY, 40,000 voters in Georgia, and members of the military in Texas are among the tens of thousands who having their votes suppressed in key elections around the country.

At a press conference today, the The Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law and Election Protection (Coalition) discussed ongoing attempts to suppress the vote in several key elections that are being held in red states.

Barbara Arnwine of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law said that Election Protection has received over 1,300 calls received over lost voter registration in Georgia. Thousands of Americans are being denied their right to have their voices heard. A 71-year-old voter who moved to Georgia in July has made two attempts to register to vote in Fulton County, GA was still not listed as a voter by the Secretary of State’s website. Thousands of voters in Georgia will have to vote by provisional ballot.

The Election Protection hotline is receiving thousands of calls about voter suppression. The hotline has received over 12,000 calls mostly from Florida, Georgia, and Texas.

Arturo Vargas of the NALEO Educational Fund reported that Latino voters in Louisville, KY are reporting that they are being discouraged from voting.

Mee Moua of the Asian Americans Advancing Justice reported that Asian-Americans are calling in from Georgia, Florida, and Virginia stating that they could not find their names on the voting rolls are were not given confirmation that they were registered to vote.

The Election Protection Project noted that they saw higher than 2010 turnout in Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina.

Nicole Austin-Hillery of the Brennan Center for Justice discussed Texas and the fact that some voters with military ID are being given conflicting information.

Jerry Vattamala of the Asian American Legal and Education Fund told the story of a voter in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who needed assistance in voting but the poll worker voted for Republican Tom Corbett for governor instead of the voter’s choice of Democrat Tom Wolf. Tom Corbett has wiped out Asian language assistance at the polls in Pennsylvania.

Curtis L. Decker of the National Disability Rights Network noted that the same voter registration problems in Georgia are also making it difficult for those with disabilities to vote.

It should surprise absolutely no one that there are voting issues in red states with close races in Georgia and Kentucky. After the conservative majority gutted the Voting Rights Act, thousands of Americans are being denied their right to vote. Republicans are pulling out all of the stops. Since they can’t win an election with their ideas, Republicans are intentionally denying opponents their voice in our representative democracy.

If you are being denied your right to vote, you can report the violation to the Election Protection Coalition by calling 1-866-OUR-VOTE (1-866-687-8683).

39 Replies to “Republicans Are Trying To Steal Elections In Kentucky and Georgia by Denying The Right To Vote”

  1. Republican voter suppression is further proof of how un American they really are. America has no worse enemy than the GOP.

  2. McConnell is getting his backside kicked in KY! If this race is very close, which I doubt, you know Alison will challenge the final tally. This is WRONG!!!

  3. I would say the media because they don’t call out the lunacy of the teahadist. Just this week Luke” Affirmative action child” said Joni Earnst would make a great Vice President

  4. voting is the peoples right. if these republicans are turning people away – even if they have a valid picture ID then what do you think they are going to do when they get the senate – YOUR RIGHTS !!! they are going to take away everything from us and replace it with NOTHING.

  5. OK, the right may make some short-term gains with all the tricks they are employing to steal elections, but how long do they think this will last?

    All I see the right doing is putting the nails in their own coffins. They may still hang on to their rabid base, but this cannot be good for them in the long-run.

    The GOP are a bunch of losers and nutcases who cannot win on the merits, and it will catch up to them eventually. This has been a long time coming, but I believe we are seeing the right-wing in its death throes.

  6. I’m not at all surprised by this, the Reich Wing is following precisely what the National Socialist Workers Party of the 1930’s Germany did.

  7. The corporate media is nothing more than a wholly owned subsidiary to the right wing propaganda/voter suppression machine. We ceased to have a free press when Bill Clinton signed the Telecommunications Act of 1996 which allowed for the media consolidation we have now.

  8. “What is most essential to the integrity of a republic is that its citizens be well and truly informed.” John Adams
    Well you can cancel Christmas on that

  9. Terry, I completely agree. Reagan’s repeal of the Fairness Doctrine, and allowing for the news to be for profit was the first blood in killing the free press.

  10. This malicious attempt to steal the vote, discard the Democratic vote is a disgrace! The media should pick up on this and broadcast it all over! Shameful, down low Republicans are the pits! How can they call themselves “exceptional” Americans when they resort to tacticts the Taliban and ISIS would be proud of? !!! Disgusting.

  11. Yes, it is all disgraceful, disgusting, and un American. As far as the corporate media covering it/ NO WAY!! All the corporate media is going to do is brag all day long that the Senate will be republican controlled, and trying to discourage as manay as they can from showing up to vote in the first place. This is a crime against America, and the corporate media is as much of a culprit as the GOP is.

  12. I think it is funny that people are saying they didn’t get a confirmation when they registered to vote and now they’re surprised that they aren’t actually registered. And somehow that is the Republicans fault. The fault can’t possibly be on the person who obviously didn’t complete the registration… Whatever happened to people taking personal responsibility? I registered to vote. And then because my vote means so much to me, I actually made sure I was registered long before the cutoff date just in case there were any issues. But I guess that just isn’t the democratic way….

  13. I have CNN on in the background and they’re still selling that Republicans win crap. They are not, however, saying anything about high voter turnout, or the dirty tricks Republicans are pulling.

    I hope they are in for a rude awakening tonight.

  14. Hey I know you like to be stupid but why don’t you ask the Sec, Of State of Georgia what happen to those 40 to 50 thousand registration forms?

  15. So……How exactly is this a political parties fault? I don’t care which party. I Don’t think its fair to claim the incumbent leader of a state responsible the responsibility of the voter…..Where is the evidence of POLITICAL PARTIES turning people away from polling stations?

  16. Repubs are evil, racist, sexist hate mongers! Why they still have supporters is amazing to me with all their obstructing everything that is good for all Americans. Including their delusional supporters!

  17. You are kidding right?

    The politcal partys are the ones in charge of the voting laws in each state or county. Jesus man.

    I think its Kentucky that decided once the polls closing time comes, everyone will not be allowed to vote if they are in line. I might have the state wrong.

    You do know that political partys are in charge of federal, state and local governments right?

  18. Terry, CNN has sold out to the Koch brothers; they are now a sponsor for Anderson Cooper 360. I cannot watch CNN anymore, they have become a troll of the Koch brothers!

  19. This is a good read by the Booman

    When Will We Stop Rewarding Failure?

    Ah, yes, there are those who believe that the president should be impeached, convicted and removed from office. Twas ever thus, I suppose, but it used to be much rarer in the case of actual elected officials in the absence of any real cause. But the right-wing party in this country has been taken over by plain and simple lunatics and dunderheads, and the evidence is everywhere.

    The people are idiots. And the media doesn’t do a good job of reminding them. So they forget.

    It wasn’t that long ago that the White House had to begin seriously debating whether or not to mint a trillion dollar coin in an effort to save the country’s credit rating and prevent a worldwide economic collapse.

    Have you heard that mentioned recently?
    Read More

  20. We worry everyday about ISIS and Ebola, when in reality the worst enemy this country has is GOP. They lie, steal and cheat and we are suppose to just sit around and let it happen. I don’t think so. It’s time for true Americans to take to the street and take back their rights and this country. We tried to be fair and use the vote, but it’s evident that’s not possible. So how bad do we want it.

  21. Sorry dj, got to disagree with you on this one too. For sure he isn’t stupid, but when he and cohorts start dismantling the Voter’s Rights act, racism has to be taken into consideration.

    And look at the discrepancies in their judgements regarding voter ID laws. upheld N. Carolina and Texas’s law, but strikes down Wisconsin’s.


    Lots of latino, blacks and Indian voters there in both N. Carolina and Texas, Wisconsin, not so much.

  22. It looks like the Republicans are not only trying to steal the election. They are succeeding. I personally do not think the Democrats are going to learn anything from this. They ran a weak campaign, gave mixed signals, had no passion as a group, and dissed their President. On top of that, despite government statistics, the middle class is not feeling the economy improve. The feeling that the system is rigged is nearly universal. In fact, after multiple melt downs in government agencies, nobody trusts those stupid statistics anyway. The VA might have the worst culture and the IRS second.

  23. How dare you. WTF as if we cant see and hear as they’ve been at it Making it impossible to vote up to the election– just because we’re a democrat. Brown or black. How the hell would you like it if the dems were doing this to YOU AN AMERICAN! How the hell does an American sit there and lie and act like you won anything when you know dam well your party is STEALING DENYING our right to vote? They’v denied hundreds of thousands the right to vote! How frickin dare you insult us wih your RW BS you should be ashamed of being a repub. You people are awful! Responsibility? We were responsible they are stopping us from being responsible! LIAR!
    YeahShutting down govt. denying students lower interest rates no min wage No jobs filing 50 appeals costing bilions .. Knowing it was law! Real responsible the gop. I pray to God you get to taste what your party is doing to all if us. You and your vile party will rot in hell one day for all you’ve done to inncent Americans!

  24. I’ve been voting over 35 years. Never been turned away and never seen anyone turned away. I register in my state, arrive at the poll on election day, present my drivers license and cast my vote. If I didn’t have a DL I’d have a state issued ID otherwise I’d have to pay a fee to cash all my checks and that is economically irresponsible. Plus, I’d have to get someone to buy my beer which is illegal. Further, how would I get the utility company to set up my electric and gas? How would I sign for a package at UPS? How would I get a library card? No way I would ever get a bank account or apply for a loan or receive any public assistance. Therefore, as a responsible voter I have no issue with obtaining and presenting ID. So the ID requirement dissuading voting is debunked! Get pictures or video of the poll blocking! Otherwise you’re talking trash to stir up racial tension and I find that disgusting. If there is any proof to any of this why are you all not demonstrating in DC righ…

  25. It is a route in favor of the Republicans. President Obama has plenty to brag about. Why is this route over the Democrats happening? The Democrats lacked the courage of their convictions. They looked like cowards asking the President not to accompany them on their campaigns. They asked him not to push his executive actions on immigration. These are such transparent political moves-people just bloody hate it. Nobody is going to vote for the spineless.

  26. Wisconsin is a very democratic progressive state, in spit of the fact they voted in republicans. The republicans voted in a voter ID law, a democrat special interest group fought it through to the Supreme Court and manage to get it blocked, mainly because it when into effect to close to elections. It will be appealed after the elections.

    Tell why would any reasonable person be against Voter ID? You believe foreigners should be allowed to vote in American elections? Right now because they blocked the ID law in Wisconsin, foreigners only have to show residence, like a utility bill. So for every foreign vote, an American’s vote is nullified. Unless your in support of a one world government, you should fight to protect actual citizen’s votes.

  27. NO and thats why repubs got their 6 seats…they plotted planned & stole this election. For a lot of BAD PEOPLE KOCHS CITIZENS UNITED CARL ROVE How a RW constituant can walk around with his head high as if they won anything is incredible to me. I would be ashamed if I was a RW constituent. One day the gop will pay dearly. Their first order of work? POLICE STATES. Just watch how they amp up police now..and GUNS!! AA’s and Mexicans? You can forget it..the police state they plan to set one will have rights to fight it. Alot of folks are gonna die because of the repubs…just like they have in the last 5-12 years…unecessarily because of the gop. good luck to you folks who voted for them. get ready to have it all taken from us so the 1% can continue get richer and put more money in offshore accounts while our infrastructure falls apart. Oh yes..they don’t believe in climate change either. We are all in serious trouble.

  28. You have to have an identification to do everything in this country..if you do not have a way to get the offered free issued I.D. then the State has offered to come pick you up and take you to get one. It’s important to keep people from voting numerous times, therefore keeping it more fair to be exact. Non-citizens and dead people voting is voter fraud too. The right to vote is one of the most sacred rights we have. If you right a check, apply for Food Stamps, need a fishing license even….you have to have an I.D. I could not get in the front door to my local IRS office until I had some form of official photo I.D like a driver’s license. If it’s needed for the IRS…..needing it to vote is the least I could do.

  29. I find it interesting how there was no mention of the letters sent by the McConnell campaign that prompted the Lundergren-Grimes campaign to file papers on the McConnell voter intimidation tactics that McConnell engaged in, in Kentucky.

    IMHO McConnell is so dirty, he deserves to be run out of the Senate chambers on a rail!!!

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