Harry Reid Plans To Pay Back Mitch McConnell For Years Of Republican Obstruction


In a new interview, soon to be Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid plans to pay back Mitch McConnell and the Republicans for years of obstruction by bottling up McConnell’s agenda.

Politico detailed Sen. Reid’s (D-NV) strategy,

Reid, now, may pay back Republicans — since he plans to bottle up McConnell’s agenda if the GOP leader moves to rein in Obamacare, environmental regulations, immigration policies or women’s issues like abortion rights.

His relationship problems don’t stop with Republicans. He’ll also have to deal with a White House that isn’t always on the same page, and it’s clear Reid continues to believe that it was the administration’s handling of implementing the health care law that cost them the majority.

Still, heading into the next two years, Reid said he doesn’t believe the White House will undercut him and argues that vetoes will only bolster Obama’s standing.

Democrats will only need to pick up five seats to take back the majority in 2016. Reid has no good reason to allow McConnell to implement any part of his agenda that the Nevada senator thinks is “crazy.”

It went unsaid in the interview, but it is clear that Democrats have worked out a strategy to bottle up Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans. It is also obvious that plenty of Democrats are looking for payback after McConnell gummed up entire Senate and brought it to a halt through an intentional strategy of obstruction.

The president may deal with McConnell directly occasionally, but it is more likely that Republicans already got a taste of what their future holds when the president and liberal members of Congress teamed up to kill a bill that would have given corporations hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks. Sen. Reid negotiated that bill, and hopefully he learned a valuable lesson that it is better to work with the president and liberal members of Congress than to try to cut his own deals.

Harry Reid also mentioned in the same interview that his job would be easier because President Obama has his back. He and the White House plan to work together to make sure the president vetoes aren’t overridden.

Payback is coming. Mitch McConnell made the Senate a miserable place for years, and now he is about to get a taste of his own medicine compliments of angry Senate Democrats and President Obama.

43 Replies to “Harry Reid Plans To Pay Back Mitch McConnell For Years Of Republican Obstruction”

  1. i like it a lot! the republicans are about to reap what they have sown for the last six years- and boy do they deserve it! they have sacrificed this country, the economy, and working class and poor americans in their obsession with hating and opposing president Obama. karma is a b*tch righties. did you really think you could get away with all those years of blatant, preplanned sabotage, obstruction, and division?? not so fast!

  2. you think that’s funny? I saw one comment that said ‘the republicans will wreak what they have sewn’. haha. I agree, but funny misspellings!

  3. The Republican Senate stands ideologically between the House and the president and doesn’t change anything apart from confirmations. The Democratic senators won’t be able to pay back anything, until 2017 if the new president is a Republican, which I don’t hope.

  4. Due to the fact that Harry Reid had to use the nuclear option to get any of Obama’s Nominees through Senate because of Mitch McConnell and his band of merry Men. all Harry has to do is if Mitch wants to get anything done because at 44 Dem and 2 ind votes in the Dem Caucus Harry Can Make it very hard for Mitch to get anything done with fillibusters just like Mitch did the last 6 years

  5. Why are we gloating about payback? Who’s to say that McConnell will do away with the filibuster rules and go for a simple majority vote to pass bills. I would not put it pass this Koch whore to blow up the rules in Senate to pay back their campaign donors. McConnell is not a man of the people and lied and cheated to win re-election. A person like him with no scruples will shit on our democracy like it was ancient history.

  6. Yes, it is payback time. It is time to see if the republicans can take when they have dished out over the last six years. If they cannot take it, then they must be a bunch of bedwetting crybabies. Getting the country back on the right track is way past due.

  7. Those bills passed with a simple majority will be VETOED by President Obama and the congress will NOT have the 2/3 vote to override that veto.
    The democrats have the TRUMP card here.

  8. During the last campaign every time I heard a candidate say, “I can work with my opponent” I thought well then why don’t I just vote for your opponent. If the Democrats don’t stand firm on Democratic party platform principles what the hell did I contribute all that money for? Six years of obstruction and I get candidates who want to work with the obstructionists. Is it any wonder the Democrats freaking lost?

  9. That was my thought also. They will use any excuse to go nuclear and the presstitutes will gleefully regurgitate it all over our media.

  10. The Republicans are continuing to work on the State houses now as we speak. We must fight to win back governorships and state elections. Stay updated and donate.

  11. California is already solid blue and we’re watching as the red states go broke and belly up.

    We’re also enjoying our 2.5 billion state budget surplus.

  12. Love beautiful California…..but we’ve seen what republican states are doing one by one on a state level with voting rights and women’s rights being taken away. Therefore, it turns into a human right to turn them blue….

  13. I think the Democrats should act in the interest of the country as a whole not just out of revenge. If the revenge card is played the GOP minions will convince the public that all the problems are due to the Dems. If they stop legislation or slow it down the Dems should use every outlet available (few though they are) to sell their reasons for the action; in most cases it should be fairly easy to to just that.

  14. You are so spot on Andy. Not only should they be voting against the republican adengda, they should be inserting riders to everything that will benefit the American people, and not the corporations.

  15. My friends on the left don’t seem to understand that Republicans want the Senate to be gridlocked. Harry Reid can shut the place down for all they care. Mitch McConnell and his friends will just sit back and laugh their asses off because that’s what they want, a do-nothing Congress.

  16. Democrats also need to introduce bills that protect people and the environment, not corporations and clergy.

    Throw down the gauntlet of the Constitution and write laws that defy the lobbyists.

    They don’t have to pass, but someone will have to say ‘no’ on the Congressional record.

  17. I agree with this article, but why is actual American English, with complete sentences, so hard to write? Don’t you have a word processor with spell/grammar check? Do you care about clearly presenting your views? Looks as though you don’t.

  18. Although I agree thorough proofreading would improve many a blog and post, this does tend to put the “pick” in “picayune”.

  19. Ok my brothers and sisters, you know what??, FUCK THEM!!! For 6 years these gop/bagger scum have Gerrymandered, voter id bullshitted, voted down everything helpful to society,lied,cut education to keep people ignorant sheep, treated our president with hate and racism and made us look like immoral scum in the eyes of the world.I say it’s time we grew balls/ovaries as proportionaly as big as our liberal brains!..To that end, screw the shutdown!.If this is what it costs don’t do it. Make it public what’s in the bill! Tell Americans that the bill would aloow Wall Street to do to us again what they did 7 years ago!Tell veterans, students etc.Make these fuckers out to be the villians they are or….ad a bigger amount of Dem wants to it and shove it down their fuckin’ throats!The repubs are mean,uncaring of our society, greedy and racist.We have to be brutal and not only not give and inch, but fight for everything we can get .We can fight together as unified Democrats or lose our country…

  20. Sean, I agree with you. Hope it is not too late. The next 2 years are going to be absolutely treacherous.

  21. I always had the feeling that the disgusting GOP was gaining power through working from the bottom up. Local elections, states, etc. We were all focused on the presidential element, and they have been working from the bottom up.

    Too bad their economics doesn’t work that way..from the bottom up.

  22. Well, I wouldn’t bet too much on not having a GOP president in 2016. They cheated, gerrymandered, and suppressed voting to rig it so they won this time, and they have 2 more years to perfect it even more.

    Our country is in a very sorry state of affairs. With all this BS going on between the Congress and the President, it makes our country very weak, weaker I think than it has ever been.

  23. Looking Forward..we all have to vote in LOCAL ELECTIONS as well as presidential elections. It is very important to vote every single election, before we lose the right to vote.

  24. Demo, totally agree. I think we can all agree the rethugs have a slim chance of capturing the whitehouse in the future! But, they can and have been doing some real damage on the state and local levels.

  25. Just watched the video and loved it. Now picture the scene/situation when every single tea bagger republican do this! It’ll be a hoot!!!

  26. I’d like to see Harry ride into town real slow, windows down, music blaring “The Big Pay Back” by James Brown. Best line/verse,

    “…I got to get back, I gotta deal with you, gotta deal with you
    Gotta deal with ya, I gotta deal with ya, hey let me tell ya!

    You hollarin’ and cussin’, you wanna fight
    Don’t do me no darn favor
    I don’t know karate, but I know ka-razy!

    Hey get ready, that’s a fact
    Get ready you mother, for the big payback”

  27. Hey Ron, you don’t understand that Harry will be stopping the RWNJs from harming millions of Americans. They actually have 1 year to destroy us. Then it will be 2016 election mode all the way. As it is, if the Supremes destroy ObamaCare and the immigration relief order, millions will be hurt. Are folks going to be kicked out of hospitals, rehab programs and cancer treatment programs? We look like such a hateful country to our own people.

  28. This didn’t just happen. 30+ years of repub planning has us where we are today. I am white and very ashamed of white repub voters.

  29. Hoping that McTurtle gets back what he has dished out. It will be refreshing to watch him destroy himself. Hope Harry really does give him Hell. Want to make him a one term Majority Leader. Harry should start planning to use every trick he used. Turnabout is fair play with right wingers.

  30. Obstructionism is great! And there’s nobody better at being obstinate, cantankerous, and whiny than Harry Reid! And with Sheldon Adelman’s financial backing, nothing can stop obstructionism now. Oh, it’s great to be a liberal!

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