Morning Joe Loses 26% Of Its Young Viewers As MSNBC Audience Rejects Scarborough

joe scarborough ratings decline

MSNBC’s Morning Joe has seen 26% of its younger audience leave as MSNBC viewers have turned off the Republican talking points of Joe Scarborough in favor of other options.

According to TVNewser, over a quarter of their former audience has abandoned MSNBC’s Morning Joe, “Several shows saw significant individual declines, including “Morning Joe,” which was down -26% in the demo, while CNN’s “New Day” grew among total viewers and posted a second-place finish over MSNBC in the demo.”

What the above paragraph means in plain English is that younger viewers (age 18-49), who are the same people that MSNBC thought they could capture, are soundly rejecting Morning Joe and Joe Scarborough. Morning Joe’s audience is profiling similar to Fox News’s audience in terms of age. Morning Joe did beat CNN’s New Day seven out of twelve months in 2014, but CNN gained steam over the second half of the year. It would be surprising in Morning Joe beat CNN in 2015.

Cable news itself looks to be dying a slow death. All three cable networks lost viewers in 2014. Fox News lost 4% of their total viewers. CNN lost 13% if their viewers, and MSNBC dropped by 26%. MSNBC’s decision to try to hire younger talent may have backfired as CNN beat MSNBC in primetime with younger viewers.

All of the cable news networks need younger viewers to supplement their aging base audience. Younger MSNBC viewers have little interest in Joe Scarborough’s conservative morning show, but as has become the norm at the “Lean Forward” network, management is not listening to what viewers are demanding. There is a large audience on the left that has no morning options. These viewers are the people who are turning off corporate cable news networks that are to varying degrees conservative messaging machines.

The younger generation of cable news viewers has spoken. They don’t want to spend their mornings with Joe.

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  1. Cable news in the morning in general is mostly Republican talking points. Mika never challenges Joe’s BS. She just cringes and takes it like a typical Democrat politician. No backbone. I can’t stand to watch Morning Joe for more than five minutes before changing the channel.

  2. Morning Joke can’t help himself. Many of his opinions and verbal rants are absolutely appalling, and he seems to be getting even more apoplectic while spewing them — not unexpected, I suppose, from the ever-grinding Republican noise machine. Somebody at MSNBC, can the Joke. Do it quickly before everyone bails out on you during the early morning period. Ship M. Jo Scarbo back to the Florida panhandle. He could then sign-up for a remote show from “home” over the Faux News Nonsense sound machine.

  3. I got pretty sick of the whole MSNBC lineup a couple years ago…

    the only one worth watching is Rachel…

    my demographic is 60+ but I really can’t stand any of the cable ‘news’ programs…

    Fox is the worst but MSNBC sold its audience out when they dumped Olbermann…

    CNN can’t really figure out what sort of news program it wants to be… or which way it wants to lean or be neutral…

    I get most of my news from the internet… I take 2 newspapers but they are always a day behind the news from the internet…

  4. Joe Scarborough is TOXIC! They will be off the air if they don’t transfer his ass to FOX News!

  5. Oh, and MSNBC bosses, I forgot to say that it’s way past time for you to underwrite a backbone transplant for Mika. Connect it to her tongue. Get her to talk back to her cretin show host. Maybe then too there could be someone who will cogently and verbally thrust and parry effectively day by day with M.Jo.Scarbo’s angry, toxic verbal spouts and rancid bullying.

  6. Who couldn’t see this coming. If we were deranged enough to watch Fox News we would. Scarborough is a fatuous, narcissist surrounded by spineless sycophants. I still don’t know why Mike Barnacle is on this show. And the others, well, apparently their timidity overwhelms their dignity as they’re pathologically interrupted by Scarborough’s endless right-wing ranting. Sadly there are now no real morning TV options left for progressives or liberals or whatever the hell we’re called. CNN has been unwatchable for years.

  7. “MSNBC’s decision to try to hire younger talent may have backfired…”

    I’m not the demographic MSNBC is gearing toward (as much as I would like to think so).

    But assuming this refers to hiring Ronan Farrow, he was hired based on his last name, his parent’s connections and cache, a pretty-faced silver-spoon baby whose breezy confidence exudes that he has never had to make a decision based anything’s price and has never had to put a single thought toward whether he could afford a good car, much less a meal.

    He is, I think even for those the same age and political bent as he is, totally unrelatable.

  8. Intelligence insulting television; MSNBC is becoming a propaganda machine just as FOX is; stupid people entertaining stupid people.

  9. I never understood why he was hired in the first place. Now Michael Steele is standing in for Matthews! What’s that all about?

  10. What did a left leaning cable news network think would happen when they put Scarborough in the drivers seat? If I want to listen to GOP propaganda I’ll turn on Fox or Limbaugh and I’ll do that when hell freezes solid. If they want fair and balanced then put someone with backbone in the job, invite GOP guests and let them talk, then challenge them. They won’t do that because very soon they wouldn’t have any GOP guests appearing. The GOP doesn’t like unknown terrain.
    Cable news, other than Maddow, is a farce just as much as Fox and Friends are.

  11. Joe Scarborough’s rants always go unchallenged because if anyone tries to challenge him he is like an elementary school playground bully. There is a sensible conservative side to be heard. Joe is not the one that can deliver it. I’m not sure what would help at this time. I stopped watching regularly and check in from time-to-time; no change. Maybe it is time for Morning Mika with Willie as Co-host.

  12. How exactly is it tolerant to simply tune out or turn off anyone whose ideas don’t match one’s own? And how is it anything but Fascist to insist that everyone believe the same things and think the same way? Sorry, but I still like the world where we might disagree with what one another says, but be willing to fight unto death for their right to say it. I miss the days when we listened to one another — without calling each other names even if we disagreed. I fail to see the difference between FOX and MSNBC: everyone is saying the exact same things about the “other side”, as if we weren’t all just people in the end.

  13. Morning Joe showed such promise…MIKA has turned into a “stepford wife” and dares NOT cross that imbecile, JOE SCARBOROUGH…she is truly brilliant, and completely “dumbed down”…

  14. I stop watching totally when he called Michael Brown a thug. I started watching local news channels until after Morning Joe and the Daily Rundown go off. MSNBC also needs to replace Chuck Todd as moderator (MTP)as well.

  15. What a bunch of crap. In the same article you show the entire network down by 26%. Just because you cannot bear to listen to a different viewpoint and wish to stay locked in a bubble…(I say the same thing to FUX-watchers).

    This article reeks of everything that is wrong in America. We just want to be fed only the things we like, and websites like are more than happy to spoon feed you your pablum, kiddies.

    Oh…this is moderated. LOL. I guess I just wasted my time. Sarah Palin moderates her stuff, too. Point proven!

  16. Why is he still on?? Getting mad at that idiot is not how I want to start my day. I’m sick of switching to Imus. Due to my schedule 6-8am is the only time I have to get the news. Feel very let down by MSNBC. Oh well- no news is good news?? Alas-I think I’ll boycott the station until he is gone. Except for Rachel, who should start her own channel.

  17. I stopped watching this republican several years ago. I still don’t know what MSNBC wants to be.

  18. All first time posters get moderated now if you didn’t know that then turn right to the idiots aisle

  19. his ratings stink so they give him MORE airtime ? A regular on Meet the Press and an afternoon webshow ?

    MSNBC brass must live in a bubble.

  20. MSNBC lost its way when it fired Keith and let Martin “resign”–both over non-issues. I only watch Rachel, period.

  21. Joy Reid was good until they gave her a show. Now she is just as bad as the rest of them.

    The only person I like now is Ari Melber.

  22. I am an older viewer and cannot stand Morning Joe, I shut him off a few years ago and have watched Al Jazeera or BBC ever since.

  23. Bob, Joe does not discuss issues from a conservative viewpoint. He simply rants with little understanding of the issue.

  24. In terms of listening to non corporate owned news and intelligent, well read opinions, I would go for Amy Goodman or Thom Hartmann, who have extensive historical knowledge of the political legal process and the timeline that got us where we are right now; that speaks for itself

  25. The show lost me for several reasons. The last straw was the Michael Brown rant. It’s too Beltway and elite oriented, their “contributors” like Harold Ford Jr. challenge and add nothing, Joe rarely lets anyone get a word in, he’s as bad as John McLoughlin! Mika – I don’t know WHY she’s there 90% of the time other than being a scold when the school boys are misbehaving.

  26. Not just young people turning away. I used to like to watch as I did my coffee and paper in the morning, but Joe’s rabid Republican side started turning me off. He is now as arrogant and Anti American people as the rest of the party is…..

  27. I watched Morning Joe for a long time, because I. thought it was a show with both sides of the aisle represented. Really liked it when Willie was there. About 2 yrs. ago due to overt sarcasm and rudeness by Joe, I just did not find the program day in, day out worth my time. Being someone with a BA in political science and experience working in campaigns from statewide to grass root local races, I enjoy a good, respectful,energetic political debate/discussion between people with opposing views, but the show too often reverted back to Joe and his rude behavior. Just could not start my day with such negative issues.

  28. That rant was my last straw. I was leaning towards leaving the show anyway, but I got tired of being angry in the morning. He and the show wasn’t worth the aggravation any more.

  29. Joe is witless sarcasm wrapped up in shameless self aggrandizement. I am a liberal senior citizen genuinely interested in hearing conservative views. But Joe is an embarrassment in his own right and his bully tactics must embarrass his co-hosts and panels. MSNBC can do better, we need it.

  30. Joe Scarborough is an embarrassment to Liberals!! all we hear is “when I was in congress” Not a show that I haven’t heard this. He has a right to his views but not to his falsehoods. Tell the truth and your numbers may go up. America is not a bunch of idiots that don’t check out facts.

  31. M.M.Sands: I fully agree with your opinion, I never disagree with opinions, they belong to the person making them, I will and do question, Statements of Facts, because Facts are hard to Prove!

    I fully realize, ‘Hate’ Speek, is the type of ‘NEWS?’ that sell any Media, even when the Events happen on the Senate Floor, where each side of the isle, calls each other ‘Hateful’ names (they just dress the ‘Hate’ into a more civil arrangement, in my opinion!

    I encourage you, and others like yourself, to keep ‘Speaking’ to the obvious,”Hate Sells, Love Works”2015 regardless of the Negative Push Backs!

    My Positive Energy is to Wish Everyone a very Positive New Year! “It may seem Hopeless, but not Helpless, for Good to over come Evil” In Theory and Philosophy.

  32. I agree with you Butch….Scarborough is nothing but poison for America and msnbc….He belongs at fox news or back down south where he can practice racism which is what he believes in…

  33. For the longest time, I didn’t think Mika was a Democrat and was shocked to hear her family has strong dem roots….she doesn’t act like one. As for Scarborough, educated / intelligent folks have much better things to do w/their time than to listen to his lies….read informative news or if they want fiction, pick up a book

  34. Almost all of the talk shows on TV and radio could be done by any idiot pulled in off the street. I wonder why I don’t have one sometimes, since my opinions are just as good as theirs and my knowledge seems to surpass theirs.

    I’m mainly a public radio listener and an Internet news browser. If I do watch TV, I tune in the evening news for their take. If I could get MSNBC, I would probably only watch Rachel and Ed.

  35. They had a “young” audience? Truthfully wasn’t aware of that. It doesn’t surprise me because Joe is kinda like your drunk uncle during the holidays that will yell his opinions to you, regardless of what you want to hear or talk about. Rejects everything else as wrong, plus he’s a jack ass bully. Best thing to happen to Squinty and the Meat Puppet…Fox News.

  36. People watch cable morning news? If I watch morning news at all, it’s CBS, simply because it’s the station my TV defaults to when it’s turned on. My local news is informative, and amusing with the banter between the hosts, weather dude, and traffic woman. Then later “CBS This Morning” is just “meh”; not too political, just “news”, as truthful as MSM seems to get.

    To find honest news on TV, I think the only thing left is John Stewart… Otherwise if I want to know something I look it up online; which I’m doing less and less these days, as everything is getting increasingly depressing to hear about.

    – Just one person’s opinion, ignore me

  37. I hear ya Maxie. I about fell over when I saw Steele hosting Hardball. My biggest problem with both Steele and Scarborough can be summed up in 5 words: When Republicans talk, they’re lying!!! I was glad I had the remote nearby because it was used the moment I saw Michael Steele at the helm. And I haven’t watched Morning Joe for a long time for that very reason. The lies. I’m sick of GOP lies.

  38. You are so right. Every time he does that spiel, I become ill and want to puke. My attitude is “who cares”. He ought to try running again. Joey’s ego certainly couldn’t handle losing.

  39. This comment nailed it for me. MSNBC has tired to be like all the other news outlets and drifted to the right. Like the New Republic. That is why that went into the trash heap of publications that turn their back on the heart of their audience.
    All these big honchos are just looking to be Fox when they should be gathering up all the other people who like news, instead of propaganda.

  40. Stopped watching Morning Joke last year. And when I heard that Joe Scarborough, had fallen for that, “It was a demon, the hulk and it bulked up to run pass the bullets. Bullshit, I knew I had made a good move. Hey Joe there is no such thing as the “Black Bogey Man” Don’t care what Officer Wilson says

  41. 26%? That number needs to be increased to the point that the Scarborough show is terminated. Fox doesn’t employ democrats, so why is MSNBC employing the worst conservatives for it’s show. Who needs to see that crap first thing in the morning?

  42. I don’t watch MJ nearly as much as I used to. The only reason for that is JS. I tried to listen to his point, but it made me crazy! I can’t stand the way Mikka allows him to treat her . Sometimes as though she’s not even speaking. He treats her like a baby sister. Makes me crazy! Even the photo’s where he’s always a step ahead of her. Mikka, if he says something you don’t agree with, just say “Shut up Joe!” Stand up to Joe! I would love to see Keith Olberman in one of those seats. Your going to lose us MSNBC if you don’t do something about this. I can wait all day just to see Rachel Maddow! Do something!

  43. I am an older viewer too and I’m turned off by MSNBC in general. It saddens me that some of the best talent on the network have to carry water for some of the worst, i.e., Scarborough and Todd. I guess they have to toe the corporate line and give these guys credence but it’s just sad to watch. I prefer AlJazeera also. Their news is great, and I believe balanced, and some of their specials are excellent. They had one about immigrants and had 3 liberals and 3 conservatives paired up retracing the steps 3 immigants who died trying to cross the border. It was an excellent documentary.

  44. Wow. I just read all the comments and had no idea. I don’t like MJ anymore either! Even wrote Mika last year that, while, I enjoyed her, I thought Joe’s remarks and rudeness to her were awful. Glad to see Democracy Now! and Thom Hartmann mentioned. They are awesome and since mainstream media where I am doesn’t offer FSTV (positive it’s corporate conspiracy) I can lifestream it online. Then, of course, Jon Stewart and Rachel Maddow. Reading all your comments was like being part of ‘family’ again…..I also have to live in a pretty conservative environment now and it’s been lonely :)

  45. Well I got news for MSNBC am older than 60 and I stopped watching morning Joe a couple of years back. You can write to MSNBC but they never respond back to your emails. I just can’t take another republican politican acting like a journalist. Enough already.

  46. i got turned off by the vile mouth of Scarborough, he lacks respect for his audience and for our President. I think he would be better of with Faux Lies…I am 57 years old,and I can’t stand that man. Mika has no idea about the needs of the average American woman.

  47. Is not that I mind hearing those that disagree with my viewpoint, but when it comes to the level of disrespect that Scarborough dishes out, that is where I cut the line. I think Michael Steele would be a much better host, I might not agree with what he believes in, but when he speaks it is within the realm of civility. He doesn’t call anyone thugs or stupid; he choses his words carefully and with respect.

  48. I have to admit that I can barely bring myself to watch the local news, as I live in the deep South and there is no such thing as a left leaning (or centrist) news broadcast here. If there is a sensible conservative side to be heard, it isn’t being broadcast anywhere, so far as I can see.

  49. I’ve seen Michael Steele a few times since the R’s dropped him for BWB. He’s not bad when he’s limited to reasonable conversation, but he’s not a man that needs a platform like that. There isn’t anything that man wouldn’t say for the R’s if he thought that they had his back again.

  50. Tune the radio to “Morning Edition” on NPR and get news if you are really interested in real news in the morning. No screaming, name calling, back-biting, snark, and a nice mix of human interest stories.

  51. Sooner or later MSNBC will find out that their base that supported them is Left Leaning. They are trying to change the format and the political leanings to more right – for instance, Micheal Steel heading up Hardball for Chris Matthews earlier this week. I am desperately looking for a new station that feeds my left leaning needs. [wink]

  52. I feel sorry for you if you think he’s all that! He is he one that when a representative for FL his aide was found dead in his office and the mystery never solved. He’s arrogant, selfish, and egotistical.

  53. Longtime fan and listener. I’m 72, love Mika, willie. The show lost me with the 2 mindless cringeworthy rants by Joe about the police and demonstraters. I believe they were rare moments of true honesty, he showed his hand, and that Genie won’t go back into the bottle. Adios bigot. Still like rachael and Chris, different but both quality journalism.

  54. Joe is human garbage… The show could be great, but only without Joe… He’s horrid and bigoted and disgusting, and I hate the way he talks, and dresses and well… basically everything about him.

  55. Progressives do need a morning show, and MSNBC, which is supposed to be an alternative to Fox Noise, fails miserably. Joe Scarbrough’s conservative rants and defending one of the most evil, worst presidents in history, Ronald Reagan, make the show intolerable for progressives. Get rid of this guy and put Rachael Maddow’s show in the morning.

  56. Mika is as far away from “brilliant” as the moon is from earth. She’s a dunce. There is nothing on MSNBC in the morning worth anyone’s time and attention. Joe Scarborough is a ranting fool and Mika is wallpaper. The morning slot on MSNBC needs a complete change. I have come to prefer the weather channel in the morning.

  57. I don’t know about the morning shows but I know one simple guaranteed way MSNBC can increase it’s primetime evening ratings. Were MSNBC to bring back Keith Olberman it would guarantee a million viewers per show M-F. Probably help Maddow out too.

  58. I no longer watch because I am SICK of Mika not standing up to Joe. He just talks over EVERYONE and she doesn’t fight to get her side out there. Spineless women on TV give all of us the title of BITCH when we fight to get our opinion out there!

  59. Not to appear that I’m defending him, but JS has always been this arrogant. Nothing has ever changed.

    But the atmosphere of misogyny and hate became more transparent on that show.

    However, I have tuned out and away from this show several years ago when the line up became stale.

    And Willie’s usual dry wit was sorely missed.

    And, by the way, how in the hell did Louis Burgdorf get this gig? Apparently it’s the MSNBC nepotism pipeline that gave us Russert and Farrow.

  60. I’m not a young viewer…but I certainly have joined them in this trend.
    MSM/Corporate News/Cable whatever you choose to call it is Still like a “Corporate Boardroom Sales Pitch”…and I reject what they are selling.
    There is nothing to learn, nothing truly credible to believe, mostly just “He said/She said” gossipy nonsense, there are too many Uncovered issues that are vital to our society, economy and finances…Net Neutrality is never mentioned, for instance. The “blurbs and comments” about Some of the important stuff is Never thoroughly and satisfactorily investigated and followed up on.
    News has become little more than a “Hollywood Sitcom Production” for entertainment.
    The Same “stories” are covered by different people on different programs repeating the same message slightly differently along with the “experts” they opine with.
    “News” has become so monopolized-there are only 4 or 5 “global owners” so “They” don’t have to listen to viewers/Viewers are Not hea…

  61. I am not young by a long shot. Not only can I not stand Scarborough and eye-rolling Mika and never really watched them, I have pretty much abandoned MSNBC for several reasons. I cannot stand the yelling over each other that goes on with Chris Matthews. I have become bored with Rachel. Can’t stand Chris Hayes high pitched voice, etc. for the rest of the children who have shows that are not interesting. The only one I have really liked for a long time is Lawrence O’Donnell and he is weird since his accident. Ed Shultz used to be a favorite but he is boring. Al Sharpton needs to learn how to pronounce names. Ne is nearly illiterate. Bring back Keith Olberman. While I am at it, get rid of Chuck Todd. He is as bad as Gregory was. Basically, I am sick of there being no real news anymore, just crap. Where are the Walter Cronkites, Bill Moyers, Huntley/Brinkley, Tim Russert, etc?

  62. Morning Joe seems more a good-ole boy,jock slinging, back slapping mess led by squinty-eyed Scarborough who tries to fool the people by occasionally bucking the right wing trends. At heart, he is one of them and it is no wonder the viewership has dropped off by 26%. Morning Joe seems to be taking his audience for granted.

  63. The loss has much less to do with Joe’s political ideology than with his really poor manners. Cutting people off who have been invited as guests. Very bad manners. And Mika sits there like an abused spouse.

    I stopped watching over a year ago. I tuned in again within he last month or so and nothing had changed.

    I watch CBS’s Morning program now. Much more satisfying.

  64. After many years of listening to Morning Joe, I finally had enough this year, after hearing him rant and rave about the Ferguson incident. I really do not want to listen to anyone who screams and yells at anyone that does not agree with him. He is a bully. Poor Mika. I seriously do not understand why she sits beside him. “I call her eye candy”. This is about all she is good for. She isn’t allowed to voice her own opinion, nor is anyone else, unless they agree with Joe. What a huge mis-step, on the part of MSNBC. They should get rid of him…They need to move this show forward…

  65. Do you seriously believe this is why the show is called Morning Joe…. Let me enlighten you. Morning Joe, means Morning Coffee. This is what he what he seems to think it is…His personal show. He is a boring, boorish bore. He doesn’t even know how to treat the guests that comes on his show, unless they agree with his point of view. He yells and treat them like…S—t… I would not put up with his antics, I would simply get up and walk away, if I were a guest on that show… Also, I would never return unless he apologizes to me…

  66. I would hope the aforementioned age group should be either at work or getting ready for work instead of watching Morning Joe or any other show at the 6 to 9 time slot.

  67. And thats exactly what it is. The Joe show. Thats why they call it the Morning Joe Show

    And I agree with you, but I quit watching him many years ago

  68. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime, Netflix, and other Net-based programming, without them, all I’d do is read.
    Fox = Fraud, CNN = Constantly Negative News, and MSNBC = Miserable, Snotty, No Body Cares–especially Rachel Maddow who thinks her audience is Fox’s. She repeats the same things over and over and over and over…get it? She bores me to death and the rest of the line up doesn’t do much better.
    Thank goodness for READING! I’ve got the 8.9″ Kindle Fire. I have an Android Tablet so I can read Oyster’s $9.95 a month for all you can read.
    I’ve pretty much stopped watching television with the exception of watching the “news.” I get most of my news over the ‘Net where I can get what I want when I want it.
    I’m especially fed up with the “news” that constantly knocks the ONLY democracy in the middle east while seemingly sucking up to the enemies of democracy.
    I wonder how much I can get for my 36″ Vizio?

  69. No matter which political camp you’re in, MSNBC Jumped the shark when Al Sharpton was given a show.

  70. all these shows losing ratings, and msnbc still does not understand why. f*ck msnbc and nbc. they are owned by republican billionaires and it now clearly shows. all of the media now seems to be republican and rightwing shills. just turn the channel.

  71. it has become clear that the news has now turned against the people and are working for the rightwing millionaires and billionaires.

  72. And that’s because mr. joe only speaks truth to money. When he speaks he speaks of himself and his millionaire partners by distorting facts and figures that will not benefit you but it will him & GOP/corps. Always lying about Obama and our doom under his presidency. Always justifying all the wrongs the GOP have done all these years. Always shouting down anyone who tries to speak with facts. Never once on the side of youth who AREN’T RICH LIKE HIM and his kids. His panel of all rich white folks and Joe’s black token guy Steele…so other blacks can agree with his white GOP BS–help no one. He does not help situations as they Ferguson. He needs to keep his personal racist opinions to himself. Stop thinking he’s the only one right about anything and everything when he knows nothing about you me or anyone outside his rich white bubble. He needs to just STFU like boehner ..mcconnel…bachman.. king..snyder..scott. Their HATE has held back progress and freedom! AH’s that t…

  73. There are some good programs left on MSNBC. Rachel Maddow, The Cycle, Up With Steve Kornacki and Melissa Perry-Harris are the ones I enjoy. I would like to see Steve and Joe switch time slots. Let Steve host a morning show during weekdays and give Joe the weekend morning show. That would this 43 year liberal democrat back to MSNBC in the morning instead of watching local news/Good Morning America.

  74. Dish satellite tv has Free Speech TV network channel 9415. Has Stephanie Miller, Bill Press, Democracy Now, etc.

  75. Obviously, you have never seen/read/heard her independent work..she takes after her father…

  76. You obviously have not seen/ heard/ read her independent work…she is a clone of her father…BRILLIANT.

  77. I do think Mika, is highly intelligent, and probably can hold her own, in most situations, but she has been beat down so much, by Joe, that I fear, she has lost her voice. Rather than challenging him, and being the subject of his wrath, and misogyny banter, she just sit and says nothing. She has simply become “Eye Candy”…sitting there looking like a dumb blonde. What a pity…what a pity..

  78. MSNBC Morning Joe has been the Joe Scarborough Show for the last 4 years, and and it’s Guest are just Paid Pawns. And EVERYONE keeps saying POOR MIKA, Poor Mika My Ass, Mika knows how to open her Mouth and she’s playing the BATTERED Co-HOST, & Mika knows silents is Golden. Joe Scarborough Big Mouth,will eventually get him canceled and THEN,Mika will find her voice. And we all know,where she keeps it hidden, it’s in her Purse.

  79. Morning Joe has never belonged on MSNBC. It clearly belongs on Fox. As for Mika, she is an insult to women everywhere. She does not act like an equal co-host. She makes women look bad. I’m not young either, but have rejected them a long time ago.

  80. She is not an equal co-host. The title of the show is not the morning joe and mika show. She is only there to keep the continuity of the show going

  81. The young aren’t the only ones who’ve stopped watching bully Joe and spineless Mika. I had been “leaning” away for a while, but the Ferguson Hulk demon who bulked up and ran through flying bullets rant was the last straw. Let Mika moderate without him and see if she can find her voice. Make centrist H. Ford a permanent panelist to represent a reasonable right-leaning perspective, since his centrist position is about as conservative as progressives are interested in. At least his opinions are fact based. If they want to capture the progressive am audience (and they should, since it’s available for the taking), they should have conservative guests who are respectfully and factually challenged by a panel that ranges from liberal to centrist. If I want to watch right-wing rants I’ll watch Fox News.

  82. The worst thing about Scarboorish is not the “Republican talking points”. It is his monumental ego, his nonstop droning, and his sexist condescension to Mika.

    The guy HAS to be the first one to chime in on every issue, and he always talks three times longer than he needs to to make the point. If you watch carefully you can sometimes catch reaction shots from his irritated guests, but they’ve learned to feign patient interest, and the producers are probably on their toes to prevent us from seeing the worst reactions. In the early days there were several priceless stretches where every other guest they showed while Joe was talking was clearly irritated.

  83. Have never watched murder suspect Joe Scarborough. Why would anyone hire a murder suspect and expect viewers to watch? JS resigned from CON-gress right after his young healthy athletic aide, Lori Klasutis was found dead in his Flori-duh office with a 4 inch crack in her skull. The crime was swept under the rug claiming the cause was lost balance from a medical condition! It is believed Klausutis was about to expose malfeasance in the election of G. W. Bu$h. Chuck Todd – who can forget his manipulation of the election and what he did to Kucinch? I no longer watch any trash on NBC. BBC, LINK & AlJazeera are my choice.

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