Senator Announces Democrats Have Enough Votes To Sustain An Obama Veto Of Keystone XL


Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) announced on CBS’s Face The Nation that Senate Democrats have enough votes to sustain the widely expected veto that President Obama will issue after Republicans pass a bill authorizing the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Schumer said, “I think there will be enough Democratic votes to sustain the president’s veto…Our Republican colleagues say that this is a jobs bill but that really is not true at all. By most estimates it would create several thousand temporary construction jobs and only 35 permanent jobs…Why create very few jobs with the dirtiest of energy from tar sands when you can create tens of thousands more clean jobs using wind and solar? Our Republican colleagues are doing what they always do: they’re appeasing a few special interests — in this case oil companies and pipeline companies and not really doing what’s good for the average middle class family in terms of creating jobs.”

Senate Republicans won’t get anywhere near the 67 votes that they will need to override a presidential veto of the bill to authorize the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. President Obama made it clear that he was leaning towards vetoing the bill during his final press conference of 2014.

When the president was asked about Keystone XL, Obama said,

At issue in Keystone is not American oil. It is Canadian oil that is drawn out of tar sands in Canada. That oil currently is being shipped out through rail or trucks and it would save Canadian oil companies and the Canadian oil industry an enormous amount of money if they could simply pipe it through the United States and all the way down to the Gulf. Once that oil gets to Gulf, it is then entering into the world market, and it would be sold all around the world.


So there is no. I won’t say no. There is very little impact, nominal impact on US gas prices, what the average American consumer cares about, by having this pipeline come though. And sometimes the way this gets sold is, let’s get this oil, and it’s going to come here and the implication is that it’s going to lower gas prices here in the United States. It’s not. There’s a global oil market. It’s very good for Canadian oil companies and it’s good for the Canadian oil industry, but it’s not going to be a huge benefit to US consumers. It’s not even going to be a nominal benefit to US consumers.

President Obama is going to veto whatever bill the Republicans pass that would authorize the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. Republicans are going to try to spin this veto as the president being against job creation, but enough Senate Democrats will stand with the president to sustain his veto.

Republicans better get used to it, because they don’t have enough votes to pass anything on their own. Congressional Democrats and President Obama are going to present a unified front against Republicans giving Big Oil the gift of Keystone XL.

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  1. The GOP will also probably have several in their ranks stupid enough to tack on totally unrelated poison pill amendments to any Keystone XL bill, virtually ensuring Dem opposition and a Presidential veto.

    Trust the GOP to shoot themselves in the foot again, AND waste taxpayer money with another stupid go-nowhere vote, like they’ve done trying to repeal the ACA (what it is, 54 times?).

  2. KEYSTONE XL: Selling Koch Brother Canadian OIL to the Chinese. What’s our end? Zip, to include under a hundred long time jobs…

  3. Kochs are trying to sell Americas heartland to Canada so they can profit from the sale of the USA.
    Kochs can go to hell – they should go purchase Saudi. They are now domestic terrorists conspiring to damage America. No corporation or family has the deed to this country and we are not FOR SALE!

  4. Who cares? With the price of oil as it is every barrel extracted from the tar sands costs the producers money, pipeline or no.

  5. Americans care. I care, my kids care, my grandkids care. Where’s the self-riteous teapubs now claiming “nothing left for our kids futures”. Hypocrites, they are. I guess its ok to trash the US as long as you make money off it – “screw the grandkids” is the new Koch/gotp congress chant.

  6. I love that UTUBE vid, which shows how polluted Texas is.
    And it’s sad that Texas doesn’t have REGULATIONS to monitor and/or prevent this.
    Texas doesn’t even have BUILDING CODES…doesn’t that entice you to move there?

    Remember the chemical plant explosion in the city of West, Texas?

    The republicans HATE regulations of any kind.

    And they laugh at California with our environmental regulations…

  7. Not to offend a fellow liberal but, Sen. Chuck Schumer will SUSTAIN/UPHOLD/STAND WITH/SUPPORT President Obama’s veto…this is what we want

  8. and our economy since we export wheat and corn to other countries.
    But you know it’s not a sacrifice for all those 35 permanent jobs…but just think of all those thousands of jobs we will lose when there’s a leak and the aquafir can’t be cleaned….OOPS

  9. BC has blocked it from going thru their province and Vancouver is the most logical deep seaport to get to China from AB.
    I believe TransCanada also tried to use an oil existing (but needed to be modified) pipline east to Montreal but was also blocked by Quebec.

    “TransCanada’s Energy East Pipeline Will Cost Quebec Economy $100M Annually, Says Provincial Gas Provider”

  10. The world is awash with oil and it will be for the foreseeable future. Opec and the Saudi’s don’t really control the market anymore. This was seen in their recent response to the plunge in oil prices which was to pump more and try to start a price war. They can’t just threaten to turn off the pump, too much oil everywhere. Alternative energy sources are becoming commercially viable and chipping away at oil consumption. Keystone is simply not needed. It’s a special interest payoff by the GOP. Not gonna’ happen

  11. Trans Canada can pollute all they want and not pay a dime to clean it up.
    Google: transcanada oil spills…there’s a bunch of links to choose from
    (But I believe you’ve done that already)

    I’m getting on my California soapbox again:
    We in California have regulations that specify if a company pollutes, the company MUST clean it up or pay heavy fines.
    This is one of the reasons that some companies have fled California to go to unregulated Texas <- who doesn't care about the environment or it's citizens health.

  12. Love you guys in CA! So smart. If Texas is a preview of a Rick Perry administration, yikes! Tea party agenda of deregulation at its finest. Texas is a cesspool of waste. Pollution, corruption, bad healthcare, horrible schools. Thats what they want to turn America into – a joke in the world.

  13. Andy, you’re so right. Maybe that’s what we need to kill the GMO corn and wheat.

    I was speaking to a petroleum engineer from Alabama in the Miami Airport last month whose job is to clean-up oil spills. He agrees that Keystone will be dangerous but says one way or another it will be built. The oil companies have contingencies in place to build small sections under different names and contracts, eventually connecting them and getting their pipeline. Later than sooner, but they will find a way when there are billions in profits to be made.

    The fine, God fearing citizens of our country will only recognize the failures of this Congress when they turn on their tap water and flames pour out.

  14. The Canadian owned company that extracts that filthy tar sands shit does not want, nor will it allow transport of it anywhere in Canada, so, with the sneaky and reprehensible assistance of the greedy GOTP, American lands got STOLEN in order to put a pipeline to transport it to greedy oil refinery owners. Then it will NOT be given or sold to the U.S. It will be sold to foreign entities. The only people in the U.S. (I won’t say citizens as they are not taking care of REAL citizens)who will benefit are those with financial interest in that Canadian company. That would be the Kochs, et. al.

  15. Just thought I’d let you know that the pipelines we’ve had have burst MANY times up here in Canada. We’ve been fighting to say no to a pipeline Embridge wants to ram down our throats through the rockies and into the west coast. We also have said we don’t want the pipeline Keystone XL to go through us nor the USA. I think as a Canadian I can safely say we agree with you….the oil barons should take those pipelines and shove them up their collective asses.

  16. Sad Day for America if the Republicans get it passed, for NH, we can thank Sen Kelly Ayotte for supporting Keystone, because its not in her backyard, but for NH pipeline she has NO opinion,which means its OK with her, and for the Northern Pass she says NO it well be bad for NH.
    She also supports Bundy for grazing on Government land and threatening law enforcement…reason why…she wasn’t on that “committee!!!!”

  17. I hope your rosy prediction for the future is correct Patricia, it’s just that I don’t trust the teabaggrs, the Koch’s, or any rethug. They are willing to do anything to accomplish their goals.

  18. GOP GET OUR PROFITS,,,,,,,,tHE LIES THAT they have been feeding the public are only making them look stupid. We all know that the Keystone Line will denegrade our environment so that the tarsands …can be exported. The only permanent jobswill be the result of leaks, which we will be paying for. Canadian oil is absolved from any payments for cleanups///NO NO NO NO POTUS NO NO

  19. The ReTHUG BS about jobs is just that! BS!

    Billy: That they will build it in pieces to link together — they already have. The southern portion of the pipeline has already been built. Has been for a few years.

    Sadly most Americans don’t pay attention to what goes on in countries outside the U.S. I’ve commented before — Koch Bros are the biggest owner leaseholder of Alberta Canada oil sands. In other words — they’re in BED with TransCanada and the pocket of Prime Minister Harper — who was born, raised & first got into politics in Alberta. He too is a oil PIG. The only reason he’s Prime Minister is the left split the votes with 2 parties – New Democratic Party and the Liberals. Majority of Canada HATES the liar as he’s giving away the farm (Canada) in oil, trade deals, etc. He’s not as Right as GOP but he’d fit right in with the ReTHUGS.

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