White Supremacist Group Places Racist Billboard Along Highway In Alabama

white genocide billboard

For the second time in less than two years, a billboard has gone up near Birmingham, Alabama, carrying a pro-white, anti-diversity message delivered by a loose-knit group calling itself the White Genocide Project. The newest billboard, erected along I-95 near Springville, delivers the message, “Diversity means chasing down the last white person,” and is accompanied by the Twitter hashtag #WhiteGenocide. The White Genocide Project is comprised of a number of white supremacists and online activists who follow The Mantra, a screed written by segregationist Roger Whitaker that promotes separation of the races.

Per AL.com, this billboard is very similar to another billboard that was posted near Birmingham in June 2013. That billboard read, “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.” It also had the same hashtag applied to it. At the time that billboard went up, League of the South president Michael Hill claimed responsibility for it. However, he later admitted that it was financed by another League member. Hill was also behind billboards in the state that simply read “Secede.”

On its website, the White Genocide Project bragged about the billboard and directed members and those sympathetic to the ’cause’ to donate money for a similar billboard to go up in the northern part of the United States. Steve Goode, the writer of the post hyping the billboard, also denied they were white supremacists. His reasoning is that white people “wouldn’t be facing genocide” if they were superior. Also, he claimed the media likes to call them white supremacists due to the image it inspires.

If White people were superior we wouldn’t be facing genocide, would we? The media love to call us “supremacist” because it conjures up images of street gangs with swastikas tattooed on their foreheads selling drugs.

The bottom line is: they’re only saying that because we’re White.

Per their Mantra, white genocide believers are pushing the notion that countries with white majorities are allowing non-whites to assimilate into their populations to finally destroy the white race once and for all. This is through interracial marriage and lax immigration policies. The claim is that African countries and Asian countries are only for those people, but white countries are for everyone. The blame for the so-called eradication of the white race is placed at the feet of liberals.

Just to give you an idea on who promotes this idea that there is a large-scale plan to kill off white people once and for all, below are some of the most recent tweets using #WhiteGenocide.


Obviously, with the terrorist attack in France last week, white nationalists and segregationists are using the narrative that political correctness and liberal attitudes emboldened the attackers. It appears they see a perfect time to push forward their white supremacist message and appeal to a right-wing base that has been fed a sanitized version of this missive by Fox News and other conservative media. Much like we had seen during the Ferguson protests, racist groups are going to come out of the woodwork and try to gain some attention, and perhaps, some new members.


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29 Replies to “White Supremacist Group Places Racist Billboard Along Highway In Alabama”

  1. All this demonstrates to all minorities is that the white people in the area are cowards and are afraid of the minorities. A picture should be underneath the sign that shows a white man clutching his guns and Bible while hiding under his bed. Blatant fear mongering for fear is all they know.

  2. Mster Rick let’s re-write that so it makes sense shall we..here goes…Powerfully STUPID message by the Hateful White Community of Birmingham. There fixed it for you…

  3. I am so relieved that, according to our Conservative, activist, Supreme Court justice, John Roberts, that we are definitively in a “post-racial” society!

    It is as clear as Nestea!

  4. Perhaps I misread the article, but this statement “The newest billboard, erected along I-95 near Springville,…” is incorrect. I-95 does not go through Alabama. Perhaps you mean I-65?

  5. A mook on FOX said Birmingham England is totall muslim and they are instituting Sharia law ; I’m thinking Birmingham Alabama is more in danger of instituting white wing religious law

  6. Says the scared, old, fat white dude. FOX fan all the way. The GOP base in 1 picture. What are you afraid of, fat man? The GOP hates you too, you know that, right? You’re not wealthy enough for them to care about, but you’re stupid enough to vote for them anyway. They just use you, while laughing, to get you to vote against your own best interests. You’re an idiot, a poster child for the ignorant crackers that the GOP needs to win anything. Gawd, these people are the dumbest MF’ers on the face of the earth.

  7. I suggest all those who live in the South who value your so called “white racial purity” to go get a DNA swab to check your racial background. You will be surprised how many of you have African ancestry.

  8. Very hard to tell but it appears to me that the all white billboard is made from Klu Klux Klan sheets.

  9. Nothing quite like paid for racism now isn’t there. How much you want to bet that a White Christian Church is deeply involved in this.

    Another bet, not one of them has an education past the 11 grade.

  10. Your giving his kind too much credit. Dumbest MF’ers on the face of Earth, how about the universe? Maybe even the multiverse!

    My money is on a local Southern Baptist church, or as my former father-in-law, the Reverend William Larson called them, SOBs, as underwriting their entire racist agenda.

    Somehow the reich wing will conjure up a logic that the billboard is Obama’s fault.

    We can call it Cracker Logic.

  11. It’s time WE LOOK AT OUR FAMILIES.
    SHOULD MY FAMILY FEAR FOR THEIR LIVES EACH DAY. OR…Is it time to put aside excuses and forge a friendship and work toward peace REGARDLESS OF HOW MUCH WE NEED TO PUT INTO IT.

  12. Funny..where is this Massa’ Rick now!? I thought that he might at least come back to defend himself with at least one comment or reply..Oh that’s right! He can’t use his proxy penis on us and fill us full of lead so he cowers like all of these god fearin’gun nuts who don’t have an ounce of courage between ALL of them. Without a gun they are just mouthy little boys and girls not worthy of mention.

  13. What’s their PROBLEM? Why are Racists so annoying? Their presence messes up the landscape now they are making sure we see it and barf.

  14. Tell you what, Mstr Rick.
    If you want to see a “powerful message,” paint your face black, put on a hoodie, go into downtown Birmingham and flip some cop a bird.

  15. A majority of the hard core white supremacy groups go dark I would Speculate. They try to blend in and go unnoticed, feeding off each other’s hate and fear of differences. Communication……do they still talk on cb radios?

  16. One day the Koch brothers are going to realize that since white skin is apparently considered SO valuable, that it would make financial sense to skin all you people and sell this valuable skin to burn units. Keep you people in pens, feed you, and have you regenerate more skin to sell.

    Corporations ARE people, my friends. [WINK]

  17. True, there is no I-95 in Alabama. There is an I-65. However, this sign was on neither of those highways. It was on I-59 near Springville, Alabama, and it has been taken down.

  18. People like you need to be pity because is not your fault you are an IDIOTIC MORON and A RACIST but is you parent and grand parent fault . THIS IS WHAT HAPPEN WHEN YOU MARRIED COUSIN AND SLEEP With YOUR SISTER and PROCREATE

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