Paul Ryan Responds To Obama Tax Cut With Lies And Calls For Tax Hikes On The Middle Class



Rep. Paul Ryan responded to President Obama’s plan to cut taxes for the middle class by lying about the president’s plan and calling for a tax increase on the middle class.

Obama’s tax plan closes loopholes that the super-rich and corporations use to avoid paying their share of taxes while giving millions of middle-class families a tax cut. In a statement, Rep. Paul Ryan’s office responded by calling for tax cuts on the rich and tax increases for the middle class. Ryan spokesperson Brendan Buck said, “This is not a serious proposal. We lift families up and grow the economy with a simpler, flatter tax code, not big tax increases to pay for more Washington spending.”


What Ryan means by a flatter tax code can be found in each of his four budget. Paul Ryan’s flatter tax means cutting taxes for those at the top while eliminating deductions and tax breaks for everyone else. The Center For Budget and Policy Priorities broke down Ryan’s 2013 budget and found that in order to cut taxes on the wealthy, Ryan’s plan would raise taxes on the middle class, “As explained below, even with the same dramatic scaling back of tax expenditures for filers with incomes above $200,000 that TPC examined in its Romney analysis — including entirely wiping out their deductions for mortgage interest and charitable giving — families with children that have incomes below $200,000 would have to face tax increases averaging more than $3,000 a year, if policymakers were to avoid increasing the deficit while reaching Chairman Ryan’s 25-percent top-tax-rate goal.”

Rep. Ryan’s (R-WI) entire philosophy is centered around redistributing wealth to the rich. Ryan is the biggest proponent of the trickle down fairy tale. Each of Rep. Ryan’s budgets has been built around the fantasy that the economy will grow if the super rich don’t pay any taxes. The philosophy that Republicans are trying to defend does not work.

A 2012 study by economist Owen M. Zidar found that tax cuts for the top 10% don’t work:

“Almost all of the stimulative effect of tax cuts,” Zidar found, “results from tax cuts for the bottom 90%. A one percent of GDP tax cut for the bottom 90% results in 2.7 percentage points of GDP growth over a two-year period. The corresponding estimate for the top 10% is 0.13 percentage points and is insignificant statistically.”

Paul Ryan responded to the president’s proposal to do something that has been proven to work by proposing a course of action that has never worked.

Republicans are married to a failed ideology that keeps the checks coming in from their rich backers, but will never create economic prosperity.

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  1. Ryan’s Ayn Rand bullshit philosophy is destructive to the people. He is an enemy of the American people. Trickle down economics is a sham, and con job. The data is clear that it is a total failure.

  2. “trickled down, borrow and spend” BS hasn’t worked for over 45 years when governor Reagan began it in California in ’67 and then foisted on the U.S. in ’81.
    California is still in debt because we had to vote for many bonds to keep the school system going, but today we now have a state budget SURPLUS thanks to governor Brown.

  3. His is why I call Paul Ryan Weasel Punk. He will always be a lying weasel and he will always be a smarmy little punk.

  4. If ANYBODY thinks Ryan’s plan will work, they only have to take a look at Kansas. This is the exact game Brownback has been playing for the last four years and it has devastated his state’s economy.

    The same thing is happening in other states. Louisiana and Wisconsin are two other prime examples of the Republican’s grand experiment.

    IT DOESN’T WORK! It didn’t work under Reagan, it didn’t work under both Bushs. It will NEVER work under a Republican administration, no matter how hard they try.

  5. The past eighty years provides proof of how different tax ideology works. After the great depression and WWII, taxes were raised, stimulus for infrastructure was created, wages increased along with union membership, and every either could earn a living, even from the minimum wage. High taxes meant investing in America to reduce the effective tax rate. With a low effective tax rate already in place makes investing in America for a tax reduction meaningless. This trickle up philosophy made America the economic powerhouse of the world. We were the only economic superpower! Today, with trickle down, the opposite has happened. This along with incentives to outsource and offshore, we are poised to become number two, behind the country Reagan built through his outsourcing policies that are still in place.

  6. …which is precisely why Mitt found him such a sympatico running mate. There’s more “oil” in the smiles of those two sharpies then there is in the South Dakota shale.

  7. I think it is way past time for Mr. Ryan to seek different employment, he has pretty much spent his entire working life in government and all he seems to be able to do is put his energy into helping his rich friends and donors, while chipping away at everyone else. This country needs and deserves better. Just my $.02

  8. Yup, he got help from the government programs when he needed it but wants to take them away from others.

    Creep and hypocrite.

  9. Republicans are openly (for all who actually look for it) are now selling for their own personal profits and gains 99% of the U.S. Citizens and its residents plus all of the “Our” entire country’s “Public Natural Resources” and “Public Property” to their 1% King and Queen corporate “Masters”. We and our children (the 99%) will “forever” be their slave labor (brain washed at birth) uneducated “serf” class minions working and fighting wars from cradle to grave for our new U.S. “elite 1%” Corporate Slave Plantation owners. In my opinion. “GOD” BLESS AMERICA AND THE REPUBLICAN PARTY FOR MAKING THIS SO. Are we going to allow this kind of shit to happen to us people?

  10. Trickle down economics, which even George Bush I referred to as “voodoo economics” when running against Ronnie in the Republican Primary, has been shown to fail. A report released recently showed that it fails miserably. What would actually boost the economy is increasing demand, and increasing the disposable income of low-to-mid income workers boosts the demand as when they have more cash, they spend more cash. Raising minimum wages has boosted the economies of every single place that has done so. Helping the rich have more money just means they hold on to it, and by keeping wages low, the loss of demand has little impact on their assets. Trickle-down is sold as if the wealthy, when given enough cash, will inevitably shower the rest of us with opportunity. The reality is though, that they shower us alright, but it sure isn’t with opportunity…

  11. Anti-America Ingrate. After all that President Obama and Democrats have done to save this country from falling apart after twelve years of disastrous Republican policies and eight years of a disastrous Republican president, you still can’t find it in your unpatriotic heart to give credit to that Black man in the White House, can you? How anti-patriotic of you.

  12. Lyin Ryan is not in the same league as President Obama. Outclassed, Outsmarted, Outwitted, Out of everything. I frankly don’t know where you folks come from.

  13. “more Washington spending.” He says that like it’s a bad thing. Why IS it a bad thing?
    Because he says it is? um….

    The problem is what Washington is doing with our tax dollars, not the fact that the government has those dollars.

    Return on investment. What sort of rate of return does the average American see on their cumulative tax investment?

    Taxes are NOT fees. Paying taxes is like buying bonds. They add up. Compound interest. We invest in government and it pays out dividends in terms of health care, education, transportation and retirement security.

    Congress is our portfolio manager. They use our taxes to maintain our public assets and provide us with public services.

    Not the economy. Not keeping us ‘safe.’ Not to give us bogus ‘choices.’

    Provide for the general welfare.

    Why not give it a shot? Butter, not guns?
    Rampant Capitalistic colonialism is just not working for us, folks.

  14. Screw the ‘report.’ My life sucks. My friend’s lives suck.

    Because of voodoo economics. Bush family are not our friends.

    Who are you going to believe? The polls or your lying eyes?

  15. So let’s see.
    Tax breaks for uber-millionaires so that they can buy a couple more imported luxury cars or extend their European vacation by a couple of weeks? Good for America.
    Tax breaks for middle class families so that they can pay the mortgage, gas up the car, and/or send their kids to college? Bad for America.

    It’s not about whether or not to generate additional tax revenue. It’s all about which subset of Americans can provide the extra revenue with the least detrimental impact on their essential needs.

    Don’t pee on my shoe and call it trickle-down economics.

  16. Thanks, C.

    It irks me to no end that Republicans and their dutiful supporters can’t find it in their hearts to look beyond politics and skin color, and give President Obama and Democrats at least credit for rescuing this country from economic and financial catastrophe.

    It should be country first, then politics. But with these anti-American Americans, they’re willfully blind and they put politics over people and country. They’d rather blame than credit this hard-working president and Democrats for helping this country climb out of a deepening recession. I shake my head.

  17. Ryan also divested of all stock just before the 2008 crash. He had advanced knowledge and used insider knowledge to divest of seven-figure investments. What a POS…

  18. As bad as I hate to see it, I sincerely hope the Republicans screw things up so bad that nobody ever votes for them again.
    Looks like they’re making a good start with their rule on not reallocating funds to Social Security, raising co-pays for Tricare, funding a plane the Pentagon doesn’t even want, cutting military raises & pensions, and now raising taxes on a middle class that is disappearing. Bravo Republicans! @@

  19. …so Lyin’ Ryan reaches up his ass and pulls another plan…anybody surprised that this anti-Christian,{You cannot serve both God and Mammon} anti-American self serving Koch-sucking POS SOB opportunistic troit de merde is once again lying and waving a shitty {LITERALLY} budget that ONLY benefits those who DON’T need it???

  20. The stereotype that only ignorant people vote for republicans could not be more true. Any tax code changes republicans propose always lower taxes on wealthy and in some way raise taxes on middle class. Why can’t these middle class fools that vote republican see this? I know a ton of people here in Texas who don’t have a pot to piss in but still insist on voting republican. Ignorant, uninformed dumbasses.

  21. President Obama has proposed a change in the tax code that would lower taxes for the vast majority of Americans:

    President Obama will use his State of the Union address to call on Congress to raise taxes and fees on the wealthiest taxpayers and the largest financial firms to finance an array of tax cuts for the middle class….
    So how does Fox Nation describe the proposal? This way:

  22. Ryan and Brwonback in Kansas should get together since they both seem to follow the same thought patterns. Ryan and the GOP are so far showing that they are caught in a belief loop that is going to hurt them in the long run. The data has gotten to the point that it is obvious to most that the 1% have rigged the system to screw just about everyone else.

  23. Lyin Ryan is a little weasel and pee Wee Herman looking guy that best better leave my Social Security and Medicare alone. Privatize it to private insurance because all those old cronies own big stack in the insurance companies.It’s working for the elderly and you rich bastards have no right to try and take it away.

  24. Robyn, I believe Aussie Jimmy was saying trickle down does NOT work. That is what he was saying that the “report” said. The Faux News brainwashed minions who vote against their own interests due to bigotry or plain stupidity will believe the Republican lies of trickle down and gladly drink the yellow nectar they are being fed as the Republican politicians snicker behind their backs at the fools.

  25. Rep. Paul Ryan responded to President Obama’s plan to cut taxes for the middle class by lying about the president’s plan and calling for a tax increase on the middle class.’

    I’m sure I’m not the only person who read the headline and thought the article could have been summarized at ‘responded … by lying’. What’s new?

    We all know Paul Ryan has always been the Koch Brothers’ pool boy.

  26. Andrew if you really believe Ryan has integrity and intelligence, you had better go back to school to learn just what these words really mean…Now if you had stated he had NO integrity and NO intelligence, there would be no argument….

  27. Lyin Ryan continues with his assault on the America we all know and love; he’s a sycophant who’s a money grubbing hypocrite, who’s spewing the propaganda of the filthy rich.

  28. True, Rick; I was saying that Trickle Down is a lie, used to justify an agenda that benefits none but the already-rich. Sorry if I wasn’t as clear in my language; suffice to say, this stupid economic rationalism that has dominated economic philosophy of late is ruining countries and lives.

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