Bernie Sanders Drops A Truth Bomb On The Time Wasting Republican Keystone XL Obsession

bernie sanders keystone xl the ed show
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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) delivered the cold hard truth to Senate Republicans. Sanders told them that they were wasting their time trying to pass a bill to authorize Keystone XL.


MSNBC’s Ed Schultz asked Sen. Sanders if Senate Republicans were wasting their time trying to pass Keystone XL. Sanders answered, “The answer to your question is yes, and then on top of that the president has said that he is going to veto it, and they don’t have the votes to override the veto. But Ed, for these guys the Keystone pipeline has become a symbol, and that’s what they’re going to fight for. They see this as a major jobs bill that will provide thirty-five permanent jobs and several thousand jobs over two years. That’s their idea of real jobs bill, but they will reject the idea of rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure and put millions of people to work.”

Sen. Sanders was correct. Republicans have no chance of seeing Keystone XL signed into law while President Obama is in office. Sanders also nailed the fact that Keystone XL is not a jobs bill. Keystone is nothing more than a Republican gesture of love for the Koch brothers and big oil. Mitch McConnell promised a new and productive Senate, but instead McConnell’s Senate is wasting weeks on a bill that is going absolutely nowhere.

The Republican idea that they will force President Obama to authorize the pipeline by attaching it to must sign legislation is a delusion. If there is one thing that the has become common knowledge over the last six years, it is that there no guarantee that even must pass/sign legislation will ever become law. The Republican fixation with the authorization of Keystone XL has lost with reality.

Keystone XL won’t create massive amounts of jobs. The pipeline won’t make America more energy independent, or less dependent on foreign oil. The pipeline is an example of the sort of bad public policy that congressional Republicans have continually embraced.

It may be a new Republican majority, but as Bernie Sanders pointed out, Republicans remain as out of step as ever.

bernie sanders keystone xl the ed show
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43 Replies to “Bernie Sanders Drops A Truth Bomb On The Time Wasting Republican Keystone XL Obsession”

  1. I’ve said it before. eystone xl is not designed for amerian oil consumption. it is designed to move oil to export. if it were designed for domestic consumption, the pipeline would head for the east coast where the market is, rather than to the gulf coast where the oil congregates.

  2. Could you please find a more flattering photo of Bernie Sanders to use? The photos you post make him look like an angry nut.

  3. Regarding Keystone, I would like to hear from all of the people who will lose their land through eminent domain justify the pipeline; and, I would also like to have those who are pushing so hard for Keystone explain how they would gladly give up their homes and land if need be to help the Canadians, Chinese, and the 50 people who will be getting full-time jobs out of this?

  4. Canadians have rejected a pipeline across their country – and with good reason. If the oil companies want to move clean fuels, then they need to start building a refinery right in the middle of the oil shale deposits.

  5. Those guys are pushing this bill because “they” have bills to pay, political bills they owe to the Kochs and others. If they don’t deliver, they probably won’t get to sleep with the fishes, but big brothers might cut them off from easy money. Talk about an addiction reaction….what would they do??

  6. Veto this stupid pipeline and get it over with the Republicans are like little kids they just got to keep trying. Their mothers should tell them to sit down and shut up.

  7. I would like to know how in hell can a foreign country come in and take away Americans land through Eminent Domain. If anybody might have that right it would be the Chinese with all the money we oh them..
    Thinks are so screwed up and the Republicans are going to flush the country right down the toilet. Never hear a word out of this trash as to what they will do to make the country better.
    Are people so stupid they don’t see this????

  8. Even if Americans aren’t the ones consuming this terribly polluting fuel, the greenhouse effect will still continue to be a problem.

    Perhaps the air we breathe will be relatively cleaner than the countries consuming it, but our country will be impacted by rising coastlines, storms, agricultural difficulties, etc,etc.

    Foreign societies can still mess up our domestic environment by polluting their own badly enough, contributing to the global problem. Thus its important to ensure that developing countries have access to environmentally friendly energy sources, and that industrial superpowers use their influence to promulgate change.

    The Earth won’t give special consideration to societies based on their contribution to the problem nor the solution. If the greenhouse gases accumulate, the ozone layer thins, the oceans rise, the polar ice caps melt — that’s going to affect every lifeform on earth.

  9. This is poor strategy. Keystone is mostly symbolic — it will not make a big difference long-term for jobs or global warming.

    So use Keystone to extract a concession from Republicans, like a CO2 tax. Then, give Republicans their symbolic victory while we get a substantive one in return.

  10. As canadians we don’t want oil pipelines in our back yard but are pleased to have the americans asume the risks for our and the chineese benefits.Go repubicans!! Heehaw

  11. Absolutely right, John. My understanding is that the Kochroaches own tar sands oil leases to an area nearly as big as Delaware, and they demand that pipeline. Since they also own the pissant repube party lock, stock and tomahawk, the repubes are under orders to deliver.

  12. There was so much money invested in pushing is thing, that will never come back. The Kochs put their eggs in one basket on this one, staked everything on one throw and if it doesn’t go through, are going to have to eat the cost of all the elections they bought, not to mention, have to munch on acres of crow.

    I know, I know. You can start feeling sorry for them any moment now. [WINK]

  13. Actually, it makes a huge difference for CO2 emissions. Tar sands extraction leaves a huge carbon footprint, does prolific damage to the environment. That alone is a reason to never ok this bill.

  14. Bernie is his usual, demonstrating his lack of cognitive ability. Every one of those several thousand jobs building the pipeline results in further jobs generated much like a tree branching out.

  15. You don’t read much do you? They wouldn’t approve the VA Job Bill, the other job bills to improve infrastructure, which is how we were able to get out of the Great Depression. Oh, that is right, those are facts and you go by the fiction of the Republican party.

    Sure, lets allow our environment, water and air to be damaged further too.

  16. Even if the KXLP is stopped, I am afraid this oil will just be trucked to the gulfport refineries. On the bright side, that means more truck driver jobs will be needed, and more infrastructure improvements, mostly roads, will create more construction jobs. That’s kind of crazy though, using fuel to move fuel, but on a much larger scale. Rail would be a much more beneficial investment in the long term, as new lines can always be used to move other goods. On the blindside, this oil will only further poison the planet. The GOP lemmings insist on dragging us all off the cliff.

  17. There is already a pipeline. They just want a shorter pipeline to get their money quicker.

    The Keystone XL will go through a Native American reservation. Are they really going to use “eminent domain” to take away land from the Native Americans again?!

  18. Are there really only two Politicians out of the bunch willing to have the balls to stand up for the ‘People’?

    You know in any normal job. Employees wasting their time would be fired. And time and time again the Politicians in Washington, both Republicans and Democrats show just how against the people they are. They show just how unconscious and uncaring they really are. And it almost is out right evil. And with only Bernie and Elizabeth speaking up… and only have I been hearing from them in the last six months to a year. Are there really only two Politicians out of the bunch willing to have the balls to stand up for the ‘People’? Our forefathers warned us. But I think we thought it would be an outside job. God Help Us, ‘We The People’.

  19. Once we finally put the XL pipeline to bed, we should expose the fracking process for what it is. This process is causing extreme damage to our environment; 100’s of earthquakes where prior to fracking only a few were ever recorded and dangerously polluted water tables to start. We shouldn’t have to wait for flames to pour out of our water faucets, as it does in some Texas communities, to raise awareness.

  20. He is angry! As for him looking like a nut, take a look at Boehner and turtle man, lol! Now those are nuts!

  21. Bernie show more cognitive ability than almost any other member of either house of congress on a regular basis ! He is one of the only ones who consistently stands up for the people regardless of how it does or does not conform to anyone else,s agenda. He speaks the truth and is not afraid to ruffle the feathers of either party.Our Country would be well served to have this man in a higher position than he currently is. President? This time around? Probably not going to happen.Vice president would be a great starting point for him. That would give him a better shot at attaining the Presidency down the road. He never fails to impress me with his spot analysis of just about every topic.

  22. “…a Republican gesture of love for the Koch brothers and big oil.”

    Please use the term, “love,” with discretion.

    Clarity about the corruption in our government is about greed,or dependency for reelection. It has absolutely nothing to do with love.

  23. Native Americans mean it when they say they will block Keystone from crossing their land. They have emanate domain on tribal soverign land. The ranchers and Natives WILL stop the Keystone. They’ve already formed an alliance.

  24. Problem here is that the Keystone is going to leak, constantly if you follow the leaks up there already. That means that about half of the nation’s water supply will be contaminated. One can only speculate how the entire West will be affected by polluted water.

  25. Good point! Keystone is just not going to happen. The Natives have formed alliances and they will declare war if they have to. They will stand in the middle of the reservation roads and stop the construction. They’ve already done this. They mean it this time. No one will be taking their land!

  26. Which god would that be? The Republican god of money isn’t going to help the average America. The Republican god is greed, theft and arrogance. Their god spits on your children and rubs it in your face. Their god monitors your vagina and decides your life. Their god wants to protect the undeveloped and ignore the needy. Yeah, their god is going to rescue you. Only when you are worm food you will be rescued from the evil of the Republican Party unless of course they find a way to profit from your cold, rotting corpse.

  27. John Boehner is said to have multiple investments in the tar sands and in the pipeline. It would seem to me to be a chargeable conflict of interest for a Member of Congress to have investments in something before the Congress for approval, leading to profits to a Congressional leader.

  28. It’s the dirtiest of dirty oils that Canada has to offer and they want it to travel through our United States? I say B.S.! Run that s.o.b. through your own country and get rid of it your damned self and then deal with our own spills ’cause they are gonna happen. Then ask your favorite brother combo (the Kochs) to give you a hand cleaning it up (don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen).

  29. Maybe they would listen if we talked about the issue in terms of national defense.
    The oil industry has been consolidating refinery capacity by closing many and rerouting the oil to existing refineries on the coast. This makes our oil supplies vulnerable to attack by terrorists because refinery capacity is concentrated in one area. Instead, we should disperse our refineries and put them closer to the source. In this case, tar sands should be refined in the US upper midwest/lower Canadian area of North America – far inland and isolated from a coastal attack. That would also mean more jobs – more jobs than could every be realized from the keystone XL.

  30. Well the if what you say is true about the Koch brothers owning all the tar sand leases all I can say is Karma is a bitch because tar sand extracted oil must sell for at least $60 a barrel too bad for them.

  31. You are wright,a money tree for the 1% who don’t need nor dersive it.Climate change and porvity for the rest of us.Great idea!!!

  32. It’s not time wasting, it’s a national discussion of a much bigger issue (the belief that no one has a right to build a business or productive industry until government “approves” it, often years later, and, by extension, the right to work) and the pipeline is just the precedent establishing case.

  33. “The market” is Houston, TX refineries that take this presently unusable oil and refine it in to gasoline, employing hundreds of thousands of workers and building a mighty city of 6 million, the fourth largest in the US, in the process.

    FYI: New Jersey refineries were built a long time ago (before World War I) when only the absolute purest, lightest varieties of oil were drilled, and as such have very little ability to cleanse certain kinds of impurities and mostly import their oil from Saudi Arabia. That’s how we end up simultaneously importing oil from Saudi Arabia and exporting gasoline from American oil to Latin America: the refineries in Newark can’t handle current American oil – they were designed for hyper-clean Pennsylvania oil that ran out 70 years ago.

  34. We already have a pipeline in place to move “SHALE OIL” from the north to the south—-It is called the MISSISSIPPI RIVER!!! Tow boats and tanker barges are already in place, and the added freight would create thousands of permanent jobs!!

  35. I think we the people have to let the Republican know tha This is USof American . no US of the Republican Party. And i hope the President use his executive order to let then know that.

  36. While I would like to believe that the Keystone Pipeline failing would do the Koch Bros. in, I’m pretty sure that they have a lot of other eggs in other baskets. Although it would be entertaining to see them bankrupt, I don’t think it’s gonna happen.

    what I really wish is a reversal of Citizen’s United……then we wouldn’t have to worry with the likes of the Kochs and their cohorts buying our government. What the hell was SCOTUS thinking?

  37. Why should we canadians risk our enviorement when americans are willing to do it for us and get no benefit from it.It’s a no brainer from canadian point of view.GO republicans go.Wake up USA

  38. Asks Keystone Sludge of Canada,
    “May we please borrow America,
wrest away the farm of your Ma and Pa, 
fill your air with C excreta
and level forests vast as Florida? ”
    Tell them, “No, no, no! We’d rather go with Nature’s wind
and sola’!
    Even if we could pretend climate change isn’t a problem, there are many good reasons to say “no” to Keystone.
    It will not create the jobs claimed* for it, nor will it reduce prices at the pump. In fact, prices may go up as domestic oil finds easier ways overseas.
    It threatens drinking water supplies and land used for hunting and fishing.. 200.000 gallons spilled in Mayflower Arkansas, major spills in the Yellowstone River, and there are dozens of other spills per year. Along with the sludge is benzene, a known carcinogen, used to dilute the bitumen.
    But most importantly, the IEA estimates that Keystone could harvest 3 times the carbon that would take us over 2 degrees C, the absolute limit for a catastro…

  39. And, since Houston has already done all that, why do we need Keystone-XL? Maybe the old refineries need updating. That would make jobs.

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