Mitch McConnell’s Message To Minorities On Selma Anniversary: Your Vote Won’t Count

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When asked about the Voting Rights Act on Face The Nation, Sen. Mitch McConnell’s message to minority voters was that he has no interest in making sure that their votes will count.


Transcript via Face The Nation:

SCHIEFFER: Yesterday, down in Selma, the president made an impassioned plea to Congress to restore Voting Rights Act. Will you support that?

MCCONNELL: Well, the Voting Rights Act is still intact. It prevents discrimination in the voting behavior all across America based on race.

The Supreme Court took out a portion of it. We are taking a look at that. Certainly, this is an important, important occasion. Bob, just interestingly enough, I was a young man in 1965 visiting one of my senators from Kentucky, and he took me over to the Rotunda, and I actually saw Lyndon Johnson sign the Voting Rights Act.

And that was, of course, four or five months after Bloody Sunday. It has been an extraordinarily important piece of legislation. It prevents discrimination in voting on the basis of race all over America. And we all revere the changes that have been brought in our country as a result of this important legislation.

That was a big no on restoring The Voting Rights Act from Sen. McConnell. Mitch McConnell has repeatedly dodged any questions about the Voting Rights Act. His answer on Face The Nation was to claim that the law is still intact. The problem is that the Voting Rights Act is not intact. It was gutted by the Supreme Court. The shell of what remains is called the Voting Rights Act, but it a law with no teeth.

McConnell tried to dodge the question after the Supreme Court decision, but he gave away his position when he said, “Well, I haven’t read [the decision] yet. Obviously, it is an important bill that passed back in the sixties, at a time when we had a very different America than we have today. […] I think I’m just going to have to read it first, but I would say that I do think America is very different from what it was in the 1960s.”

In Mitch McConnell’s America, billionaires like the Koch brothers get unlimited power while minorities and others have to fight to have their votes counted. The message in McConnell’s statements on Face The Nation was that voting rights aren’t a priority, and unless you are a rich Koch brother, Sen. McConnell doesn’t care about your role in the democratic process.

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  1. “Obviously, it is an important bill that passed back in the sixties, at a time when we had a very different America than we have today.”

    An America that McConnell and his party want back it seems, since a black man proved he can become president.

  2. Republicans don’t know why they are voting against the 2015 Voting Rights Act! Let me tell you then. You are being told by 40 year old ALEC a think tank funded by the Koch brothers and the 1% to make it harder for the poor and people of color to vote. These laws are unconstitutional and should be repealed immediately
    Petition: Congress: Pass the Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2015
    3-8-15: In Selma, GOP Lawmakers Explain Why They Don’t Support John Lewis’ Bill To Restore Voting Rights Act
    2-17-15: ‘Protect Your Vote’ Campaign Calls For a Constitutional Right To Vote

  3. The GOP want to return to the days when only wealthy white men held all the power, while everybody else was powerless. That’s what this country was like during the era of Washington, only rich, heterosexual, make wasp had power. They made decisions for everybody, cuz they knew what was best for white women, blacks, Indians, poor whites….
    Frankly, I prefer to move the country forward. Moving backwards means most of us will be left out in the cold.

  4. Wow! How many ways can someone dodge a simple question? Would you vote to restore the voting rights SCOTUS stripped from the 1965 Voting Right Act?

    McConnell and all the other Republicans don’t want to go back to the 60s, they want to go all the way back to 1780s, or so, when only male land/business owners could vote and freed slaves were only 2/3 of a person.

    Yep, those were the days.

  5. He doesn’t want to screw up those sanctions already in place with Iran by your bullying warmonger buddies! If you don’t remember Netanyahu is how we ended up in Iran for NOTHING! Oh yes lots listen to them. And you’ll see if those votes count or not DA!

  6. He likes to sell himself as true Kentucky, southern gentleman. The only people who are buying what he’s selling are the wealthy and the poor people of Kentucky, that he works so hard to keep uneducated.

  7. He acts like the President doesn’t know what he is up against. What a thick skulled tortoise brain. He doesn’t want congress involved because they want war, our great President wants peace. No brainer….except to the republicans.

  8. We KNOW how the Neo-Confederalists think about section 4 of the VRA – and the entire VRA, for that matter. But how do Democrats feel about it? Does anyone really know?

    Because, honestly, I haven’t heard much noise from their side, and this is more than just troubling. It’s beginning to feel like betrayal.

    Democrats need to be ALL OUT in front of this before the Neo-Confederalists posing as Republicans in State legislatures and our U.S. Congress erode more voting rights before the presidential elections.

    Blacks are all out protesting and making noise about this, but where is the CBC? Where are the Democratic politicians who are supposed to be pro-voting rights?


  9. “I actually saw President Johnson sign the Voting Rights Act.” Does this remind anyone else of O’Reilly’s historical claims? Any way to check on this, because it sound like a lie to me.

  10. Mitch McConnel was a great community activist in his late teens. His freinds and family toasted marshmallows at the weekly Klan crossroasting festivities. This is just a rumor.[wink]

  11. If U.S. Media weren’t so obsessed with discrediting Hillary Clinton, and IF we had a true 4th estate (which you all know, we don’t), this would be front-page, lead-in news.

    But what do we get? Silence…

    It’s imperative we elect a Democratic president in 2016. I would like to see Joe Biden since he’ll carry on President Obama’s legacy and expand on them. Joe Biden with Julian (or Joaquin) Castro will ensure that the White House stays Democratic and the Senate returns into the able hands of Democrats.

  12. I wonder how he would feel if his own wife, of Taiwanese (?) descent had trouble voting because of her looks? Maybe she is not allowed to vote, since they already know the FIX is in.

  13. Tani – I saw that too, it is time that these republicans who are working against the country, were held to account for what they are doing. They want an all out war and they for sure will not be fighting it, they are tough when it comes to sending our
    sons to war.

  14. the national news did mention the letter this morning….but acted like it was no big deal

    my question is why isn’t the doj all over this? or all the other anti-american stunts the repugs and their base have pulled in the near past? at the very least this letter is a seditious act and quite possibly treason…for sure it shows a total disrespect for our POTUS

  15. I woke up this morning and see that the huffingpost front page. Its a damn shame how msm think emails is more news worthy then senators trying to undermine our levels of gov’t.

  16. To all you southern white rethugs who believe in(you claim) the Bible and Jesus Christ, this man, sold his soul a long time ago to the devil.the(Kocks)

  17. Mcconnell has just shown (what we already know) the GOP are a bunch of racist devils hellbent on turning this country back to the time when only white men were in charge and rich white men in particular. Oh and Priebus, Please forget about 2012 autopsy because people of color WILL NEVER support your whites only partyy just be satisfied with your pariahs and parasites like allen west because no self respecting minority would ever vote republican!

  18. Tani I wouldn’t call this off topic. It is very much on, I think. Goes to the fact how many in our current gov. are really working to destroy instead of grow or help. Having a Black Pres. sure brought out all the hate.Publish their names. Then every one can answer to their constituents, WHY? Ask them just what country are you working for? These men or women are surely traitors!!!!!
    Where is our Justice dept??

  19. He said he was visiting his senator at the time. I’m not sure, but McConnell worked for senator John Sherman Cooper, early in his career. This could be who he’s referring to. Before Mitch’s prior election, six years ago, Sen. Cooper, came out and basically said, Mitch was a different man. He didn’t support his positions.
    Con. John Yarmuth also worked with Mitch as an aide to Sen. Cooper. Yarmuth said in an interview, that McConnell won’t speak with him anymore. Not a loss. This rat bastard is just slimy.

  20. I find it extremely disturbing that McConnel calls Iran the “worst regime in the world.” They’re NOT. The Saudi regime is worse, there are plenty of regimes that are worse, South Sudan, Somalia, Congo, complete messes. I would also point at many regimes in the Caucasus region that are worse.

    Iran is actually needed in the fight against ISIS and this is something that McConnell forgets as he and the other republicans nurse a 35 year old grudge against Iran for the hostage crisis, that was caused by the US taking in the US-approved Shah. Our meddling in Iran’s business goes back to 1953. Mitch would have been a kid then. Probably a knuckle headed one at that.

  21. You make an important point!

    We hear nothing about this and about other relevant news because:

    1) we have a corporate media and

    2) investigative reporting is no longer the norm.

  22. To deny voters the vote is unconstitutional!

    Amendment XV
    Section 1. The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color,or previous conditions of servitude.
    Section 2. The Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

    Just remember what some states are doing: gerrymandering, making it difficult for citizens to vote, moving voting places far from original locations, forbidding Sunday votes, voter registration laws, etc. is unconstitutional and should have been blocked by the DOJ when this began.

  23. This is [pro-Israel] TP/GOP politics! Our government has been bought by corporations, billionaires and millionaires … thanks to SCOTUS.*

    These ignoramuses have nothing to offer the people of the USA so they move against the President and Commander in Chief, even outside the country, with their lies.

    I’m sure they know their action could start WWIII. But they don’t care because our families will be affected while Congress sways to the tune of the “Greenback Polka” while they and their families.

    I say that these are “Third Degree Jerks” and they and their families should be sent to fight!

    And to think they call themselves “christians” when in fact they are CINO — Christians in Name Only.

    *Check out: to overturn Citizens United and McCutcheon.

  24. “The GOP want to return to the days when only wealthy white men held all the power, while everybody else was powerless.”

    out of 535 members of Congress, 269 are millionaires. The rest are not poor. But before trying to blame Republicans alone, you really should consider a few facts. There are more Democrat millionaires in Congress than Republican. Between 1989 and 2014, rich donors gave Democrats $1.15 billion. That’s $416 million more than rich donors gave Republicans. The Koch brothers are, btw, 59th down on the list of big donors. Even Obama admitted Democrat control of Congress and the WH led to 95% of all income gains going to the top 1% in income. Dirty old, white, wealthy Democrats have been holding all the power since 2008 while the number of people calling themselves middle-class has fallen from 55% to 44%. Like it or not, 99% of us are powerless and it’s not just because of Republicans.

  25. “Between 1989 and 2014, rich donors gave Democrats $1.15 billion. That’s $416 million more than rich donors gave Republicans.”

    You may have a point, but you fail to make it with the above statement. While there is no doubt that Republicans in particular love to use their PACs to fund their personal lavish lifestyles, you CAN’T compare income to political donations. They’re just not the same thing.

  26. McTurtle is the Kochpussy so we cannot expect any better & they think they are going to rig the 2016 elections so therefore, feel they can do what they want & say what they want because they think they got it all covered.

  27. He said they are looking at it. No where did he state that votes don’t count. He says stupid things, but Mr. Easley he doesn’t need your help in redefining what he has into something that he hasn’t said.

  28. Francie, Mcconnell is a rat bastard and I think he had his Howdy Doody rat bastard face lifted recently. Take a look. (WINK)


  30. Don’t drink the koolaide he’s trying to sell you.THe reason he says he hasn’t read it is because him and his cronies don’t care.Their going to continue with their KOCH racists in doing what they have always done. Make money anyway they can to further their interests. What really ticks them off is that we have a Black President that is showing them That he is one of the smartest Presidents this country has ever had and he’s putting these hillbilly inbred white boys to shame ad that just drives them crazy. If they could have it there way Slavery would still exist.America hasn’t changed in their minds because they haven’t evolved. They can’t,in order to evolve you have to have the ability to take in what you learned and build on that they can’t that’s what happens when you marry your cousins. That’s why money marries money to keep it in the Family ,but you can’t do that with genes and we see the results.
    I guess that’s what the really mean when they talk about Family Values…

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