Desperate Rand Paul Morphs Into Defense Hawk, Proposes Increase Military Spending


According to Time reporters Alex Rodgers and Zeke Miller, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul introduced a budget amendment on Wednesday, to increase military spending by 190 billion dollars over the next two years. The 16 percent increase proposed by the Kentucky Senator on Wednesday marks a stunning reversal from Senator Paul’s 2011 plan, which called for making cuts to the military budget.

Senator Paul’s 2011 proposal which he called the ”draw-down and restructuring of the Department of Defense”, distinguished him from many other Republicans as a true fiscal conservative, willing to make cuts even to budget “sacred cows” like the Pentagon.

Wednesday’s decision to increase the military budget continues Rand Paul’s trajectory away from his past ideology, towards advocating a more hawkish foreign policy. He was also one of the 47 Republican Senators to sign the Tom Cotton letter to Iran’s leaders.

Senator Paul is still committed to reducing other parts of the budget, even though he is no longer a fiscal conservative on defense spending. Senator Paul plans to offset the costs of the military increase by cutting $212 billion dollars in other areas. His proposal calls for reducing funding for aid to foreign governments and cutting spending for climate change research. In addition, it also calls for slashing the budgets of the EPA, HUD, and the Department of Education.

By proposing an amendment to increase military spending on Wednesday, the Kentucky Senator has abandoned his previous principles. He has signaled that as a presidential candidate, he intends to follow GOP orthodoxy and to get in line with all the other military hawks in the race.

While Rand Paul’s about face may help GOP donors take him more seriously as a presidential candidate, it also largely eliminates the rationale for his candidacy. What made Rand Paul a threat to perform well in the Republican primaries and caucuses, was that he was a “different kind of Republican” on military spending and civil liberties issues.

By drawing distinctions between himself and neo-conservatives on foreign policy, as well as social conservatives on domestic policy, Paul had the opportunity to attract young voters and Libertarians. Now he merely comes across as another right-wing political opportunist, willing to do the bidding of military contractors and pseudo-Patriots to further his own political ambitions.

By reinventing himself as a military hawk, Senator Paul has undermined the only compelling rationale for his candidacy. Now that he is just parroting the party line on military policy, he will fade into presidential campaign obscurity, offering nothing that sets him apart from the other Republican candidates.

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  1. Why are people surprise? He would say whatever he needs to say to ay group he is speaking too,

    Now the 64k question will be how is he going to break Kentucky’s law by running for two offices at the same time

  2. DJ. I don’t think it will matter one way or the other. We have some strong Democrats to run against him this time. Jack Conway (if he doesn’t win Governor) Ashley Judd, Alison Grimes ( if she doesn’t walk away from the President again), and best if all will be Steve Beshear, our current, well liked Governor.

  3. I know they’re trying to change the process from a primary to a caucus. Since Kentucky doesn’t do a caucus I would assume it would keep him off the ballot for President, but allow him on ballot for the senate. I do know that a poll was done, and a majority of Kentuckians, (both rep.& dem.) aren’t in favor of of him running for both. He just might loose both, if he were to get his way.

  4. Gary, Grimes and Conway have already declared for office in Kentucky. That would put them in the same position Paul is in. That being they’ll be on the ballot twice.

  5. Are yall really this blind? What he is doing is called pandering to the base. He is trying to win the republican nomination. So what does he do he keeps spewing the same rhetoric yall hate so much. That’s how ALL politicians work repubs and dems alike. I remember when Obama ran the first time he said he would legalize marijuana. Well still aint legal. That’s pandering and fishing for the vote.

  6. At times, Rand Paul seems much more logical and rational than his conservative competitors. However, at other times, he sounds like a tin hat wearing extremist. I don’t know what to believe.

    However, I do think that his hair style is very silly and clown like.

  7. He’s trolling his presidential competition. They just passed a defense bill that was unfunded by cuts, so he passed the same bill that didn’t raise the debt.

  8. “Four GOP senators are trying to gain the upper hand on the commander-in-chief test — Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham — and their competition was on vivid display as the Senate took up a Rubio plan to pump tens of billions of dollars more into the Pentagon budget. Sen. Rand Paul blasted the idea because the new spending wasn’t offset by other cuts.”

  9. Rand Paul is about one thing and one thing only: Rand Paul.

    “Liberty for me but not for thee.” That’s Rand Paul’s TRUE message.

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