Republicans Want The Pope To Stay Out Of Politics Unless It’s Conservative Politics

Pope Francis

Congressional Republicans are upset with Pope Francis for making political statements on issues like income inequality, climate change, and the Israel-Palestine conflict. GOP leaders in Congress are dismayed that the pope is articulating non-conservative stances on a wide range of issues. They believe the pope should keep his nose out of politics unless it is to reinforce the Catholic Church’s support for right-wing positions like opposing abortion and same-sex marriage.

For example, Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) argues that the pope should focus on “issues [where] he can make a difference”, or what Huelskamp considers the “non-negotiables” like opposing abortion and same-sex marriage. Rep. Huelskamp argues that the pope should stay out of discussions of poverty because that is something the church can’t fix. Huelskamp states:

How do you deal with a poverty problem? There’s not a Catholic [fix], contrary to the arguments of certain economists that work at the Vatican. But there’s a Catholic view on life, on marriage, on the rights of parents and education. So I hope he sticks to this.

Several Republican members of Congress also criticized the pope for recognizing the Palestinian state. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) complained:

I’m surprised that the pope would recognize Palestine when they’re still haters who want to eliminate Israel off the map and don’t recognize Israel. The Pope is the head of his religion, and he makes those calls for himself, but I represent 700,000 people from East Texas and a vast majority agree with me.

Congressman Jeff Duncan (R-SC) opined:

I’m disappointed. Now the Pope is legitimizing a Palestinian state without requiring those who get recognition to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

Congressional Republicans are taking issue with the pope speaking on political matters, not because they believe religion has no place in politics, but because the views Pope Francis expresses are not in line with those of the Republican Party. Republicans are happy to have religious cover when the Catholic Church publicly takes a conservative position on social issues. However, they do not believe religious leaders should speak out when church doctrine does not align with their conservative views. Therefore in the minds of Congressional Republicans, Pope Francis should keep his mouth shut on issues like peace in the Middle East, climate change and addressing poverty. However, if he wants to criticize gay marriage or abortion, the Republicans would gladly hand him a microphone.

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  1. Now they’re anti Pope! Wow, they will spew their hate on everyone Kochs tell them to. Republicans are pathetic losers. I wonder what the Pope thinks about the extremism occurring in America under the guise of Christianity.

  2. This PROGRESSIVE pope makes the tea bag/repubs look foolish, very unchristian and they don’t like it at all.

    He runs rings around the fake bible-thumpers who have never read it or adhire to all of it, but only the parts they like.

    Do they eat shrimp? Pork? Do they wear two different fabrics at a time? Do they sleep in the same bed as their wives? Do they stone people for divorce? Do they speak to women while they are on their periods? Do they wish to forgive the debt of the poor every 7 years?

    They don’t adhire to everything in leviticus.

  3. I thought that these people were suppose to be Christians. The Pope is basing his opinions on the Holy Bible. You know the book that Christians are suppose to use as a guide book. The reason the Pope has spoken about these issues is so many like the GOP members.Are professing to be Christians but in actuality they are worshipers of the Almighty Dollar. The Pope is doing what the Holy Bible tells him to do, speak out. Thank You Pope.

  4. They hate him for being Christ like. They don’t want to hear the message of Jesus to take care of one another, slow to anger, don’t kill, forgive 70 times 7 and so on.

  5. Pople Frances has every right to speak out just as much as those right wing religious leaders do. Hagee, Roberts, and other evangelical Christians have 24/7 TV and radio programs where they spew their backward, unholy speeches that rouse the hate and bigotry among their flock. Pope Francis speaks the truth about the least among us, climate change, inequality, equal pay for women, and Palestine along with other issues that reflect our world today. He has no hate for the poor whereas the Republicans are doing their damnest to criminalize poverty. These Republican hypocrites have used religion to set our country back hundreds of years, and Pope Francis is a progessive thinker who leads to a more peaceful world where man’s humanity toward each other is a far better approach to cure our world’s problems.

  6. I am not religious matter of fact I think you have to be on acid to believe.

    That being said, my popcorn is ready. I am waiting to see if the American Taliban will rescind the invitation for the Pope to speak before Congress.

    He has the stage, he has the message of the good word, now who will be the first to holler “YOU LIE”

  7. As the leader of the Catholic church in the United States, he has every right to speak to his flock.

    Unlike some so called christian leaders, he is not telling Catholics who to hate or how to vote.

  8. Maybe the Pope should perform an exorcism on the right wing extremists, see how they would like that suggestion.

  9. It wouldn’t surprise me if they did rescind the invite. They have no respect for anyone, they have no humility, and they have no honor as far as Christianity goes. Those are all traits the Pope has; therefore, they don’t want him to speak about loving your fellow man. They are too evil. Should be very interesting.

  10. Brodie, case in point. They think they are the only ones who should have rights, period.

    They are the most hateful evil bunch of people I have ever seen, and I’ve know some pretty caustic people.

  11. Right wing religious wrong, will not allow anyone to tell others how to live their lives, EXCEPT the HOLY RIGHT WING RELIGIOUS HYPOCRITES/and their political party.

  12. I’m sick of these idiots trying to tell others what to do and not to do. They tell women what to do with their bodies, some try to tell the Supreme Court what to and not do, now they are telling the Pope to stay out of politics. You have a bunch of evil, bigoted aholes who should have never gotten into politics. Only because the keep the ignorant supporters ignorant, do they continue to get back into office. next they will be attempting to tell God what to do and not do. Dems please for this country sakes, got out and vote next time. It’s the only way to save America.

  13. The Pope has even more right to speak than those other religious leaders. The Pope is the head of an independent state: The Vatican. He is not an American citizen; he is not subject to our laws. He can say whatever he pleases, and can make treaties with whoever he pleases.

  14. Yes, he is basing it on the bible, the NT which is for instruction whereas the OT is for learning and not to be followed since Christ came with new laws – for those who believe it. Judiasm stops with the NT and therefore follows some of the OT traditions but not any NT instructions. This guy is not as much about Catholic dogma as he is about interpretation in a very different way as a Jesuit and Argentinian. He led a normal life too so understands. He worked in a bar, I forget the details but very typical exposure to reality.

    The Republicans follow their wallets.

  15. He should speak to them about zealots, Sadducees and Pharisees, the overthrowing of the moneylenders tables, so much to teach them.

    Or he could just give a little mild sermon about being humble and doing good – that would really blow their minds.

  16. How does one say “fick off” in Latin? [WINK]

    Apparently Pope Francis hasn’t yet received his copy of the Entirely New Fresh off the Press Libertarian Testament:

    Science Blogs: “The Conservative Rewrite of the Bible”

    “What the “Conservative Bible Project” is doing is not translating the bible. It is rewriting the bible to make it say what they want it to say, without regard for what it actually says. These people, who insist that every word of their holy texts must be taken as absolute literal truth
    without interpretation — are rewriting their bibles to make it say what they want it to say.”

    Perhaps the Pope could require them to undergo an exorcism:)

  17. What do you mean “next” they’ll tell God what to do? [Grin]

    They’re already at it. Google this:

    Science Blogs: “Conservative Rewrite of the Bible” (2009)

    I already posted a link in comments but it was held up in moderation, either because of the link or because I asked how to say f— off in Latin:)

  18. I wonder what the Pope thinks about the so called TV evangelists in the US, the ones that want your money because they need a new private jet plane or mansion, to me they are the worst of the worst, I cannot believe the fools go and listen to them, I wish they were banned from TV.

  19. The “so-called conservatives” are, in reality, authoritarians.

    These authoritarians conveniently forget that Jesus was a radical, a socialist and raised the status of women. Jesus spoke out against the status quo just as Pope Francis is doing.

    The followers of “The Way” were communists (shared everything in community–equally).

    Like it or not, Pope Francis is reiterating Jesus’ words in today’s language and relating to today’s circumstances.

    That’s what the conservatives don’t like! That this Pope is concerned about the world, its tribulations and the inflictions some put on others. Jesus did say “Whatsoever you do to the least you do unto me.” That means everyone, not just some.

    Ad multos annos, Pope Francis.

  20. This Pope is more concerned about the sins that are perpetrated in the open sunlight against millions of people than the sins individuals may commit alone, or with the consent of another person. The Republican mind works just the opposite. So now we’ll know who is really a good Christian! Go Pope Francis, go!

  21. Goodness Gracious, who does this Pope think he is?

    A world leader or something? Acting like he’s independent of Republicans!

    The Nerve!

  22. But it is ok for people like Hagee to speak out? Hypocrites. They believe in free speech as long as that speech agrees with their views.

  23. Pope Francis and President Obama are very much alike…thats why the GOP in Congress dislike them both.

  24. Since Jeb Bu$h is a Catholic (for now at least)will the Protestant American Evangelists hold that against him?

  25. If they can continue to keep the values of Jesus Christ out of the Religious Right – then the Pope will be easy.

  26. GREAT post @Amne B. it’s about time the catholic church FINALLY got a pope who on occasion talks like Jesus! I’m literally praying that for pope Francis life! he’s a message of truth! but typically LEADERS who tell the TRUTH, always seem to end up dead! pope Francis is the ONLY pope in my lifetime who actually talked like a christian! BTW I’m not a catholic by ANY means but I admire the man, because if the GOP HATES you, you must be doing something right! the GOP are agents for EVIL!! PERIOD!!

  27. What’s this??? Rewriting the “Holy Bible” that 6 thousands years ago inspired men of GOD wrote????

    These are the same fringe that does not believe in EVOLUTION. Oh yeah These are the modern inspired men that God annotates to be PRESIDENT of United States. So they can now evolve the Bible to modern times.

    If this wasn’t so sad and harmful to people I would be laughing.

  28. Oh that is rich right-wing politicians (probably many of them Catholic) telling the Pope what he should be doing in the name of religion.

    I personally am Unitarian Universalist but if the orthodox are right, I suspect St. Peter will have some words for these “Christians” when they get to the pearly gates. “Going down!”

  29. Typical arrogant, sanctimonious, holier-than-thou Republican position on religion. The Republicans believe in a Koch funded hateful, racist, greedy, and heartless “Republican Jesus” (absolutely no relation in body, soul or spirit to Jesus Christ). They also reject any religion that preaches love, compassion, inclusion, charity or peace. These worshipers of “Republican Jesus” are the basis for most of the problems facing this country and countries around the world.

  30. It may be he is trying to deal with social issues that some elected official prefer to ignore or create even more oppressive legislation

  31. Maybe he simply sees a world that extends beyond the USA, its own citizens and its immediate interests.

    It’s not such a difficult thing for many of those who live outside the USA’s borders, funnily enough.

  32. The Pope is a Head of State, as well as a religious. He is going to be somewhat political. It is expected.

  33. The Pope is the Head-Of-State of an independent, sovereign nation–Vatican City. He IS doing his job by injecting himself into sociopolitical and geopolitical issues and concerns, because they impact his nation too. Cons and Teabaggers just need to have two seats and shut the freak up.

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