Republican Louie Gohmert Tests Positive for Coronavirus After Refusing to Wear a Mask

Gohmert Out of nothing

Louie Gohmert has tested positive for Covid-19 following a screening at the White House. He becomes the latest person in President Donald Trump’s orbit to be diagnosed with the illness.

The Republican congressman from Texas was due to fly back to his home state on Wednesday with the President, which is apparently why he was tested. Gohmert had publicly refused to wear a mask. read more

New Report Reveals GOP-Aligned Extremists Are The Greatest Threat To Americans


There is hardly a bigger motivator than fear, and it is a fact not lost on Republicans who prey on Americans’ fear of all things not conservative, but especially those foreign “extremists.” Of course, some Americans are acutely aware that the biggest threat to their safety, and the nation, is from American extremists in the white supremacist, anti-government, and fanatical Christian movements. Whether it was the white supremacist who massacred nine African Americans in church, several predominately Black churches set on fire across the South, or armed militias seeking to start a war against the United States government, most people comprehend that homegrown extremists pose the greatest threat to America. read more