Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin’s Coup Against John Boehner Gets Just Three Votes

gohmert caricature

Louie Gohmert’s insurgent bid to take the speaker’s gavel from John Boehner fizzled on Tuesday. Although 25 House Republican dissenters chose not to support Boehner, Gohmert only picked up three votes. Florida Congressman Ted Yoho managed just two votes. Florida Republican Daniel Webster pulled in a dozen votes from disgruntled Republicans.

Gohmert’s feeble challenge fell flat on its face, even with prominent Tea Party personalities like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin firmly in his corner. On Monday’s Hannity show Palin exclaimed, “I love Louie Gohmert…I love those Texas politicians who call it like they see it and are true conservatives. So I’d be rootin’ for Louie.”

The problem for Gohmert is that while his Tea Party base in East Texas, and the talking heads on FOX News, may find his antics appealing, members of Congress are not as amused. Not even the members within his own party.

Boehner survived the largest intra-party revolt against a House speaker, during a leadership vote, in over 100 years. But Gohmert was not the chief beneficiary of the poorly cobbled together rebellion. Daniel Webster was. Gohmert mustered just three votes, and one of them was his own. Traditionally, Members of Congress do not cast a vote for themselves on leadership votes.

But Gohmert, true to form, always puts himself first. The Palin endorsement is probably what swung his opinion. Or maybe it was Glenn Beck’s endorsement that convinced Gohmert to cast a vote for himself. In either case, Louie Gohmert may be one of the few members of congress who still takes Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin seriously. He also may be just one of three members of Congress who takes Louie Gohmert seriously. In addition to himself, the only other votes for Gohmert came from fellow Texan Randy Weber, and Oklahoma Congressman Jim Bridenstine.

Despite a significant wave of anti-Boehner sentiment, most House Republicans backed the establishment candidate. For all his bombast, Gohmert couldn’t rally more than two people, besides himself, to cast a vote for him on the House floor. As for Sarah Palin, she once again backed a sure loser.


29 Replies to “Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin’s Coup Against John Boehner Gets Just Three Votes”

  1. Every thing she touches fizzles out. She can’t seem to do anything right and it’s starting out very early this year.

  2. That cartoon image of that ignorant cretin is so perfect because it is indicative of Louie’s incredibly bloated self image. One could pop that balloon like head with a single pointed question.

  3. Three votes? Wow… Louie the Loon must be that freaking horrible at his job that only two other people outside of himself would think that he’s qualified to be Speaker.

  4. Louie Gohmert as House Speaker? Shee-it. He should have had a cover charge and a two drink minimum because that’s the biggest damned joke I’ve heard in a LONG time! [WINK]

  5. Clearly this was voter fraud! There CAN’T be 2 other mopes dumb enough to vote for Goober.
    Sorta reminds me of the “10-30 million people, verified, who will come to Washington DC to demand Obama’s removal from office.” Uh huh. 100 showed up. Face it Baggers, we’re just not that into you.

  6. In other news from the bagger front
    If By “Throw The Book At Him” You Mean Gently Toss A Page
    Sentencing for former GOP Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell was handed down this afternoon by a federal judge. He could have seen 20 years in prison, the government wanted at least 10 years, the judge limited the maximum to 6 1/2 to 8 years, and Bob here ended up with 2 years prison and 2 years probation.

  7. George Ryan republican Gov. of Illinois gets 5 years. Rick Scott Gov of Florida gets off with a fine. The fine Gov. Tennessee got…. Hell did he get anything for his fraud? But if I rob a liquor store for 500 dollars I could get up to 20 years.

  8. …. Former Alaska governor, Sarah Palin … once again backed a sure loser ….

    Increasing to three the number of losers backed by Ms Palin. Which three (or thereabouts) stand in stark contrast to her hundreds of winners!

  9. You gotta’ love it.

    The only ones who don’t know the TP is done, are the people who make up the Tea Party.

  10. If anyone thinks his drunkenness scored a victory today I laugh at you. John Boehner couldn’t lead this caucus of lunatics out of a paper lunch bag. If you didn’t already know that, you might be one of the jackass idiots who just voted for a Republican congressional candidate in November.

  11. Even the goofballs ran from that goofball!
    He should just sulk with Sara and his two buddies in a corner somewhere.

  12. And the corporate GOP laughs at the TP once again…….until election time! They will never catch on……

  13. Q: What does a teabagger have in common with a beer bottle?
    A: They’re both empty from the neck up.

  14. I’m given to understand that in Australian slang, “rootin’ for Louie” has an entirely different meaning than Ms. Palin intended. Or maybe not. You never know with the Palins.

  15. I can’t find any site that tells me how many of those 25 votes were from brand-new first-term Congressmen?

    Anyone know?

  16. Ithink it is obvious by now,PALIN and BECK are part of the celebrity culture that will resort to anything or say anything to stay relevant.In other words they are made out to be much more important than they are.They add nothing to the national conversation.same old nonsense.Part of the elite they so hate.

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