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Rachel Maddow Asks One Question That Destroys The Trump-GOP Smear Campaign Against The FBI

With one question on Thursday, Rachel Maddow completely destroyed the Trump-GOP conspiracy theory that the FBI was working in 2016 to hurt Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. If that was the bureau’s intent, Maddow asked, then why didn’t they come forward during the campaign and tell the American people that there was a good possibility the…


No, GOP, You Don’t Get To Whine About Peter Strzok’s Affair While Defending Womanizer Trump

The Republican Party stooped to a whole new level of shame during Thursday’s clown show in the House of Representatives when they questioned FBI agent Peter Strzok. The most stunning development throughout the entire proceeding was how each GOP congressman attacked Strzok’s extramarital affair with former FBI attorney Lisa Page – and they did it…

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