As Their Hearing Bombs, Republicans Attack Peter Strzok And Refuse To Let Him Respond

The Peter Strzok hearing descended into House Republicans giving five-minute conspiracy monologues that attack the witness without allowing Strzok to respond to the allegations being made against him.


The hearing was such a disaster for Republicans that eventually they stopped asking Strzok questions and just ranted conspiracy theories and personal attacks at him. When Strzok asked if he could respond to a number of factual inaccuracies, he was told that he could not, because he had not been asked a question.

The meltdown from House Republicans had been building for hours as Trey Gowdy got schooled for attacking the FBI, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) went so far off of the rails that a colleague asked if he needed his medication, and then when Strzok was allowed to answer a question, he would discuss the real Russia scandal and Republicans would just grow angrier by the second.

The Strzok hearing is production designed that was designed to fire up Fox News viewers and give the justification that he is looking for to shut down the Mueller investigation. The hearing failed on both of these counts. It is amazing how strong a witness can be when they are telling truth as opposed to a group of people who are lying to protect a president.

If the American people saw any moment of this Republican-run circus, they had their suspicions confirmed that a new Democratic-controlled Congress must be elected in November.

When the witness wouldn’t confirm their conspiracy theory, Republicans stopped allowing the witness to speak.

This isn’t democracy. This isn’t congressional oversight. The Strzok hearing was a sham that showed why voters need to clean out the House in November.