Everyone, Even Republican Voters, Think GOP Leaders In Congress Are Doing A Lousy Job

John Boehner, Mitch McConnell

A Pew Research Poll released on May 21, 2015, finds that Americans are unhappy with the Republican leadership in Congress. 72 percent of Americans disapprove of the job the current GOP leadership in Congress is doing, to just 22 percent who approve of their job performance.

Democrats and Independents are not the only ones discontent with the current Republican leadership in Congress. Even a majority of Republicans are unhappy with Boehner, McConnell and the other Republican leaders in the House and Senate. 55 percent of Republicans disapprove of their party’s Congressional leaders, to just 41 percent who view them favorably.

Congressional leaders are headed in the wrong direction with their popularity. In February of 2015, Republicans viewed their party leaders favorably (50-44), but since then, their support for Republican leadership has dropped 20 percentage points from a (+6) to a (-14) approve versus disapprove differential.

Naturally, Democrats and Independents are even more disappointed with the Republican leadership. Both groups give Republican leaders in Congress a dreadful approval rating. Only 12 percent of Democrats and 19 percent of Independents think Republican leaders in Congress are doing a good job. 74 percent of Independents and a whopping 84 percent of Democrats disapprove of the GOP leadership in Congress.

Less than one in four voters think Republicans have followed through on their campaign promises. Only 37 percent of Republicans believe GOP leaders are keeping their campaign promises. Not only are voters disgusted with the Republican Congress, but they also think GOP leaders are liars.

While Republicans, Democrats and Independents all dislike the current Republican Congress, they are unhappy for different reasons. 75 percent of Republicans want the GOP Congress to adopt a more confrontational approach with President Obama. Democrats and Independents are more likely to take the position that the Republican Congress needs to go along with President Obama more often, rather than fighting him.

The bottom line is that very few Americans approve of the job Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and other Republican leaders are doing in Washington. That includes unhappy Republican voters, who are experiencing buyer’s remorse after finding that the GOP isn’t living up to their campaign promises. Perhaps in 2016, many of those dissatisfied Republicans will learn from their 2014 mistakes, and either switch sides or stay home on election day.

27 Replies to “Everyone, Even Republican Voters, Think GOP Leaders In Congress Are Doing A Lousy Job”

  1. I feel that Republicans in Congress didn’t get their money’s worth for selling their souls.
    But alas, the Koch Brothers aren’t noted for refunding anything.

  2. Lets toss “all” of these Republican and Democrat “Flying-Monkeys” (of the truly evil, wicked, elite 1%) out of our government offices and straight into a “prison-cell” (if they “qualify” for it). In my opinion.

  3. Well, what do the people think they are going to get by voting GOP? Duh..

    The voters who vote these clowns in are just as bad as the clowns themselves; keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

  4. The History books will NOT be kind to them. The NO Congress. As in: “NOthing there”

  5. YEAH ok, AND?? @Keith, I LOVE your articles, but I’m SORRY!! my opinion of 20 to 25% of this nations RIGHT WINGERS! are useless! absolutely useless! I’m SORRY! I have no faith in republicans! I have NO faith in our corporate media! I have no faith in the NEO CONS BULL$HIT trickle down economics! I have NO faith! PERIOD!! I’ve seen MY religion HIGHJACKED by the filthy LIARS!! I have very little faith in MLK DREAM! I’m SORRY! I look at the USA and ALL I see is the fall of the Roman Empire!! I’m SORRY!! This democracy has turned into a OLIGARCHY!! I’m SORRY! it’s the TRUTH!, CITIZENS UNITED was the last NAIL! and as I type this OUR senate is passing the TPA right NOW! OBAMA and twelve DEMOCRATS just sold us out!! of course ALL but 3 republicans voted against the TPA !! WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU? republicans OVERWHELMING voting FOR OBAMA!!! HELLO!! this TTP is a major corporate VICTORY! kiss YOUR counties sovereignty GOODBYE!!!

  6. republicans live in a SICK TWISTED bubble! these people are NOTHING but a huge pit of hypocrisy! they call themselves CHRISTIANS, while THEY ignore 99.9% of Jesus’s TEACHINGS! they call themselves PATRIOTS! but the minute a democrat is commander and chief, they want to DESTROY government! and since 2008, have threaten to succeed! they call themselves a BIG TENT party!, but can’t STFU long enough to stop their constant bombardments of RACIST SLURS! they call themselves the party of FAMILY VALUES! while every other day their plastic idols get busted in a SEX scandal with teenage girls or BOYS! (MARK FOLEY) they call themselves the party of MORALS!! yet again, their IDOLS have had MULTI divorces! (NEWT GINGRICH) cheated on his wife while she was in the hospital with CANCER!! they call themselves the party of responsibility, but bill o’reilly can LIE about his war reporting STORIES and his ratings GO UP! bill o’reilly can CHOKE his WIFE in front of his daughter! no PROBLEM!

  7. REPEAL YOUR HEALTHCARE,,,,CUT your social security,,CUT your medicare,,,CUT your food stamps,,CUT your unemployment INSURANCE,,CUT you EARNED income credit from your taxes CUT veterans benifitts SELL OUR PARKS AND TAX BREAKS FOR MILLIONARES,,,,,,,,,who didnt even ask for them
    everyone say HELLO,to our NEW REPUBLICAN CONGRESS we have just elected for ourselves
    VOTE THESE IDIOTS OUT OF OFFICE,,,you cant wish them out,,,any one who is reading this and did not vote,,,YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM not just them

  8. The vanishing middle class who are struggling to make
    ends meet can’t help having contempt for Turtleman &
    Orangeman. Our taxes pay them to obstruct and deny?

  9. I am sick and tired of this pity party of the middle class. If we are to be honest they did it to themselves. Affirmative action, school bussing, welfare queen etc ect.. All dog whistles playing to their racist fears. Meanwhile while they gave their votes to the very people who attacked their way of life now they want people to feel their pain.

    I am sorry but I wont do it anymore. We warned you back in 1980 but you thought it was sunny in America on that shining hill.

  10. who are the twelve DEMOCRATS?? BEN NELSON!! OF COURSE!!! RON WYDEN! – BEN CARDIN -MARIA CANTWELL! MARK WARNER! I’m sorry those are the ones I know off the top of my head, C’mon! EVEN rand paul (R) voted against his party over this! leave it to the democratic party to ALWAYS have FEW RATS on DECK!! ALWAYS!!

  11. GOP Congress Report Card

    Obstructionism ———–A
    Sitting on their hands—-A
    Team building————-F
    Playing well with others–D
    Project completion——–F

    Since must have passing grads in all aspects of report, these congress people need to stay after sessions and complete their work @ detention, and may NOT qualify for promotion.

  12. 2016 Republican Voting Check List:
    We hate Muslims – Blacks – Hispanics – LBGT’s – the poor – the Government – healthcare – Science – Education – Women are a “Lesser Cut Of Meat” – the environment – social security – Medicare – veterans – Americans – We have NO new ideas – We offer the same shit that has never worked but it’s different year.
    Yep, we’re ready.

    Clinton era: 8 years of peace and prosperity, 5 years with surplus.

    Bush ruined it in 5 years and caused the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression

  13. That by voting GOP that the GOP will somehow protect them from the Evils of: Gay Marriage, Obamacare, and the possible prevention of the End Times by the “anti-christ” (currently Identified as Obama).

    And any number of a government failure instigated by a Republican.

  14. I apologize for unleashing our former governor from Sacramento, the black panthers should’ve shot him in ’67.

    Reaganomics killed America’s middle class

    However it took a democratic governor to recover our beautiful state:
    With state revenues running $6.7 billion more than predicted in January’s preliminary budget…

    Thanks to the tea bag/repub and Texas deregulation, Santa Barbara has one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world it’s now ruined.

    Texas Enron extorted $46 billion from CA

    Texas Plains All American Pipeline, who knows how much this will cost CA…this is the 2nd pipeline break from them the other one in Atwater Village (Los Angeles) in 2014.

  15. When people insist on voting based on ideology instead of what’s best for the American people, you get what you deserved.

  16. You got the first part correct – You are sick. You are also a Koch-roach. You confuse a helpful, caring society with some perfect idea of one that runs, financially like a clock…no wasted movement just efficiency. No society runs like that or is perfect. Typical righty, you see people wanting handouts and freebies. There are some who do that, but we can’t hurt the people who are in real need by totally dropping benefits and aid. I wonder, when people make those sweeping broad stroke remarks…if they ever thought of how many of their own friends and family they would hurt by killing programs they profess to hate so loudly?

  17. So…. it took yall this long to realize that us normal folk who just happen to be republican are sick of these guys too?
    Here is another news flash for you the most of us are just regular old people getting by day to day. We are really not out to hurt anyone. The most of us do try and live by the golden rule. And just because I think being gay is a sin does not mean I hate gay people. And my only problem with gay marriage is the word marriage. Im catholic so to me marriage is a sacrament. Any way that’s another conversation.
    Unfortunately we have a bunch of talking heads that act like a bunch of chickens just running around squawking at things and shouting the sky is falling. The far right and the teabaggers have highjacked the repubs. We are not the same party as we were in the past.
    Anyway I hope yall dig were im comin from on this, if not oh well I tried and that’s the best I can do.
    Have a nice day.

  18. I can dig where you’re coming from. You yourself admit that the far right and the teabaggers have hijacked the repubs; but you’re still voting republican aren’t you?

    And if you want a whole other conversation- no one is forcing y’all to get married in a gay marriage. That’s part and parcel of living by the golden rule.

  19. billybones:
    The thing about the marriage, it has always been a contract-joining-by-two people, that cared for each other and promised to love and cherish and protect each other.

    Then, the church came along and decided to bless the union, and later decided to get in between the couple, just to control them.
    That is when the church came with the sacrament thing, to further control who and when one could marry.
    (and who could cancel it if it did not work)just more control for the church over the believers of their dogma.

    People have lived happily without any churches in their lives and continue to do so.

  20. Damn I must be dumb. All this time I thought getting married was a civil event meaning government business and you only go to church for the pomp. Being a atheist I wouldn’t expect any religion to preside over my vows unless they are just there for the money and if that’s the case then the whole religious argument is moot

  21. How pray tell does the marriage of a gay couple involve anyone else besides the gay couple??

    I say to the GOPT, who was constantly haranging the gay lifestyle, MYOB bigots and you will not be affected.

    I am not gay, but if my neighbor, who is, decides he wants to marry another man, CONGRATULATIONS!! Geez..I don’t get it.

  22. All I have to add is that religious people come to my door regularly, spouting their beliefs and selling literature. NEVER has a “gay” person tried to convert me to their way of life. They are too busy living their lives, to try to change me. I relize that might be far a fetched comparison, but think about that for a while. The Catholic church welcomed serial bridegroom Gingrich into their fold. Now he speaks as though he was ordained a priest, spouting religious rhetoric, which he clearly has not lived by.

  23. I find it impossible to sympathize with anyone who either voted for these yahoos or didn’t vote in spite of being against them when there were no obstacles to voting. They said they were going to do exactly what they are doing now, so no one should be surprised. It just makes my day that this president has nothing to lose and is fighting back.

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