Trump Still Leads, Jeb Bush Drops To 7th Place In Iowa Suffolk Poll

trump and bush

A post-debate Suffolk Poll conducted in Iowa, finds Donald Trump still leading the GOP field with 17 support from Iowa Republicans. The survey, conducted from August 7-10, shows Trump is maintaining his advantage in the state. Trump is followed by Scott Walker, who is polling 12 percent, Marco Rubio and Ben Carson at 9 percent each, and Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina at 7 percent each.

While Trump continues to be the big news story in the GOP race, the poll also indicates how weak a position former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is in for winning the Republican nomination. In Iowa, Jeb Bush has fallen to 7th place in the field, polling a paltry 5 percent.

Not only is Bush getting crushed by Donald Trump, but he is also trailing a trio of non-contenders in Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, and Carly Fiorina. If Jeb is going to promote his “right to rise” campaign theme, he is going to have to stop sinking in the polls.

While some pundits speculated that Donald Trump’s uneven debate performance and his feud with Megyn Kelly would help Jeb Bush rise to his “rightful place” atop the GOP field, Republican voters continue to think otherwise. Bush’s own debate performance was far from noteworthy, and although he is popular with fat cat GOP donors, he has yet to catch fire with rank and file Republican voters.

Jeb Bush still has time to turn things around, but with the Iowa caucuses less than six months away, he must gain traction soon or his campaign will be in deep trouble. Republican voters have held their loyalty to Trump, and the few that have defected, have shifted to supporting Rubio, Carson, Cruz or Fiorina rather than Bush.

Much to the chagrin of the GOP party bosses, Republican primary voters are more interested in voting for someone who espouses their bigoted, crazy world view, than in settling for a mainstream conservative to be the party’s nominee. Jeb Bush has dropped to 7th place in Iowa, and he is still trending downward. If the current trajectory continues, Bush will not only lose Iowa, but he will lose it badly.

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  1. “Much to the chagrin of the GOP party bosses, Republican primary voters are more interested in voting for someone who espouses their bigoted, crazy world view, than in settling for a mainstream conservative to be the party’s nominee.”

    Your joking! For the past eight years, the only thing the GOP has been espousing has been “bigotry, and “crazy world views!

    They haven’t attempted to be mainstream
    The chickens have come home to roost and the Republicans don’t like it! Trump is their spawn. They and Fox created Trump; deal with it!

  2. Jeb’s speech tonight included what needs to be done re Iraq. The points he made are pretty much what Obama is doing. Too bad these clowns don’t clean out their ears from wax buildup!! The one difference is he’s hinting about sending troops without coming outright and saying it.

    Jeb, like the other ReThug clowns, is still blaming Obama for withdrawing the troops from Iraq. BushBoy is doing like his lying Brother — rewriting history in that it was his Bro that signed the deal to remove the troops. Lying and BSing is in the Bush DNA — for them it’s genetic.

    Sad part is the media is neglecting to correct BushBoy’s reference that it’s Obama’s fault. But then — what do you expect from lame media. Media is allowing BushBoy’s false info to float as this was GWB’s fault — not Obama’s.

  3. And Jebbie is laying the total blame for the rise of ISIS on Obama and Hillary — conveniently forgetting that if his idiot brother hadn’t invaded Iraq in the first place, there would have been no vacuum for ISIS to fill.

    I was reminded today of the CIA executive who warned Bush, Cheney and Powell that the intel they were getting from an Iraqi defector was total bull. He and various European Interpol types knew the defector was full of it, but the Bush regime was so intent on starting a war that he was ignored. Of course he was eventually proven right, but far too late. Can’t remember his name — something like Tyler Drumheller (but that’s not it….I think). He died last week.

  4. “The points he made are pretty much what Obama is doing.”

    Yes, but the point is it’s Obama who’s doing it.

  5. Jeb! is a loser. It is written on his face with his ignorant expression in every photo. His inability to speak…like a normal human…is shocking to the point where one wonders how he got this far. Look at his disgusting posture, a slack shouldered fool. He has no self esteem. Good. He deserves that lackluster feeling. He earned it…just like his birth rite and his presidential aspirations…so to speak. What a dunce.

  6. On the subject of Jeb’s family am I right in remembering that his sons had several altercations with police, and drink and drugs problems, I am sure the Bush name
    got them out of it. Then there is the matter of his wife who was charged with lying to customs agents and bringing into the country tens of thousand of dollars worth of jewelry.

  7. Jeb! once whined “I wanna be RICH” He has over $100 million in his war chest. If he fails, he gets to keep it. His donors must be stupid to bet on this chubby, low I.Q. dummy.

  8. What is this Conservative Fascination with Losers and Failures.

    You can dress it up all you want- but it’ll still be a pile of feces.

  9. At this stage, the one thing we know is that we won’t ever have another Bush in the White House.

  10. The more Jeb talks the faster he goes down in the polls. And if he wants to talk about Iraq, dems should just sit down and start readying the ads. But I have a feeling his repug opponents will take care of that, oh wait, they pretty much are for more Iraq fighting also. As well as Iran, Syria et al

  11. I won’t live to see it but there is a 39 year old Bush who will be the next Bush to have a shot at winning the White House. George Prescott Bush is Jeb’s son, half Mexican and looks Latino. Don’t know much about him as he is just getting started in politics. Because of the Hispanic or Latino Paradox which indicates that Latinos live longer than whites and because Latinos tend to vote for Latinos, he has a shot. Don’t believe me? Look at Susana Baracuda in my home state of NM which is over 47% Hispanic. Baracuda may even have a shot at being the 2016 GOP VP nominee.

    G. P. Bush is now Texas Land Commissioner. I just pulled this from Wiki: In the November 4 general election, Bush faced Democrat John Cook, a former mayor of El Paso.[34] Bush won 61% of the vote, riding a nationwide Republican wave in the midterms.[35] He is the only Bush to win his first election.[36] He received 49% of the Hispanic vote in his general election race.[37] REMEMBER, HISPANICS TEND TO VOTE DEMOCR…

  12. …Jeb knows better; but if the Republican Potty told the truth, they couldn’t get elected Dog Catcher…

  13. Each election cycle the Republicans seem to find a way of being more extreme in their views. The media doesn’t seem to be bothered by this and even repeats the falicies they put out as if it were truth. This is fueled by gerrymandering and the Citizens United decision. Our once proud democracy is turning into a farce. The once great United States is becoming a laughing stock by the rest of the civilized world.

  14. It is embarrassing to this nation to be put through the nonsense that has become the normal GOP cycle for elections. Each new round is worse than the one before it. Instead of seriously thinking of whose hand is near the red button, the crazies want to install some stupid ass that has no chance in a general election. These same voters want to stand and complain about the diminishing U.S. standings on the world stage. Get a mirror.

  15. Why do 3.5 million – (minus ineligible) voters have so much electoral clout?
    In Wisconsin we got about that many DEER.

    Heck, we got about a zillion Canadians living here.

  16. This GOP Clown Car an embarrassment!
    I was more fearful that Romney would win. The GOP have nothing to speak of.

    They were betting on David Petraeus to save Election 2016.

  17. There isn’t a mainstream conservative in this field. They’re all nuts. It seems that Bush isn’t waging a winning campaign. First, he called for workers working longer hours and increasing the age of eligibility for social security benefits. Then he suggests it is a good idea to do away with medicare. Now, he is claiming that our Iraq problems are the result of Obama/Clinton policies. Americans know better and that explains his sinking in the polls. The only candidate speaking the truth in this campaign is Bernie Sanders. He’s got my primary vote and if you have an ounce of sense, he’ll have yours, too. Bush is revealing himself to be every bit as dumb as his brother.

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