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Trump Still Leads, Jeb Bush Drops To 7th Place In Iowa Suffolk Poll

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A post-debate Suffolk Poll conducted in Iowa, finds Donald Trump still leading the GOP field with 17 support from Iowa Republicans. The survey, conducted from August 7-10, shows Trump is maintaining his advantage in the state. Trump is followed by Scott Walker, who is polling 12 percent, Marco Rubio and Ben Carson at 9 percent each, and Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina at 7 percent each.

While Trump continues to be the big news story in the GOP race, the poll also indicates how weak a position former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is in for winning the Republican nomination. In Iowa, Jeb Bush has fallen to 7th place in the field, polling a paltry 5 percent.

Not only is Bush getting crushed by Donald Trump, but he is also trailing a trio of non-contenders in Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, and Carly Fiorina. If Jeb is going to promote his “right to rise” campaign theme, he is going to have to stop sinking in the polls.

While some pundits speculated that Donald Trump’s uneven debate performance and his feud with Megyn Kelly would help Jeb Bush rise to his “rightful place” atop the GOP field, Republican voters continue to think otherwise. Bush’s own debate performance was far from noteworthy, and although he is popular with fat cat GOP donors, he has yet to catch fire with rank and file Republican voters.

Jeb Bush still has time to turn things around, but with the Iowa caucuses less than six months away, he must gain traction soon or his campaign will be in deep trouble. Republican voters have held their loyalty to Trump, and the few that have defected, have shifted to supporting Rubio, Carson, Cruz or Fiorina rather than Bush.

Much to the chagrin of the GOP party bosses, Republican primary voters are more interested in voting for someone who espouses their bigoted, crazy world view, than in settling for a mainstream conservative to be the party’s nominee. Jeb Bush has dropped to 7th place in Iowa, and he is still trending downward. If the current trajectory continues, Bush will not only lose Iowa, but he will lose it badly.

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