Second Poll Shows Bernie Sanders Leading Hillary Clinton In New Hampshire

Bernie Sanders Portland, Maine
A Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey released on August 25, 2015, found Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders leading Hillary Clinton 42 percent to 35 percent in the Democratic presidential race. The new poll is the second poll in a little over two weeks to find Sanders with a 7-point lead in the Granite State. A Franklin Pierce poll released on August 12th, had Sanders leading the race 44 percent to 37 percent.

By reconfirming Sander’s lead in New Hampshire, the PPP poll suggests that the Vermont Senator’s momentum is real. In the context of the new survey, the Franklin Pierce poll results appear to have been a leading indicator of a pro-Sanders trend rather than a statistical anomaly.

Sanders is buoyed by a 78 percent favorable rating with Democratic voters in New Hampshire, compared to just 12 percent who view the senator negatively. Clinton is somewhat less well liked, with 63 percent of Democratic voters expressing a favorable opinion of her to 25 percent who view her unfavorably.

In New Hampshire, there is a clear generational divide in the Democratic electorate. Clinton has a solid lead over Sanders with voters 65 and older. She leads with Democratic seniors 51-34 percent. However, Bernie Sanders crushes her with voters 45 and under, where he has a 53-25 advantage.

While national polls of the Democratic race still show Hillary Clinton leading Sanders in the race for the Democratic nomination, Sanders’ ability to put New Hampshire in play could alter the dynamics of the Democratic race.  If Sanders is able to pull off an upset victory in the nation’s first primary, he would have an opportunity to capitalize on that momentum to score additional victories in the states that follow New Hampshire.

The New Hampshire primary is still over five months away, so it is far too early to predict the outcome. However, it is now fair to say that with two consecutive polls showing Sanders up by seven, the Vermont Senator is currently in the driver’s seat in New Hampshire.

21 Replies to “Second Poll Shows Bernie Sanders Leading Hillary Clinton In New Hampshire”

  1. It’s a long way to the primaries and convention much less the general. About 15 months to be exact. These early polls mean the repubs will work harder than ever and we dems and progressives have to do our thing. Voter registration drives, voter turnout efforts all will matter by Nov 2016.

    I would like Bernie to win but I’m going to support whichever candidate comes out of the convention.

    But remember this, neither Bernie or Hillary will be able to do much with a repub house, senate and supreme court. Dem congress and senate people are just as important as who wins the white house. If you can spare a few bucks to donate to your dem congressional candidate I’m sure they’d appreciate it.

    And finally, in the next 10 years 4 supreme court justices will die or retire. Who do you want to appoint their replacements Bern/Hillary or Donny? No matter what, make plans to vote in Nov 2016!

  2. Sanders, Clinton, Biden, Obama …

    Heck even O’Malley, Webb, Chaffee.

    *I want FDR, “Give ’em Hell” Harry Truman, JFK, the LBJ of domestic policy “Great Society”, the compassion and dignity of Jimmy Carter.

    All of these Democratic candidates have the potential to embrace the qualities and courage iI admire. All of them. I’ll criticize none of them.

    Republicans …all of them, possess none of these. They are truly evil incarnate . I’m atheist, so eternal burning hellfire is not an option. So, I would rather be pleased if they all died sooner than later. They’re all hideous creatures that would improve the world when they’re not in it.

  3. Bless his soul. A good ‘bad’ guy.
    Everyone that knew him loved him.

    RIP, Roderick Toombs aka “Rowdy Roddy Piper”.

  4. HIllary Clinton is going to be the next President of the United States. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are the Howard Dean and Michelle Bachmann of this election. Both are attracting the outliers from the far left and far right and neither will have the moderate votes, the women, blacks and other minorities, LGBT, or immigrant votes. It’s going to be Hillary Clinton that is inaugurated in 2017.

  5. Maggie…..SO TRUE…!!!!..Djchefron…That was TOO PERFECT…YET TRUE….!!!!!…and You Know when I ADD My Response in….well this whole “feel the bern site”will be in a complete UPROAR….!!!!!…But I don’t NEVER Mind….so here Goes…GO HILLARY…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sanders is still way behind Clinton nationally, and she has collected over three times as much in contributions as Bernie.

    If you want Bernie, and want to apply leverage to give Democrats no choice but to back him, take the #BernieOrBust pledge today.

  7. Your right… the only way Bernie can win is for his supporters to hold the Democratic primaries hostage just like Trump is doing to the Republicans. The fact that you need to employ Conservative (shut down the government) tactics to win is all the reason i need not to support Bernie Sander’s in the Primary. #Hillary2016

  8. I feel ya, StarrGazerr, but I doubt President Obama would want a third term after the s’hiite he’s gotten from both sides of the political spectrum for the past 6 years.

    Would you?

  9. The last three presidents have lost the New Hampshire primary, so if Hillary is on track come in second in NH it can only be good for her.

  10. Bernie is ahead in one state and it is headline here.

    Hillary large lead in 49 states equals silence.

    Head in the Sand for the Sanders boys.

  11. Will Bernie Go Independent in 2016?

    According to Edward Klein, and his confidential sources, Sanders is weighing options of an independent run — a reversal of earlier statements that he would support Hillary Clinton should she get the nomination made last month to the Newseum in Washington. Going into the New Hampshire primary with a reasonable lead, this is indeed an interesting development.


    Among the droves of liberals, moderates, corporatists, and social justice warriors a quandary may be abrew. There is talk of a split in the expansive tent known as Democratic Party with the possible announcement of an independent run from Bernie Sanders should he lose in the race for their party’s nomination to Hillary Clinton.

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