At His Final Campaign Events Scott Walker Drew Crowds Of Less Than 50 People



With his national polling numbers dipping to near zero, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker returned to Iowa on Sunday, hoping to reinvigorate his campaign in the nation’s first caucus state. On Sunday afternoon, Scott Walker drew a crowd of about 40 people at an Iowa coffee shop. The light turnout for Walker contrasted sharply with Bernie Sanders’ 3,000 person rally in New Hampshire that same evening.

Walker plans to spend much of his time over the next several months traveling across Iowa. The Wisconsin Governor concedes that his campaign is in shambles throughout the country, and that Iowa remains his best hope of crawling back into the race. While his national numbers are below one percent, Walker is still polling three percent in Iowa. Three percent support is not much to brag about, but three is a number greater than zero, and for Walker right now staying above zero is as good as it gets.


Voters have perhaps long since forgotten that just two months ago, Governor Walker was leading the GOP polls in Iowa. A July 20th Monmouth Poll had Walker comfortably in front at 22 percent, With Donald Trump a distant second place at 13 percent support. Since then, Walker’s support has dropped precipitously, and his events in the Hawkeye state have been sparsely attended.

Speaking before a small crowd at a pizza restaurant in Vinton, Iowa, Walker delivered the same kind of hackneyed speech that he has used throughout his campaign, hoping that his trite “anti-Washington shtick” might strike a chord this time around. Taking implicit jabs at his GOP rivals, Walker stated:

You wouldn’t hire me to build condos for you in New York City, or to be a neurosurgeon, or to run HP, because that’s not where my skill sets are. But if you want someone who has got a proven track record of taking on the Washington-based special interests and winning, if that’s what you want—somebody who can shake things up in Washington—then I’m tested unlike anybody else in this race.

Of course, in his statement, preaching to the stale remnants of his choir, Walker simply reminded the few Iowa voters who haven’t abandoned him yet, that he, unlike the three leading GOP candidates, has spent the last two decades in political office. Its hard to imagine that reminding Republican voters that he is a career politician will boost his numbers, but Walker has run out of original ideas, so he will probably continue to repeat that message until his crowds shrink to less than a dozen.

His inability to draw a crowd was a sign that his reboot failed, and the 2016 election was over for Scott Walker.

20 Replies to “At His Final Campaign Events Scott Walker Drew Crowds Of Less Than 50 People”

  1. “a proven track record of taking on the Washington-based special interests” … as opposed to Koch special interests?

    Buh bye Scottie

  2. So about 50 or less dumbasses think union busting, decreasing funding for higher education, and ruining your states economy is a job well done. Pity the fools!

  3. {snickers gleefully} …more like “A proven record of sucking Koch, Weasel Kochsucker could not abide the lack of corruption in ANY Governmental job he held…”

  4. It looks more and more like the elections were bought for him in Wisconsin. He can’t even get over 1% of the vote nationwide.

    Good. He is not fit to be president by any stretch of the imagination.

    Koch’s certainly aren’t too smart if they figured he would be the next president; in their imaginary worlds maybe..

  5. If the rumors are true, he’s done like dinner.

    So much for the Kochs and their plan to take over the government… but, since their horse has decided to end his run before someone took it behind the proverbial woodshed, makes me wonder: Will the Kochs latch on to another contender like Carson or Fiorina?

  6. That was pretty funny when that guy punk’d him, you just hear the slobber dripping from his chin as he thought he was talking to one of his skull masters on the phone. Slurrrrrrp! Mr. Scott, you’re a legend in your own spit.—————-

  7. He’s just one of the Republican candidates trying to destroy the working class in America , it’s really serious !

  8. The Kochs are going to send him an email, demanding some reimbursement of the $$$$$$ they fronted.

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