Iranian President Laughs At Republicans And Compares Them To Saddam Hussein

Rouhani Laughing

It is not an exaggeration to assert that America’s reputation around the world has suffered immensely at the hands of various Republicans over at least the past 13 years. In fact, at the United Nations on Saturday, Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro rightly attributed the ongoing Syrian humanitarian disaster, civil war, and rise of ISIL to a Republican’s “unjust wars, imperialistic wars, the attempt to control the world, one hegemony trying to impose its view on the world.” It is exactly the reputation that Republicans are enamored with, and every Republican candidate for president has expressed an incredible level of glee at the chance to spread “Republican hegemony” throughout the Middle East; particularly in Iran.

Over the weekend, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that the imbeciles seeking the Republican presidential nomination were so “laughable” that “the people of Iran look at them as a form of entertainment.” Rouhani explained to CNN’s Christiane Amanpour:

Sometimes when I would have time some of the Republican presidential debates were broadcast live and I would watch it. Some of it was quite laughable. It was very strange, the things that they spoke of. Some of them wouldn’t even know where Tehran was in relation to Iran, and some of them wouldn’t know where Iran was geographically, not distinguishing that one is the capital of the other. What they spoke of was quite far away from the truth. So, the people of Iran were looking at it as a form of entertainment, if you will, and found it laughable.”

If it means anything to President Rouhani, a fair number of Americans find Republicans laughable as well, but more than just laughing at Republicans, they are acutely humiliated that Republicans have made America a laughingstock around the world.

In what should have been an Earth-shaking humiliation for Republicans, President Rouhani also took the time, like the Iranian foreign minister negotiating with the United Nations security council members, to reminded Republicans that the P5+1 nuclear agreement with his nation is not just between the U.S. and Iran. Rouhani had to reiterate that “the P5+1” means that other nations are equal partners in the nuclear deal as well. All the Republican candidates for president, and most congressional Republicans and GOP governors, claim they can just tear up the seven-nation international agreement and get on with starting a war with Iran to sate the bloodlust of Israeli Benjamin Netanyahu and America’s anti-Muslim followers of Christ.

President Rouhani rhetorically asked:

Can a government become a signatory to an international agreement and then the subsequent government tear it to shreds? This is something that only the likes of Saddam Hussein would do. So, any government that replaces the current government must keep itself committed to the commitments given by the previous administration. Otherwise, that government, that entire country, will lose trust internationally.”

Back in March, after traitorous Republicans sent an open letter to Iranian  hardliners pledging a war on Israel’s behalf,  Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif had to take some time and give the GOP a rudimentary American civics lesson; one they should have learned in the eighth grade. Zarif said, “It seems that the Republicans not only do not understand international law, but they are not fully cognizant of the nuances of their own Constitution when it comes to presidential powers in the conduct of foreign policy.”

It is possible that Mr. Zarif is not as familiar with Republicans as he might think he is.  Republicans are fully cognizant of presidential powers and foreign policy; if the president is a white Republican and Israeli sycophant. As servants to an Israeli leader, Republicans have never recognized an African American President who is loyal to America or his constitutional authority to conduct foreign or domestic policy. It is not that Republicans are ignorant of the U.S. Constitution, they just do not subscribe to any of its tenets that prohibit them from ruling America.

After nearly six years of illogical, mean-spirited, and cruelty unique to Republicans, Americans should be habituated to being humiliated. However, this year while the Iranian President and Iranian people are laughing at Republican malcontents, many others from around the world are appalled like every civilized American.  Of course, most of the damage to America’s reputation at the moment comes from the overwhelming support among conservatives for a “vile, woman-hating, ‘big-time’ wrestling celebrity, and reality TV star” who has based his entire campaign on the conservative movement’s lust for ethnic cleansing.

If Iran’s president and Iranians are laughing at Republican candidates, and there is every reason to believe they are, the global reaction to Trump’s popularity and support is nothing short of abject disgust; and not just because Trump is an iconic “native son of a country that worships selfishness above empathy, corporate interests over justice, and notoriety over prestige.” According to French author Marie-Cecile Naves, Donald Trump embodies every aspect of “the ugly American” the rest of the world has learned to despise. Naves said,  “Trump represents the America we love to hate. He is our negative mirror image, a man we see as brutal, who worships money and lacks culture — someone who lets us feel a bit superior about being European.”

Naves’ point is well taken because besides Donald Trump, the teabaggers and Republicans have made decent Americans feel inferior to the rest of the world’s semi-intelligent human beings and societies not bent on cruel brutality and barbarism. It is a tragedy that although America’s reputation has improved since Barack Obama has been President, the rest of the world fully comprehends that one political party is both a riotous circus act and danger to humanity; all at the same time.

One might think that a nation like Iran mocking Republican idiocy would humble conservatives and convince them to re-evaluate their extremism, seeming stupidity, and predilection to war. However, this is the 21st Century Republican Party and they embrace those traits as a badge of honor and worse, it is highly likely that when Iranian President Rouhani likened them to cruel dictator Saddam Hussein, they cheered wildly in concert with their equally cruel base of support.

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  1. These candidates seem to think that being president gives them power. Well it doesn’t give them power. The Office of the Presidency is one of leadership, responsibility and service.

  2. …You MIGHT be a Teatard when:
    The President of Iran is laughing at you…
    The Iranian People regard the Republican’t Debates as a series o’ comedy specials…
    When the only female candidate your party has is so anti-feminine she makes the Ayatollah look like Bella Abzug…

  3. Of course you know that the laughter we all share towards the maniacs in the Reich Wing is all just a Liberal Plot!..And it’s working beyond our wildest dreams.

  4. There you have it folks. The GOP has made the USA a laughing stock around the world.

    Hope the GOP candidates running for POTUS get this memo..smack in the middle of their desks.

  5. ummm…

    even if it were to land in the middle of their desks they’d probably treat it the same way as ‘W’ treated his daily intelligence briefings warning about Osama Bin Laden…

    they’d either not read it, ignore it or not comprehend what they were reading…

  6. I agree. Can you imagine Trump in a position of service? His sad little followers seem to think he can “fire” all of the elected officials that displease him.

  7. Republicans have the emotional intelligence of children, so of course they cannot accept criticism about themselves. They’ll likely bluster and blubber and threaten military action. But to the rest of the world they are a joke. Obama is the REAL statesman and the Republicans are just schoolyard bullies.

  8. “Over the weekend, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that the imbeciles seeking the Republican presidential nomination were so “laughable” that “the people of Iran look at them as a form of entertainment.”
    So do I.

  9. Somebody pinch me- I must be dreaming. The president of Iran tells the US on CNN that his country is laughing at the GOP’s ignorance, John Boehner says out loud that Ted Cruz is a false prophet, Jeb Bush says, without meaning to but very obviously, that his tax cuts will benefit the rich – all this is bringing the conservatives’ nastiness and ignorance to the light of day. I never thought it would all come out, and people would start calling them out on their meanness and idiocy.

  10. It’s true. I’m embarrassed about how other people view Americans. Obviously, like any other stereotype, we are not all a bunch of xenophobic, power-hungry, backwoods evolutionary throwbacks. Sadly, it seems like the throwbacks are dominating politics of late. And even when someone tries to affect positive or progressive change or use peace instead of war, Congress goes and blocks them out of greed and spite (yep, you, Republican Congress…)

  11. Entertainment in the sense of an auto wreck. You can’t look away, but the scene is gruesome and scary. o.O

  12. I want to laugh at these GOP bozos, but these idiots still get elected to office. These teabag pinheads have no knowledge of service or governing.

  13. Like any pathological liar, they’ll pay no attention being called out on their lies (Fiorina lately) and just double down with another. The rest of the world is laughing at them. We too laugh, but understand the great damage they can do if they ever are allowed to gain the power of the Presidency. The eight years of W will look like a walk in the park compared to what these unhinged idiots could do.

  14. I thought it was hard to be proud to be an American during the reign of shrub.
    Now it’s almost a source of shame.

  15. Reagano closed a lot of nut houses. Therefore we have an abundance of GOP greatfuls in the Masses. Some of them still believe it was good for them. And science thinks stupidity’s not contagious. Donald Trump, Ted Cruz. S%it.

  16. Trump’s sad little followers aren’t the only ones who believe that he can fire anyone he disagrees with, Trump thinks he can do so, too. I laughed at him telling the host from 60 Minutes that he’s used to dealing with politicians and that he always gets what he wants. Trump fails to mention that in those cases, he donated large sums of money and was asking them to do something they were able to do.

    Trump is giving Wharton a terrible name. I know several people who have graduated from their MBA program and their abilities are legendary in their field. Trump, however, managed to have to declare bankruptcy 4 times in the same type of business. He obviously didn’t learn anything the first, second or even third time! What would he say about any other candidate that had done the same? He’d brag about how smart he was and claim the rest of the field was stupid! Typical Trump behavior~always a hypocrite to an extreme!

  17. NO shame for the section of the USA that believes in what our Pres. has tried to do. The shame belongs and is owned by the rethugs!!!! Place your shame where it belongs.

  18. I’ve said before (so sorry if you’ve already seen this) that most of the world likes and/or trusts and/or respects President Obama — but are shocked and awed by the whorehouse he has to keep under control.

  19. Republicans have made America a laughingstock around the world. President Rouhani just spoke the truth that other world leaders refuse to echo.

  20. The irony is that the rabid right wingers all insist that it is Obama who has ‘made America the laughingstock of the world’.

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