Editorial Cartoon: Gun God

The daily sacrifice to appease the NRA Gun God…


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  1. More people will die before we have commonsense gun reform. It’s a given.

    The question is, what’s the threshold that will shake up the kind of thinking that just shrugs this off? What kind of horrific event will it take to break through callousness and selfishness that won’t even tolerate the *idea* of gun reform?

    58 dead or injured at Virginia Tech wasn’t enough to matter, it seems, to people who are more afraid of Muslim extremists than of gun deaths in their own communities.

    The images of slaughtered 7-year olds hasn’t moved people who proclaim themselves “pro-life.”

    The deaths of Christians in their worship hasn’t stirred the hearts of people who call themselves Christian.

    All the children who’ve died because there was a careless gun owner in the community… it hasn’t made people change their minds about owning a gun for protection.

    So the tragedies just keep coming, and our hearts continue to ache at the needlessness of it.

  2. On May 1st, 1992, my freshman year, a gunman walked into a building at my high school carrying a sawed off 12 gauge and a hunting rifle. He killed four people, wounded another 14, and took over 50 kids hostage for eight hours. This issue isn’t about guns nor is it about mental health. It’s about laws that already make us more unsafe. Gun free zones just don’t work. That’s why spree killers continue to choose them as targets. Draconian gun laws, such as in Chicago, have lead to some of the highest murder rates in the nation. So, it’s fairly clear that disarming America’s populace isn’t going to work because criminals will continue using guns as will those with mental health issues. Another issue is that we live in a culture that worships violence and bloodshed. Human history shows us that violence is high in these societies. Guns occupy a very small portion of our history.

  3. It will take the killing of some very important person, on the Right Wing, to get it done. Most likely one of the Right Wing Five, on the Court.

  4. Oh, poor little cowardly Bill Day!
    He doesn’t even have the guts to put the GOP label on the guy dropping the baby down the barrel. You’re fired, Coward Bill!

  5. Dan that is utter crap.

    This is beyond D or R or I or Green.

    Are you so ignorant to think Congress critters who do not have an R after their names are all not guilty?

  6. (POOR LITTLE) DAN LEWIS: Sometimes the”OBVIOUS” does not need too be said. Perhaps a trip to “OZ” and a visit with “The Lion” and his “Crew” might “enlighten” you on the subject-matter of “COWARDLY”. “FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICK (not the yellow “Chicken-Shit”) Road”. Who the “Hell” are “you” too actually be “calling” someone “Cowardly”????

  7. Guns, greed and corruption. The NRA delivers illegal guns to gangs in order to create fear in order to sell more guns. Their whole business is to sell more guns and fear. Cowards easily fall for it.

  8. I’m calling you out…you are not a liberal!! From reading your other posts on certain articles, you are against abortion, claim to be a “Christian”, and by “god”, you have to have you guns!
    You are a fake and truly pathetic!!!

  9. Scott…”Guns occupy a very small portion of our history” Those have got to be the most oblivious, naïve words about American History I’ve ever heard! That is tantamount to saying Oxygen occupies a very small amount of our atmosphere. Where have you been? I would say that your experience would be very occupying in your mind and history. There is no need to educate you because it would take too long.

  10. It’s an endless cycle bebe, guns to commit crimes crime’s to produce fines and prison terms for “for profit incarceration”. There is a lot of press and angst over the “Drug Problem” well these gangs are better armed than the police, if they would lose their firepower we could control and DESTROY drug and gang violence AND the drug problem. The Reich Wing KNOWS THIS and PROFITS from the Guns, the Drugs, the Fines, The For Profit Prisons that create MORE HARDENED CRIMMINALS to start the cycle All over again. If we take out just one large cog in the machine it all falls apart! That cog is the NRA AND GUNS!!! Without the weapons the drug cartels and gangs are de-fanged! The Reich Wing INVESTS in Drugs, Guns And Jails and WE get caught in the crossfire!

  11. I am a “Liberal”!!! I actually stopped “counting” how many guns that I “Legally” own after 30(+) and I still believe in having a very tight “GUN-CONTROL” system to keep “ALL” of you “Right-Wing” Crazy-Clowns in line. Someone has to be “Legally-Armed” to do this. In my opinion.

  12. Forget the fact that people use guns as an instrument of their illegal activities…it’s about choices people make…not guns!

  13. And the people bowed and prayed to the neon god they made.
    And the sign flashed out its warning in the words that
    it was forming. And the sign said,”The words of the
    prophets are written on the subway walls and tene-
    ment halls. And whispered in the sounds of silence.”

  14. The state of Oregon doesn’t have gun free zones per se. Several people on campus were armed, but wisely chose not to act. Many were veterans who are familiar with situations where people are being exposed to hostile fire.Guns aren’t the answer.

  15. This doesn’t include the number of people killed by guns that were deemed “accidental” or not prosecuted. Include the children using guns to accidentally kill others, and the suicides, and gun deaths have gone up.

  16. I love it when the NRA hides behind the 2nd Amendment. In 1791 we needed a well armed militia. We needed to hunt for food. Majority of rifles shot one round. Flash forward to 2015. We have law enforcement, we don’t need to hunt for food, there is actually something called a grocery store in your area. Assault rifles can shoot 30 rounds in under a minute. I’ll bet that rabbit didn’t get away. So, the 2nd Amendment is out dated. Get rid of it!

  17. “If”; “you” during some very “ugly” days in the future “had” to begin “hunting” or actually “fighting” for “YOUR” very own “FOOD” and “WATER” (to even “SURVIVE”) you “might” then have some (2nd) thoughts about getting “rid” of “YOUR” (AND “EVERYONE-ELSE”S) (2nd) Amendment Rights. Things can and do get very “UGLY” (ANYWHERE) overnight!!! Even in the “good-old” U.S.A.. In my opinion. Look at the Middle-East. Don’t ever think that could “not” happen here in the U.S.A!!! Especially with the GOP (“Religious” Clowns) and their “GOD” in charge of the Govt. and the U.S. military. In my opinion. Too each his own…

  18. The first thing Wayne LaPierre President of the NRA is going to say is that the shooter had mental issues .Well Every county on earth has mental health issues ,a drug issue. So none of those can be used to explain away American gun violence. Since all counties share the same issues, there can be no doubt that the United States has a gun issue.

  19. you are a part of the problem. The point should be clear: Guns may not kill people, but people with guns do, and they do so more often and more efficiently than people without guns. People do not behave in a vacuum. They are influenced by their environment, and when that environment is occupied by guns, people behave aggressively and impulsively. Even the NRA is unable to follow its own strict logic behind “guns don’t kill people.” In searching for a scapegoat, Wayne LaPierre often accuses media, video games, Obama’s budget, and anything else he can find that isn’t a gun. The point being these fruitless attempts to shift blame are an implicit acknowledgement that we are influenced by our surrounding environment, an environment that includes guns.So here are six reasons, supported in the academic literature, for why guns do, in fact, kill people.http://www.armedwithreason.com/debunking-the-guns-dont…/

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