Evidence That The Left Is Smarter: Democrats Have Bigger Vocabularies, Better Grammar Than GOP

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USA Today reports that according to a new study by the grammar-checking app Grammarly, Facebook supporters of Democratic presidential candidates display larger vocabularies and better grammar than Facebook users who support Republican candidates.

The study reached their conclusions after analyzing Facebook comments on each of the presidential candidate’s Facebook pages. The comments were evaluated for misspellings, wrong and missing punctuation, misused or missing words, and subject-verb disagreement, as well as vocabulary usage. The analysts assessed only “positive” and “neutral” comments, reducing the likelihood that they would include comments of trolls and the candidate’s detractors in their results.

The study found that Democratic supporters had 22 percent larger vocabularies than GOP backers. The Democrats averaged 300 unique words per 1,000 words, while Republicans used just 245 unique words per 1,000.

get-a-brain-moransThe disparity between Democrats and Republicans on using correct grammar was even more pronounced than their differences in vocabulary. Grammarly found that Republican supporters butchered the English language at more than double the rate of Democratic supporters. Republicans averaged 8.7 mistakes per 100 words, while Democrats made just 4.2 errors per 100 words.

Donald Trump supporters proved to be the most grammatically challenged, averaging a whopping 12.6 mistakes per 100 words. At the opposite extreme, supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Lincoln Chafee made a mere 3.1 mistakes per 100 words. Jim Webb and Bernie Sanders supporters were not far behind, averaging just 3.4 and 3.7 errors per 100 words respectively.

Hillary Clinton supporters averaged the most mistakes on the Democratic side at 6.3 errors per 100 words. Supporters of all five Democratic candidates showed better use of grammar than supporters of any Republican candidate, although supporters of Carly Fiorina tied with Clinton supporters in making just 6.3 errors per 100 words.

For Democrats who have long been frustrated by right-wing debaters who consistently mangle grammar and seem to have a limited vocabulary, the study validates what liberals have known all along. Conservatives who want to make English the nation’s official language should brush up on their own use of the language instead of passing discriminatory ”English only” legislation.

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  1. or you can say, liberals are not the genetic relative of the banjo kid in the movie deliverance. when you have sisters and brothers intermarry, you get the gop.

  2. Some people in this country vehemently argue that Trumps ridiculous immigration roundup and wall construction are a viable solution. As if monied interests in this country are going to ok the building of a wall across our southern border. These same people vote for reps that protect dishonest employers all the while making fun of people who do not see things their way. Measurable intelligence gap.

  3. When it comes to kids in poverty, I think we SHOULD say Feedom – even if it doesn’t come free. HaH!

  4. I think you just brung our score, douwn, and I going to have two use bigly wurds to fix it. Got to show them repubicanz. Write?

  5. Who taught Kevin McCarthy how to speak? Like I&I
    posted before, the dude talks like he’s trippin’. Do the
    House repugs actually want him for their mouthpiece?
    Go figure…

  6. It can also be said that the Republican attack on public education is bearing fruit for them. An ignorant population is much easier to control and manipulate into voting for Republicans against their own best interests.

  7. Not new information. See also, for instance, “Scientific Studies and Fox Presidential Debate Prove Republican Voters Are Stupid,” by Rmuse for PoliticusUSA. Aug 7, 2015.

    Too bad Republicans have so much control and influence over education, esp. in the states. Their corruption (racism, greed, and religiosity) shows up in budget cuts, privatization, encroaching sectarianism, and revisionist history to give America a shiny whitewashed past.

    Thus Republicans condemn generation after generation of kids to substandard education.

    That’s fine with the Republican base. They figure neither they nor their kids need much school. After all, they’ve got the bible, Fox “news,” and authoritarian (white male) figures to tell them what to do.

    So it’s not hard to be smarter or more intellectual than Republicans.

    Even Democrats with crummy educations know not to vote for Republicans.

  8. Maybe this lower intelligence is a result of their overly large amygdalas crowding out their frontal lobes.

  9. Also Republicans are Uglier, meaner, less humorous.
    Just look at ANY gathering of Republicans: Town Halls, Auditoriums, public gatherings…Just look at their scowling faces. Check out the many misspelled words on their flimsy cardboard placards. The pits.

  10. I noticed this a long time ago. I’m an amateur linguist, and I pay attention to grammar, syntax, and spelling. When I read comments in the New York Times (a liberal newspaper – I think it’s what the GOP means when it’s talking about the liberal media), the comments written by liberals are generally logical and use statistics and research to back up their points. The comments made by conservatives are, by and large, poorly spelled and attacks like “more liberal crap,” and “it’s obvious that crazy liberals want to take away everybody’s guns.” Those aren’t reasonable arguments against anything.

  11. http://poll.personalliberty.com/Poll.aspx/Open-Carry-Guns-Restaurants?SC=P01152099

    I signed up for “Red State Spotlight” not because I believe in their politics – but just to see how the RW news outlets skew the truth. Believe me they do skew and the way they conduct polls is to really make you believe your rights are under attack from the left & “Liberals.”

    So, above is a link to their poll on gun regulation & whether business owners (their wanting to be so pro-biz that this poll just blows my mind) have the right to restrict people from carrying guns into their privately owned businesses.

    I think every Liberal needs to take the poll and send it to them pointing out the 2nd amendment isn’t just about the people’s right to bear arms at will.

  12. Our superior intellects have always upset and stymied the Reich Wing and that is what fuels their envy and hatred. It’s sad to see how stupid this nation has become, Back in high school in the early 70’s I could see this coming. I predicted that the Conservative Christian cabal would take over and destroy our educational system from within as more of them won school board seats. And this is why we need to destroy the charter school and privatization of our schools because when they become corporate entities they can teach all the Conservative revisionist history and Creationist LIES they want and we won’t be able to stop them.

  13. I wouldn’t be gloating about that, considering some of the grammar and spelling I’ve observed on this site…

  14. The GOP language of dog whistles and their flat-world ideology, is not that sophisticated. It just amazes me how many are duped by all the falsehoods. It’s another prime example of “group think” going awry.

  15. Children suffering from extreme poverty and malnutrition in other countries, are smart enough to beg for an education. They will endure the most trying conditions to benefit from one.

    American rights are completely taken for granted and abused. Children willingly drop out of school, and actually look forward to the age at which it is permitted by law. Parents condone these ignorant decisions. We are no longer living in the 1940’s, when kids left school to support the family. Then there are those children who are limited to isolative and ass-backwards home schooling options, because of their dysfunctional parents.

    All public schools may not be ideal, but that is due to local expectations by parents, teachers, and administration. There should be equally minimum standards applicable to all 50 states. I’m not surprised by this article. The GOP passionately defends stupid, as an American freedom. You can’t begin to fix, what the GOP can’t even begin to comprehend.

  16. The U.S. should be both embarrassed and ashamed of its current education system. We can no longer compete as global leaders because we have allowed our standards to be so dumbed down. More children come out of high school every year, ill prepared for college, and requiring remedial classes just to catch up. This is unacceptable.

    We collectively care more about our children’s social media lives and sports, than we do their financial futures and careers. Parenting doesn’t mean you shut your kid up and pacify them with gadgets until they go away to college. It means being the responsible adult and ensuring they will succeed throughout all phases in life. An education starts at home!

  17. GOP fanaticism, intolerance, and stupidity costs our Country a tremendous amount of money. Republicans prefer to live in simple minded isolation from reality. Rabid defense of religious freedom and guns above all else, actually perpetuates submission. They would rather remain ignorant and solid in convictions, than independent in thought and ability. Republicans are too dense to understand the GOP is lead by an exceptional few, and intentionally seeks to limit the freedoms that really matter to us all.

  18. …DUUUUUHHHHH, {Points at bird and guffaws as drool pours from left side of mouth}
    {{{That’s Teatard for “The bird makes funny noises.” No idea what the purpose of the drool is…}}}

  19. Or kin to the two rednecks who made Ned Beatty “squeal like a piggy” and told Jon Voight he had a “purdy mouth.”

    Those two twits in the main pic must be kin to all three of them inbreds.

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