Jeb Bush Shoots His Own Presidential Campaign In The Foot With One Tweet


Not content to let his last name damage his prospects, Jeb Bush shared a picture of a gun with his name on it and above it, “America” this afternoon on Twitter:

Rah rah America. Look at your gun stats, courtesy of Everytown:


Everytown gun stats

How about those family values? Everytown explains:

Rates of firearm injury death increase rapidly after age 13. And unintentional shootings of children and teens are underreported in the CDC data, possibly because of the difficulty of characterizing a child’s intent after he or she has killed himself or a playmate with a firearm. In research released in 2013, Everytown documented 100 unintentional gun deaths of children 14 and under, 61 percent more than reflected by CDC data.5 Everytown also tracks unintentional shootings involving children, which are reported in the press every 34 hours, on average.

The American public does not agree with Republicans on guns. The public, including a large amount of gun owners, think that we should stop selling guns legally to terrorist suspects. Go figure. Republicans have refused to vote on or voted against background checks that would close the loopholes that allow suspected terrorists to buy guns legally.

America is not a gun.

It takes true talent to further damage the Bush brand, but Jeb has done it here. After a good debate, he just couldn’t help himself in the jostling for love from the rabid base.