Trump Calls For Unity Then Tells Republicans He Doesn’t Need Their Stupid Unity

The walking ball of inconsistent moment to moment contradictions that are Donald Trump struck again today, as Trump called for Republicans to unify then is his next sentence proclaimed that he can win without Republican unity.


Trump said:

It’s coming to an end, and I think it is coming to an end soon, and I speak to the people in this room because there has to be unity in our party. There has to be unity. And if there not, if there’s not unity. I mean really good solidarity, unity, relationship, friendship. We have people like Jim where they do such a good job all over the country. We have some great people, but there should be, and there has to be unity. With that being said, would I win? Can I win without it? I think so.

Donald Trump wants Republicans to unify behind him, but they don’t have to because Trump thinks that he is so great that he will win without Republican voters. Democrats and Independents are not going to vote for Donald Trump. If Republicans don’t unify and, vote for Trump, who is left to support him?

The thirty to fifty percent of Republicans that Trump is winning with is not a majority of the country. Donald Trump is so wrapped up in his own arrogant delusions that he doesn’t see the gigantic defeat that could be coming his way in November if people in his own party don’t support him.

Donald Trump just doesn’t get it, which is why he may very well get crushed in November.