Mark Cuban Says Hillary Clinton Did Nothing Wrong With Her Email Use

Like Benghazi, Republicans have made sure that the Clinton emails are a conspiracy that won’t die, and they have been aided and abetted in this – just as they were with Benghazi – by the mainstream media. There was a lot of intentional disinformation out there as well as unintentional misinformation.

As Media Matters for America explains,

“Media outlets have had to correct numerous reports on Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while secretary of state due to flawed journalistic processes that favored anonymous sourcing and failed to prioritize accuracy.”

Mark Cuban, who has endorsed Hillary Clinton, owns the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, but he got his start in the tech field, and is also chairman of the HDTV cable network AXS TV. So he knows what he is talking about when he steps on stage at CNN and explains to host Don Lemon that Clinton didn’t do anything wrong with her emails:

DON LEMON (HOST): She’s admitted, though, she’s saying that she made a mistake, she should not have done it, she shouldn’t have had the server in her home. So you don’t think that she did anything wrong with the handling —
MARK CUBAN: No, I really don’t. I think she — look, if you’re not technical, which she obviously is not, she didn’t know how to get her e-mail on her P.C. What’s — and someone — you say, I want to do personal e-mail. Well, first of all, it’s 2008 and back then Gmail was still in beta, and it was in the clear meaning it wasn’t protected by default.

Cuban is right. Gmail went into beta in 2004 and while still in beta, became available to the public in 2007, and was not updated from beta status until mid-2009. He went on to explain:

CUBAN: And so you go — look, I was in this business. My first career, my first company, all I did was install local area networks and messaging and e-mail systems and I had my own personal server in my office until about 2010 , and so I’ve been through this whole process. And so she talks to the admin who is responsible, she doesn’t know any better, and takes his or her advice. I think it was a he.
And it just so happens that he was given immunity by the Justice Department so we haven’t had a chance to hear any of this. But for that personal server, if that admin had done his job like I had done my job doing the same thing, I would have set up filters and alerts that said any e-mail that came with a classified header or any of the determined classified markings like the little “C” Director Comey mentioned, pop it out, right?
You know, create an alert that says this shouldn’t be on this system and deal with it so that you don’t, you know, consume it in this way. But the administrator didn’t do it and she didn’t know to do it because the whole time she had a very specific process in place.
If it is classified, print it out and let me deal with it in hard copy, which is why she had complete confidence to say “I never dealt with anything marked classified.”

In fact, there were exactly three emails (out of 30,000+) had the little (c) marking but lacked a classified header, with PolitiFact noting in an updated posting,

The day after we published this fact-check, Comey testified before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on July 7. Comey said he believes three emails on Clinton’s server contained information labeled classified at the time they were sent. This information was not properly marked in that the emails did not have a classification header, even though a “(c)” immediately preceded text in the body of the emails, designating confidential information. Without the clear classification header, it’s reasonable to infer that Clinton did not realize these three emails contained classified information, he said.

This was a much-needed clinic, as CNN itself has been one of the media outlets to get the facts wrong. At the time, it claimed Clinton released her 55,000 pages of emails to make “it harder and more expensive for the federal government to quickly review her emails and decide what’s OK for the public and what’s not,” only to be corrected by the State Department:

“The State Department told CNNMoney that it is standard practice to print emails for review. As a result, that point was removed, and the headline was changed.”

Corrections never have much of an effect. The damage has by then been done with the initial headline, both by mainstream media outlets and by even PolitiFact’s refusal to correct their mistakes. Donald Trump likes to complain about media bias, but when he issues those complaints, what he is really complaining about is that the media is not biased enough in his favor. Trump has always gotten the benefit of the doubt, and is the only candidate with a paid spokesman on a major cable news outlet.

It is Hillary Clinton who has been held up to a different standard of conduct here, even though she has been cleared by an FBI investigation – and FBI Director Comey himself had to correct right wing media disinformation FIVE times during his congressional testimony – and even though, as Mark Cuban explains, she did nothing wrong.

Like Benghazi, the so-called Clinton email scandal is less about what actually happened then what conservatives want to have happened.