Don King Drops The N-Word As Trump’s Attempt At African-American Photo Op Backfires

Boxing promoter Don King was introducing Donald Trump on Wednesday morning when he dropped the N-word on live television and destroyed Trump latest attempt to use African-Americans as props in his ‘I’m not a racist’ propaganda effort.


King said:


King’s slip up was pretty much the last thing that Donald Trump needed, but it also illustrates what is likely to happen when unprofessional surrogates introduce a candidate. Donald Trump continues to try to use African-Americans as props, and the universe continues to deliver justice by having these events backfire on him.

The reality is that Donald Trump is the presidential candidate who is arguing that black people had it better during slavery than they do under President Obama. Don King was introducing Trump in an African-American church can’t undo Trump’s record of racism and bigotry.

However, events like King’s N-word bomb are frequently found in losing campaigns. Winning campaigns don’t see their message hijacked by amateur surrogates who screw things up.

Don King’s N-word is something that would never happen to a professional and winning campaign, and it indicates a campaign that is heading for defeat in November.