Trump Is Holding An “African-American” Town Hall That Is Full Of White People

Donald Trump is taping an African-American town hall with Sean Hannity to air on Wednesday evening, but the audience at the event appears to be full of white people.

Trump was supposed to be filming an African-American town hall style event at a church in Cleveland, but the audience appears to be full of white people:

The photos above are proof that Trump’s “African-American outreach” isn’t about winning over black voters. Trump is still trying to prove that he is not a racist. Anyone who thinks that Donald Trump is making substantial gains with African-Americans in the polls needs to look at the pictures above of white people filling a black church to take part in a taped Trump town hall.

While Trump hopes that white suburban voters fall for his ruse, African-Americans aren’t being fooled by the Republican candidate’s latest con.

Photo: Brandon English