A Flustered Donald Trump Makes Sour Grapes Defense Against Mark Cuban

Donald Trump can’t defend his appalling words and deeds so he attacks the character of all his critics. The other day, Trump nemesis Mark Cuban tweeted that he was going to watch Hillary Clinton crush Donald Trump, and that he had front-row seats:

Mark Cuban has been an unrelenting critic of Donald Trump, saying the other day that “Donald Trump “scares the s— out of me.”

Trump’s only defense apparently was mocking Cuban’s canceled TV show “The Benefactor,” which premiered in September 2004 and ran just six shows.

This tweet

Not surprisingly, Trump did not mention Cuban’s other show, Shark Tank, which was just renewed for an eighth season and has won two Primetime Emmy awards for Outstanding Structured Reality Program.

Trump’s attempt to “refute” Cuban by insulting him is the pathetic last gasp of a defeated man. Perhaps Trump is just jealous that The Apprentice hasn’t won an Emmy. Let alone two.