Trump Campaign Melts Down As They Realize Hillary Clinton Is Beating Them On The Ground

The Trump campaign has melted down just days before the first presidential debate as they are low on cash and realizing that Hillary Clinton is out organizing them and winning on the ground.
Politico reported:

Frustration is growing within Donald Trump’s campaign over the Republican nominee’s yawning money gap with Democratic rival Hillary Clinton — just as the presidential race heads into its final fall stretch.

Trump’s top advisers have held a series of tense conversations in recent days about how to close a fundraising hole that’s grown to over $200 million – a deficit that’s led Trump to essentially cede the TV airwaves to his Democratic rival. The discussions, which were relayed by more than a half-dozen sources, have veered into finger pointing, with some participants pinning the blame on the Republican National Committee or on Steven Mnuchin, Trump’s national finance chairman and a newcomer to the political scene.


The flare-up comes at a critical juncture in the campaign, as both sides turn their attention to voter turnout. Clinton has used her formidable financial advantage to significantly out-organize Trump, investing seven times the amount of money on TV ads and opening up dozens more swing-state field offices than her Republican opponent.

Winning campaigns aren’t plagued by finger-pointing and infighting. Bitter internal fights are a sign of a divided campaign that is suffering from weak leadership at the top.

The Trump campaign isn’t going to be able to close the fundraising gap with Clinton because Donald Trump isn’t as rich as he claims. A man who really was worth $5-10 billion, might spend hundreds of millions of his own money if he thought he had a real opportunity to win.

Trump doesn’t have $200 million, and since he doesn’t look like a candidate who is going to win, the donors aren’t in any hurry to throw their money down the drain by giving it to him.

Hillary Clinton is winning on the ground, and there is little that Donald Trump can do to stop her.