Trump Skips Debate Walk-Through To Presumably Mope In His Hotel Room

Trump could be mailing it in, as the candidate isn’t bothering to show up at the walk-through before the final presidential debate of 2016.

Donald Trump skipped the pre-debate walk-through:

A man who claims that he lost the first presidential debate due to a bad microphone is skipping the third debate presumably so that he can watch cable news, tweet, and mope about the fact that he is losing the election.

Trump’s behavior could signal that he already feels defeated and this is the entitled rich man’s way of mailing it in for the last debate.

The attitude of eh, the campaign will take care of it flies in the face of Trump’s reputation for being a micro-manager who keeps his operation small and gives all the orders.

Pre-debate, Trump is not behaving like a candidate who truly believes that he is on track to win an election. Trump should come out an attack Clinton with more conspiracy theories, whine about the election being rigged, and complain about Republicans not supporting him.

The third debate could be the bitter Donald Trump self-pity show. The fact that Trump is probably sulking in his hotel room instead of making sure that all is well with the debate stage is a very bad sign for the Republican Party.