Trump Explodes With Jealousy As Jay Z And Beyonce Hold A Concert For Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump couldn’t hide his jealousy as Jay Z and Beyonce held a concert in Cleveland, OH to get out the vote for Hillary Clinton.


A green with envy Trump said, “We’re going to do it, folks. We’re going to do it. Oh boy, are we going to win Pennsylvania big. Look at this. I hear we set a new record for this building. And by the way, I didn’t have to bring J Lo or Jay Z, the only way she gets anybody. I’m here all by myself. I am here all by myself. Just me. No guitar, no piano, no nothing.”

The self-pity was obvious in his voice as Trump stopped just short of complaining that nobody likes him and that Rudy Giuliani, who one imagines smells like Pabst Blue Ribbon and stale Cool Ranch Doritos, is the only person who will hang out with him.

Donald Trump was the candidate who promised that he was going to run a campaign full of stars and winners, but outside of the odd Bobby Knight rant in Indiana, Trump has mostly been on the road alone. He hasn’t had any stars of the political or celebrity variety because no one wants to campaign with him.

Hillary Clinton doesn’t need Jay Z, Beyonce, Bruce Springsteen, J-Lo, Jon Bon Jovi and others to draw a crowd. These artists are supporting her because they believe in her and her campaign. Clinton could win the White House without Beyonce and Jay Z, but a concert from the biggest power couple in music will definitely get some voters who may not have been planning on voting out to] the polls.

These concerts aren’t about star power. They’re about getting out the vote, and Trump can’t stand the fact that Hillary Clinton is crushing him on both counts.

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