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Trump Is Already Censoring The Press As Media Immediately Pays For Helping Him Win

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 09:31 pm

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Less than two days after winning the presidential election, Donald Trump is already censoring the press by not allowing them to travel with him to the White House for his meeting with President Obama.

Pete Alexander of NBC News tweeted:

The press gave Donald Trump a big assist towards election victory by pretending that the then Republican nominee’s real transgressions were equal to the fantasy crimes of Hillary Clinton. The both candidates are terrible narrative gave Trump the political cover that he needed to skate through a campaign that would have destroyed any other candidate of either party.

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The corporate press also helped Trump by giving him billions of dollars worth of free media coverage.

The president-elect is showing his gratitude by censoring the press. The press whines about all presidents not giving them more access, but Trump showed his hand early by going dark and not holding a press conference for the entire general election campaign. Trump avoided mainstream journalists and took no questions.

Nothing is going to change now that he has won.

The media helped Donald Trump win the election, and their reward is a president who will treat them like the enemy and be the least transparent commander in chief in history.

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The press is about to reap what it sowed when they made the decision to ignore their journalistic responsibilities for ratings and profits.

Update: Trump might be changing his mind on letting the press travel with him:

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