America Gets A Reminder Of How Good A President Obama Is During Turkey Pardon

President Obama did his last ever turkey pardon today in the Rose Garden, which also served as a reminder of how good this man has been as the nation’s commander in chief.


The President said:

Of course, we have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Six straight years of job creation, the longest streak ever, low unemployment, wages are rising again, inequality is narrowing. The housing market is healing. The stock market has nearly tripled. Our high school graduation is at an all-time high, and our uninsured rate is at an all-time low thanks to the twenty million Americans, including millions of children who finally know the security of health insurance….Proud families are finally complete now that marriage equality is the law of the land, and there are many families of service members who had empty chairs at the table in recent years, but who in this Thanksgiving can celebrate with our brave troops and veterans who we’ve welcomed home.

In other words, America may lose all of this because they elected Donald Trump to be the next president. Barack Obama may go down in history as one of the great presidents. His list of accomplishments that he named doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of his achievements.

President Obama has been a role model for the nation. His administration has been scandal free and shown how the Executive Branch is supposed to conduct itself.

The turkey pardon was another reminder of just how good of a president President Obama has been.

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