With One Answer, Cory Lewandowski Reveals That Trump Lied About Draining The Swamp


Trump’s former campaign manager revealed that the president-elect never had much interest in draining the swamp.

Video of Lewandowski on Fox and Friends:


“If you had to put them in a chronological order, drain the swamp is probably somewhere down at the bottom. As opposed to getting tax reform done, making sure middle-class people have more jobs, making sure we’re renegotiating our bad trade deals, ensuring that we’re fixing ObamaCare. Draining the swamp is a larger narrative. But what it’s really about is putting people back to work.”

Lewandowski admitted that Trump lied. Donald Trump never had any intention of draining the swamp of special interests, because is a special interest who intends on being a president for the billionaires and corporations. All of those Republicans who lost their jobs and chanted drain the swamp were lied to by a man who is one of the biggest swamp creatures of them all.

The idea that America needs to be “put back to work” is a myth that was created by the Republican Party and the Trump team. The economy is currently at full employment. Newly revised third quarter economic data shows that the economy has returned to pre-Great Recession levels.

The Trump administration’s plan to fill the swamp with billionaires and special interests is likely to reverse the growth of the post-recession years.

Trump lied to his voters. Trump continues to lie to his supporters. The Trump swamp doesn’t care about them, and he takes office, his administration will set out to prove that drain the swamp was always just a catchphrase at rallies. It was never going to be a policy of the administration.