With One Answer Paul Ryan Reveals Why Republican Obamacare Repeal Will Be A Disaster

During an interview on Meet The Press, Speaker of the House Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) gave a single answer on Obamacare repeal that revealed why the attack on the ACA would be a disaster for the American people.


Meet The Press host Chuck Todd asked Speaker Ryan if the Republican Obamacare replacement was going to be a repeal of the ACA.

Ryan’s answered, “Yeah, somewhere along the line there was confusion that we were going to take the Obamacare architecture and, you know, tinker at the margins and repair it. You can’t. It is a collapsing law. Five states have one plan to choose from. A third of all the counties in America have one plan to choose from. 70 percent of all counties in America have one or two plans to choose from. That’s a monopoly or a duopoly. Premiums are going up double digits. Deductibles are so high, doesn’t even feel like you have health insurance. So the law is literally in the middle of a collapse. And it’s our duty as representatives of our constituents, of the American people, to step in front of this crash and rescue people from this collapsing health care system, and replace it with something better.”

Notice that nowhere in Speaker Ryan’s answer were details of an actual replacement plan. The reason is that there is no replacement plan. There is not going to be a replacement plan. The ACA has faced an uphill struggle because Republicans at all levels of government have worked to undermine the law.

Paul Ryan and his fellow Republicans undermined the law for years, and are now arguing that the law is “collapsing.” 9.2 million Americans have signed up to participate in the ACA marketplace in 2017. Speaker Ryan is wrong. That is not the definition of a collapsing law.

Ryan is sticking with the argument that Obamacare is really bad without discussing what this better healthcare system that Republicans keep vaguely hinting at is going to look like.

Obamacare repeal is going to be a disaster for the American people because what Republicans are proposing is a gutting of the healthcare system. Republicans aren’t going to help the American people get more care for less money. Their stated goal is to provide less health care at higher personal cost.

Tens of millions of people are going to lose their health care after the ACA is repealed. What many Americans don’t understand yet is that the Republican repeal is also going to impact health insurance that they receive from their employers. All Americans are going to have less coverage and have to spend more money after the ACA is gone.

Speaker Paul Ryan’s answer on the Obamacare replacement question revealed that the Republicans have no intention of replacing the law. For the GOP, taking health care away from millions remains the main goal.